The Wiggles

Season 6 Episode dtdv1

The Wiggles Presents - Dorothy the Dinosaur (VIDEO-2009)

Aired Daily 4:30 PM Feb 24, 2009 on Hulu

Episode Recap

Song #1 - I'm Dorothy the Dinosaur

Dorothy is watering roses with her watering can when she says hello to us. Dorothy asks us if there's somebody behind her. And the only person who is behind Dorothy is Wags the Dog. Dorothy looks at Wags because he's startled her since her watering can was empty. Dorothy and Wags both hug together. Wags says he was out for a run and he thought he dropped in to see his favorite dinosaur. Dorothy thinks so and she wants Wags to come inside and have a cup of rosy tea.

Later, Dorothy and Wags are drinking rosy tea. Wags asks Dorothy if she wants something to show him. Dorothy and Wags both sit down. Wags opens the book and reads "Dorothy's Memory Book". Dorothy says that she writes the place that she's been and the people she's met. She even put photos in as well. Wags sees a photo of him. Dorothy that photo was the day when they played with Dominic and the orchestra and they sang "C'est Wags, C'est Bon".

Song #2: C'est Wags, C'est Bon

Wags asks Dorothy if there's any more photos of him. Dorothy giggles and says there's lots. She turns the page and shows Wags a photo of them at the singing lesson with David Hobson and they sang "Dance a Cachuca".

David hangs up pictures and walks over to see Dorothy and Wags to say hello. Wags asks him if it's all right to sit in a chair and watch. David says of course it is so Wags can watch and listen. Wags sits down in a chair. David asks Dorothy if she's been able to practice. Dorothy says that she's been practicing every day. David says that good and don't practice for too long which means that can strain our voices. Wags asks that they can have too much of a good thing. David tells Dorothy to start some breathing exercises. Dorothy doesn't quite understand why she needs to practice breathing but she means that she breathes all the time. David says that to sing well, she must breathe well and feel her lungs from the bottom like this. He does like this. Then he says practice breathing out in a special way like this. He does like this, too. Dorothy does breathing in and out like this, too. David tells us that we need to practice breathing every day, too. Now they'll try some scales. David will sing first and we can sing with him. He walks over to play the piano and sings. Dorothy sings that, too. David plays another key on the piano sings another key. Dorothy sings that, too. David says that they'll try an arpeggio. He plays a key on the piano and sings in an arpeggio. Dorothy sings that, too. David plays another key on the piano and sings in an arpeggio. Dorothy sings that, too. David tells Dorothy that she's doing extremely well.

Dorothy asks David a question. She's been looking at the pictures in the studio and shows pictures of him singing and asks David why is he wearing so many costumes. David says that they're pictures of scenes from opera. Dorothy says that opera is a place in music and then she asks David to sing a song from opera. David says of course he can. Then he tells us to sing a song from a comic opera called "The Gondoliers". It's a song about dancing. Dorothy loves dancing. Wags asks David about what sort of dancing. David says that it's about Spanish dances such as the cachuca, the fandango and the bolero. Then he sings "Dance a Cachuca" with Dorothy. Dorothy knows that song and asks David to sing the entire song. David says of course they can.

Song #3: Dance a Cachuca

Wags sees a photo of the fairies of Larissa and Claire with Dorothy. The photo also has Rachael Beck, Dorothy's dance teacher. They were singing "Balla, Balla Bambina".

At the dance school, Rachael puts green, red and white ribbons when and says hello to us. She even says hello to Dorothy who is wearing a ballerina costume, Fairy Larissa and Fairy Claire. Rachael asks them if they're ready to begin. Claire says yes and she and Larissa are wearing character shoes like Rachel told them ready for character dancing. Rachel tells Dorothy that character shoes won't fit dinosaur feet but she does have ballet shoes. Rachel says that this is a dance from Italy and usually that we wear an Italian national dress just like the dance in this picture showing dancers wearing Italian national dresses. Rachel tells Dorothy that she can hold her tutu out like a full skirt. Dorothy asks Rachel why are the dancers in this picture wearing red, white and green. Rachael says that because they're Italian national colors. She tells us that everybody's ready. Dorothy tells us that we can dance with them. Rachael tells us to hold our skirt in our right hand like this. Then she does the dancing. We do the same dancing like Rachael, Dorothy, Larissa and Claire do. Rachael, Dorothy, Larissa and Claire takes out green, red and white ribbons for the dance. Dorothy asks what music will they be dance to. Rachael says they'll be dancing to a song called "Balla, Balla Baminba". Balla means the Italian word for dance and Bambina is the Italian word for little girl.

Song #4: Balla, Balla Bambian

Dorothy giggles. Wags asks what's so funny. Dorothy says that nothing's so funny. A photo shows that they day that Dorothy went to Doctor Leo for a check-up and Henry the Octopus came with her. They sang "At the Doctor's".

Doctor Leo says hello to us. Dorothy and Henry arrives. Leo tells Dorothy she's come for her yearly check-up. Leo says hello to Henry because he's come for his check-up too. Dorothy actually says Henry wanted to come with her because she was feeling a little bit nervous. Henry says that he had a check-up last week when he went to his doctor. She lives under the sea so she knows all about sea creatures. Leo says it's important to have check-ups. He tells Dorothy to begin by testing her eyes. He takes out a pointer from the desk and asks Dorothy to read the bottom of this chart. Dorothy reads "D I N O S A U R" which means that spells "Dinosaur". Leo tells Dorothy that her eyes are fine and she can work out words too. Next, he'll check Dorothy's throat. He takes out a tongue depressor and tells Dorothy to open her mouth and say "Aah". Dorothy opens her mouth and says "Aah". Leo says that everything is fine. Next he'll check Dorothy's ears. He takes out a flashlight and checks Dorothy's ears and says that they're fine too. Next Leo listens to Dorothy's heartbeat with his stethoscope. Dorothy asks if there's a sound of heart beating. Leo thinks it really is which means it's the sound of Dorothy's heart pumping the blood around your body. Leo tells Dorothy to turn around and take some deep breaths. He uses his stethoscope while Dorothy takes deep breaths. Leo says that her lungs are working well. He tells Dorothy to bend and stetch. Dorothy bends and stretch and touches he floor. Leo tells Dorothy that she is a very healthy dinosaur. Henry thinks that's exactly what his undersea doctor said to me. Dorothy wonders if Henry's undersea doctor said, "You are a very healthy dinosaur." Henry says no and says that he's a very healthy octopus. Leo tells us that it's important to have regular check-ups. And then we can make sure that everything is working as it should be. Leo tells Dorothy that he'll see her next year but if she needs him before then, just give him a ring. Dorothy asks Leo if he likes to sing and dance. Leo thinks so. In fact he's got a special song about visiting the doctor. He asks Dorothy if she likes to sing with him. Dorothy says they would. Leo tells everybody that this is how the song goes.

Song #5: Say Aah At The Doctors
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