The Wiggles

Season 2 Episode v9

The Wiggly Big Show (AUS VIDEO-1999)

Aired Daily 9:00 AM Unknown on Universal Kids

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  • I have this video & i love it!

    the wiggles and their frinds are in a concert and the big red car broke down and guess whos here....santa claus!!!!!!!!!!i love this video and i love all the songs which was filmed in the sydney entertaiment centre and i love go captain ahoy!!did any of you wacth it? i love the chritmas medley one i love all of it i wonder how did they make the smoke that was coming out of the big red car? hmmmm.............and i love office a beepbles mime i love the beginning and the toot toot song and the dressing room segment i love the big red car and i love the toot toot poster and the backstage segment and i wonder why didint the episodes have toot toot chugga chugga and look both ways and sliver bells that ring in the night and we are dancing with wags the dog and tap wags and move your arms like henry and go captain go and the chistmas medley one too and when the song d.o.r.o.t.h.y. my faverite dinsaur was part of the concert and it was cut becaues the camerea does not have any memory left mabey