The Wiggles

Season 6 Episode 10

Three Fine Gentlemen

Aired Daily 9:00 AM Dec 17, 2008 on Universal Kids

Episode Recap

Anthony and Captain are constables. Hallo, hallo, time for a song. Song #1: Dr. Knickerbocker #9 King Anthony introduces the next song Song #2: Day-O (The Banana Boat Song) Paint a Picture with Music Jeff and Murray are out in the country. They are going to paint a picture using music, but first, they need your ideas. First come some mountains. Let's all say "Mountains!" Jeff plays a theme on the keyboard that sounds like someone climbing a mountain as some mountains appear in the background. What else is there? How about some fluffy white clouds? Let's all say "Clouds!" Jeff plays some cloud like music as they appear drawn into the background. Murray comments how they are quite fluffy and white. What else do we need for the picture? How about some birds in the sky? Let's all say "Birds!" Murray plays his guitar while birds appear. What else do we need? How about some flowers? Let's all say "Flowers!" Jeff plays a music box like tune as flowers appear. Murray thanks everyone for helping paint the picture. Song #3One Finger, One Thumb Emily the post lady greets the audience and says she has a letter. She blows the whistle, waves, and leaves. Murray comes outside; he says he will check the mail. Oh, there is a letter, and on the envelope it has someone's name. He spells it out: "M-u-r…" and then realizes, "Oh, of course, it's Murray." He looks at the back of the letter, and it says it's "From Henry." Murray opens the envelope and pulls out a picture card of a group of fish. It's Henry's friends. Murray will take the card inside to show the others. Song #4: Three Little Kittens Sam is in the farm area with Wags. Sam says Wags has a beautiful singing voice, and that he can dance. Wags thanks Sam and leaves. Sam does the same with everyone else as they arrive. HE gives them a compliment and they thank him and leave. Sam says: Murray is a great guitarist. Dorothy is a graceful ballet dancer and gardener. Jeff is a really good accordion player. Anthony is a great reader. Henry knows a lot about music. He has a band in the ocean. Captain Feathersword arrives, and tells Sam he's a great driver and the best singer he's ever heard. Sam thanks Captain Feathersword, and comments how it's great our friends are good at something, and that we're all good at being friends. Everyone arrives, and Captain Feathersword says you're the best friends I ever had. Song #5: D is for Dorothy Three Gentlemen Anthony is pleased to be introducing three fine gentlemen (Mario, Captain Feathersword, and Ben). The first gentleman says "How do you do?" The second and third each do the same. After a round or two, the second gentleman says, "Ahoy there me hearties." Huh? That's right not. Anthony says, "How do you do?" and Captain answers, "Ahoy there me hearties." Anthony says the phrase slowly but Captain repeats his Ahoy there slowly. Anthony wonders if who the second gentleman really is. He looks at the audience and then replies, "You think it's Captain Feathersword?" Meanwhile, Captain Feathersword is making shushing gestures with his hands. Anthony asks if they're sure, and trusts what the audience is saying, but he'll do the comparison anyway. The first gentleman has on gentlemen shoes. The second one has … pirate boots? The first gentleman has on a pair of gloves. The second one has … pirate hands? (no gloves just his hands) All three gentlemen have bowler hats. The first gentleman has an umbrella. The second one has … a feather sword? Anthony affirms to the audience, "I think you're right; it's Captain Feathersword." He tells Captain that, but Captain replies, "Oh no I'm not." Anthony replies, "Oh yes you are." This repeats a few times. Anthony then points out that the pirate eye patch, the feather sword, and boots. Captain gives up, and agrees he is the captain, and tells everyone, "Well done!"