The Wiggles

Season 1 Episode v7

Toot, Toot! (VIDEO-1998, 1999)

Aired Daily 9:00 AM Jan 02, 2001 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • The video footage of "Food, Food, Food, Oh How I Love My Food" is played at faster speed although the song itself is played at normal speed.

    • In the 1998 version, after the John Bradlelum song, after the Wiggles roll down the hill, at the bottom left corner, one of the camera tripod legs is visible.

    • Bathtime and Toot Toot do not have title cards. Do the Wiggle Groove was labelled as Wiggle Groove on the 1998 version, but was changed to the former on the 1999 version.

  • Quotes

    • Greg: Same problem. Car is not Toot Toot, Chugga Chugging. Maybe we need someone to fix the car. But who? I know, maybe a baker?
      (Jeff appears wearing a baker hat.)
      Jeff: Greg, bakers bake (holds up a loaf) bread. They don't fix cars.
      Greg: Hmm. I know. How about a cowboy?
      (Horse whinnies. Murray appears wearing a cowboy hat.)
      Murray: Yee-ha! Greg, cowboys and cowgirls are too busy looking after cattle to come and fix the Big Red Car.
      Greg: Well, we need some sort of doctor. Um, maybe a vet.
      (A barking noise is heard. Anthony arrives wearing a vet coat and holding a dog under each of his arms.)
      Anthony: Greg, vets look after puppies. (One pup is licking his neck. Anthony starts giggling) They're too busy to fix the Big Red C-c-car.
      Greg: Well, we need someone to fix the car. But who?
      Murray: I know! A mechanic! Mechanics fix cars!
      Greg: You're a genius, Murray! Come on, guys. Let's go find a mechanic. Follow me this way. We might bump into a mechanic as we do the "Wiggle Groove".
      (The Wiggles leave, except for Anthony who is getting licked by both his pups.)
      Anthony: Wiggle Groove? (leaves, following Wiggles)

    • (Foodman is flying in the sky.)
      Foodman: Hello, citizens. I'm Foodman. I like eating good food. I hope those Wiggles are eating good food.

    • (Australian 1998 version)
      (Greg's face and hands are covered in soot. Greg is holding some tools in his hands.)
      Greg: Well, Jeff, the Big Red Car's still not working, and I tried just about everything.
      Jeff: Greg, you might like to clean yourself up. Have a bath and we'll think of a way to get the Big Red Car toot-tooting again.
      Greg: (looking at his dirty hands and face) Hmm. Good idea, Jeff. I'll go and have a bath. I'll be back real soon, maybe.
      Jeff: Oh, and Greg. (holding rubber ducks) Take these ducks with you. (gives them to Greg while a quacking sound is heard)
      Greg: Good idea, Jeff. (leaves)

    • Murray: (on telephone) Uh-huh. Uh-huh. (gasps in excitement) Thanks, Officer Beaples! See you soon. (hangs up telephone) Well, Wiggles, I got good news (sadly) and bad news.
      Anthony, Jeff and Greg: (blubbering) What's the bad news?
      Murray: The mechanic's gonna be quite a while yet.
      Anthony, Jeff and Greg: (groans) What's the good news?
      Murray: Officer Beaples has invited us to the police ball. That's where the police go sing and dance and have lots of fun.
      (Anthony, Jeff and Greg wiggle their fingers in excitement.)
      Murray: Officer Beaples is bringing uniforms over for us. So we can go to the ball and come back for fresh and wait for the mechanic to fix the Big Red Car.
      (Officer Beaples arrives bringing the uniforms and gives them to Anthony.)
      Anthony: Wahoo! Officer Beaples, thanks for inviting us to the police ball. And thanks for these great uniforms. (gives purple uniform to Jeff) There's one for you, Jeff. (gives yellow uniform to Greg) One for you, Greg. (gives red uniform to Murray) One for you, Murray. (holds blue uniform) And I got my uniform too.
      Officer Beaples: (blowing her whistle and makes a dog barking sound while dancing the tango)
      Anthony: Wahoo! Officer Beaples, are you saying that Wags the Dog is gonna be at the police ball and he's gonna dance the tango?
      Officer Beaples: (giving thumbs up)
      Anthony: Wow! Well, we're all invited. Why don't we go to the police ball. This we've got to see.
      (The Wiggles and Officer Beaples leave and The Wiggles each hold the sleeve of their police uniforms while pointing.)

  • Notes

    • Release Information
      There are two versions of this video.

      The 1998 version was released only in Australia, while the 1999 version was released worldwide.

      Release History - 1998 version
      Original video release: October 17, 1998 (Roadshow/ABC Video #101484), runtime of 40 minutes.

      Release History - 1999 version

      AUS VHS release: 1999 (Roadshow/ABC Video #102342)
      UK VHS release: August 2, 1999 (Walt Disney Home Video)
      US VHS release: January 2, 2001 (Lyons/Hit Ent. #2515), runtime of 40 minutes
      US DVD release: March 30, 2004 (Lyons/Hit Ent. #20501.01)
      AUS DVD release: May 5, 2004 (Roadshow/ABC Video #102342-9, Publisher# 8143384, Wiggles Shop Product #AVD0130000) claims runtime of 120 minutes, including bonus videos, but is more like 70 minutes.
      UK DVD release as twin-pack with Yummy Yummy: 2005 (Hit Ent. #41800), runtime 93 mins (80 mins feature).

      Key differences between 1998 version and 1999 version

      1) John Bradlelum
      The 1998 version of John Bradlelum was filmed on an outdoor hillside. The Wiggle Puppets were featured in its title card. At the end of the song, the Wiggles roll down the hill and back up again, and the video leads straight into the next hillside song Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes, which features Clare sitting by a mushroom.

      The 1999 version of John Bradlelum was done in studio with a computer generated outdoor background, and not on a hill. The rolling scene was replaced by the video Henry's Underwater Big Band.

      2) Bathtime

      In the 1998 version, after Go Captain Feathersword Ahoy, Jeff and Greg talk about Greg needing a bath and then Greg sings in the Bathtime video with kids in duck costumes. Bathtime is catalogued with the 4-pack boxset DVD (R-109362-9/1), which references DVD 102342-9 and VHS 101484.

      There is no Bathtime in the 1999 version. Henry's Underwater Big Band was used to balance out the song count.

      3) Toot Toot

      In the 1998 version, the Wiggles drive out of a tunnel and into the countryside. They pass by their friends. The words "Toot Toot" appear on the screen. At the end of the video, the car flies up towards the sun like Chitty Chitty Bang Bang or the Grease movie. This version was featured in TV Series One and the Storytelling episode in TV Series Two.

      The 1999 version has them already going through the Wiggles World town and driving partly by the coast, passing by Captain Feathersword's ship, playgrounds with slides, and some fountains. There are no visible Toot Toot words that pop on the screen. Captain Feathersword and the mascots wave from inside a green building. When they wave goodbye they don't fly in the air. This was also used for their Australian video, Wiggly Big Show, and their greatest hits video Hot Potatoes: The Best of the Wiggles.

      4) Intro

      The 1998 version starts off with a red dot on a The Wiggles yellow part of the logo that flashed with a pop sound as when they say Toot. After that, The Wiggles writing comes up and then the names appear sliding through the center and then The Wiggles appear through a rainbow circle by doing "Toot Toot, Chugga, Chugga, Big Red Car" and then the title appears after.

      The 1999 version started off in front of Wiggle house with the Wiggles friends around. Then the red dot from the intro of the 1998 version appears and beeps when they say Toot Toot! twice. Then The Wiggles logo comes up and the bee scrapes it off after. The Wiggles appear driving down the road and the Toot Toot logo comes out of the Big Red Car.

      5) End Credits

      The 1998 version has video highlight clips while the Zardo Zap song is used as background music.

      The 1999 version has a slide show of parts of Wiggles World while some piano music from TV Series One is used as background music.

      Some of the title cards changed slightly with the 1999 version including Do the Wiggle Groove which used to have an animated bicycle horn.

      Album Release History
      Original album release: 1998 (ABC Music: 7243 4 94411 25, (4944112) ABC Music: 7243 4 94411 49, and ABC Music: 7243 4 96238 2 8) 25 songs, 43 minutes. Web archive dated June 28, 1998 claims recent Wiggles signing at Westfield Miranda in Sydney marked launch of album.

      US audio release: January 2, 2001 (Lyons/Hit Ent. #9220 cassette, #9234 CD) and June 24, 2003 (Koch Records KOC-CD-8685)

      Tracks on album not on video
      Captain Feathersword's Raincoat Story
      Wah Hoo Hey, I'm Combing My Hair Today
      Henry the Octopus
      Captain Feathersword Fell Asleep on His Pirate Ship

      An intro of Zardo Zap featuring Anthony and Captain Feathersword.

      Tracks on video not on album
      The ABC Music album does not have Henry's Underwater Big Band.
      The Koch Records album has neither Bathtime nor Henry's Underwater Big Band.

    • Several cover designs were used for the Toot Toot related audio and video products.

      1) The original Australian album cover has what looks like a hand-drawn picture of Dorothy sitting on the grass and greeting the photographed Wiggles in their Big Red Car. A hand drawn sun with a face is placed in the upper right corner. (original AUS CD 1998, 7243 4 94411 2 5)

      2) The original Australian VHS has a photo of the Wiggles standing to the sides of the Big Red Car while Captain Feathersword drives with Wags seated, and Dorothy, Henry, and Officer Beaples are in the back. Various backgrounds and title fonts were applied:

      a) sunburst behind picture on white background with framed colored border (original AUS VHS 1998, AUS DVD 2004 102342-9)
      b) sunburst behind picture on blue background (AUS re-released album 1998, 7243 4 96238 2 8)
      c) clouds and sky with grass and road (US/UK Album 2001 and 2003 Koch Records KOC-CD-8685)
      d) sunburst with four rectangle background (US DVD 2007) It was even used for the UK version of Big Red Car with a green circle background. (UK VHS 1999)

      3) This cover focuses on the Wiggles who are seated in the Big Red Car pointing to the left. Only the middle part of the Big Red Car is shown (US VHS 2001, US DVD 2004).

    • Additional Cast
      Mitchell Butel, Elyssa Dawson, Amy Dubar, Clare Field, Joseph Field, Dominic Field, Tara Fitzgerald, Cassandra Halloran, Jessica Halloran, Kate Halloran, Graeme Hickey, Ashliegh Johns, Kristen Knox, Cie Jai Legget, Cameron Lewis, Tamahra Macey, Ceili Moore, Sam Moran, Rebekka Osborne, Scott Porter, Gabrielle Rawlings, James Runge, Emma Ryan, Sian Ryan, Talicia William, Larissa Wright

      Anthony Wiggle's Puppy: Fergus & Pasqua Field

    • Awards
      Won the 1998 ARIA Award for Best Children's album

      Australian Film Commission's Top 25 retail video titles, ranked by units sold.
      Ranked 6th in 1998 and 15th in 1999 for VHS.
      Ranked 16th in 2006 for VHS re-release.

      Australian Film Commission's Top 25 retail video children's titles, ranked by units sold
      Ranked 1st in 1998, 4th in 1999, and 7th in 2006 for VHS.
      Ranked 8th in 2004 and 9th in 2005 for DVD when coupled with Lights, Camera, Action.

    • Family and Friends
      During the Fix the Big Red Car skit, Anthony brings his puppies, Pasqua and Fergus.

      Closing Dedication
      "John the Cook"
      This video is dedicated to the memory of John Field
      11th March 1932 to 7th May 1998

      John Field, who is Anthony's father, played the cook on the 1994 version of their "Yummy, Yummy" video.

    • The song title "Food Food Food (Oh How I Love My Food)" seems to be an expansion of a comment Anthony made in a bonus video monologue for The Wiggles Movie where he says "Food, food, I love food."

    • Sam Moran makes his first appearance in a Wiggles video or episode. He is dressed up as a fireman during "Do the Wiggle Groove" and "Zardo Zap" and a pirate in "Go Captain Feathersword, Ahoy!" and "Let's Have a Ceili".

    • "Bathtime" on the 1998 version is the first Wiggles music video that only has one of the Wiggles participating in it.

    • Toot Toot concert tour
      Australia – November/December 1998 (30 cities, 100k people in 10 days)
      UK – Easter 1999, August 1999

      The 1999 video The Wiggly Big Show consisted of footage from their stop at the Sydney Entertainment Centre on December 6 and 7, 1998.

    • Some of the songs such "Wiggle Groove," "We're Dancing with Wags the Dog" and "Toot Toot, Chugga Chugga, Big Red Car" were released on the PC Game: A Day With The Wiggles" in digital quality.

    • In the Toot Toot original release, the scene where Captain fixes the Big Red Car is extended where he says "I think I found the problem!" before he... "fixes" it. It was cut out on the re-release.

    • Parts of the video, including "Go Captain Feathersword, Ahoy!", were filmed at Australia's Wonderland, a theme park in Sydney.

  • Allusions

    • The Cockroaches

      The Wiggles adapted the song "Look Both Ways" from The Cockroaches song "Dr. Richmond" which can be found on the B-side of the "Some Kind of Girl" single and their "St. Patrick's Day 10AM" album.