The Wiggles

Season 1 Episode v7

Toot, Toot! (VIDEO-1998, 1999)

Aired Daily 9:00 AM Jan 02, 2001 on Universal Kids



  • Quotes

    • Murray: (on telephone) Uh-huh. Uh-huh. (gasps in excitement) Thanks, Officer Beaples! See you soon. (hangs up telephone) Well, Wiggles, I got good news (sadly) and bad news.
      Anthony, Jeff and Greg: (blubbering) What's the bad news?
      Murray: The mechanic's gonna be quite a while yet.
      Anthony, Jeff and Greg: (groans) What's the good news?
      Murray: Officer Beaples has invited us to the police ball. That's where the police go sing and dance and have lots of fun.
      (Anthony, Jeff and Greg wiggle their fingers in excitement.)
      Murray: Officer Beaples is bringing uniforms over for us. So we can go to the ball and come back for fresh and wait for the mechanic to fix the Big Red Car.
      (Officer Beaples arrives bringing the uniforms and gives them to Anthony.)
      Anthony: Wahoo! Officer Beaples, thanks for inviting us to the police ball. And thanks for these great uniforms. (gives purple uniform to Jeff) There's one for you, Jeff. (gives yellow uniform to Greg) One for you, Greg. (gives red uniform to Murray) One for you, Murray. (holds blue uniform) And I got my uniform too.
      Officer Beaples: (blowing her whistle and makes a dog barking sound while dancing the tango)
      Anthony: Wahoo! Officer Beaples, are you saying that Wags the Dog is gonna be at the police ball and he's gonna dance the tango?
      Officer Beaples: (giving thumbs up)
      Anthony: Wow! Well, we're all invited. Why don't we go to the police ball. This we've got to see.
      (The Wiggles and Officer Beaples leave and The Wiggles each hold the sleeve of their police uniforms while pointing.)