The Wiggles

Season 3 Episode v18

Top of the Tots (VIDEO-2003)

Aired Daily 4:30 PM Jan 13, 2004 on Hulu
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Top of the Tots (VIDEO-2003)
The Wiggles invited their friends Captain Feathersword, Dorothy the Dinosaur, Henry the Octopus, Wags the Dog and the Wiggly dancers along to help them sing about being a conductor, a doctor, a baker, a pilot and so many other fun things! In Top of the Tots we meet some New York Firefighters, Australian swimming champion Keiren Perkins and we went Fly(ing) Through The Sky on a jet!

Song List
1. Bow Wow Wow
2. Central Park New York
3. Cowboys And Cowgirls
4. Fly Through The Sky
5. I Wave My Arms And Swing My Baton
6. New York Firefighter
7. Picking Flowers
8. Say Aah At The Doctors
9. Feeling Chirpy
10. Lettuce Sing (Fresh Food And Vegies)
11. Let's Go Swimming
12. The Bricklayers Song
13. Calling All Cows
14. Tick Tock (All Night Long)
15. Can You Dig It?
16. Knead Some Dough
17. Open Wide Look Inside At The Dentistmoreless

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  • You know the video is in trouble when your toddler DOESN'T want to watch it again.

    Storyline – lots of interviews with career folks such as a firefighter, a doctor, a grocer, and an Olympic Swimmer. Unless your pups are thinking what to do as a career, this will hardly hold their interest. The Wiggles DO visit the Great Wall of China though but their videos don’t take advantage of this fact at all. Not even a panning of them walking on the Great Wall or talking with little kids there. Too bad, that was a fabulous opportunity.

    Songs – The songs are brand new, at least when they were released before The Wiggles Show season made it to Disney. They mix in the career folks as well. This is the last video besides the Live Hot Potatoes video that has live-action videos, so no animated pieces of whatever. With the lack of classic songs, it may completely bore your pup out of the lack of familiarity.

    Dances – The Wiggly Dancers are mentioned by name! That's fun, although none of them speak yet. Hardly any kids dancing in the videos. If the little kids aren't dancing, why would yours?

    Mascots – rarely used. Dorothy interviews the dentist. The others introduce segments but hardly particpate in anything.

    Characters and guests – well there are no skits, so it's all guests. Kieran Perkins got a great opportunity to show off his medals. The firefighter showed his equipment. Everything else came out flat except for Murray's interacting with one of the kids during the credits.

    Rent at the library but watch whether your kid will take it. My pup didn't so it's going back.

Katherine Patrick

Katherine Patrick

Wagette/Wiggle Dancer

Guest Star

Caterina Mete

Caterina Mete

Wagette/Dorothy the Dinosaur

Guest Star

Clare Field

Clare Field


Guest Star

Kristy Talbot

Kristy Talbot

Wags the Dog, Wiggle Dancer

Recurring Role

Jeff Fatt

Jeff Fatt

Henry's Voice

Recurring Role

Katherine Patrick

Katherine Patrick

Henry the Octopus

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • Greg and the kids wear watches for "Tick Tock (All Night Long)." but the other Wiggles and dancers do not. Greg normally does not wear a watch, although he did once for the Wiggly Wiggly Christmas video cover and some of the videos within.

    • A longer scene where Seamus tells Murray about bread is played during the end credits.

    • Lucy's Hair
      Lucy is a redhead in the Tots videos.

    • Wiggly Console Games
      In the Fly through the Sky video, the Wiggles hold Sony PS2 controllers as they pretend to fly a plane.

    • Matching Dancers with Names:
      This is one of the few times the dancers are introduced by name. The five dancers in this video are Larissa, Ryan, Tamara, Franco, and Lucy.

      The other three dancers (Kristy, Caterina, and Katherine) double as Mascots and Wiggly Dancers.

      During the rolling of the credits, all the dancers and mascots are presented again by name with two juxtaposed video images. The left one is in street clothes and the right one is in their Wiggly Dancer outfit.

  • QUOTES (0)

  • NOTES (6)

    • The companion CD has the following tracks that were not on the video:

      1. Hey There Partner

      2. Walking on the Moon

    • This is the first time The Wiggles are playing a tambourine that is detailed with one of their trademark graphics.

    • Top of the Tots Tour
      2004 - USA

    • DVD Bonus Features

      The Making of Cold Spaghetti Western - In this footage is an interview with Clare Field where there is video footage of "Rock-A-Bye Your Bear" from Wiggle Time.

      Slideshow of Photos taken during the production of Top of the Tots.

    • Release history
      US release: January 13, 2004
      US album release: February 10, 2004
      AUS release: March 10, 2004

      The video ranked #18 on the Australian Film Commision top 20 titles on video for the 2004 year.

    • After the credits are over, there's a dedication to the memory of Jane Hill and Slim Dusty from the video, "It's a Wiggly, Wiggly World!".


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