The Wiggles

Season 3 Episode v18

Top of the Tots (VIDEO-2003)

Aired Daily 9:00 AM Jan 13, 2004 on Universal Kids

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  • You know the video is in trouble when your toddler DOESN'T want to watch it again.

    Storyline – lots of interviews with career folks such as a firefighter, a doctor, a grocer, and an Olympic Swimmer. Unless your pups are thinking what to do as a career, this will hardly hold their interest. The Wiggles DO visit the Great Wall of China though but their videos don’t take advantage of this fact at all. Not even a panning of them walking on the Great Wall or talking with little kids there. Too bad, that was a fabulous opportunity.

    Songs – The songs are brand new, at least when they were released before The Wiggles Show season made it to Disney. They mix in the career folks as well. This is the last video besides the Live Hot Potatoes video that has live-action videos, so no animated pieces of whatever. With the lack of classic songs, it may completely bore your pup out of the lack of familiarity.

    Dances – The Wiggly Dancers are mentioned by name! That's fun, although none of them speak yet. Hardly any kids dancing in the videos. If the little kids aren't dancing, why would yours?

    Mascots – rarely used. Dorothy interviews the dentist. The others introduce segments but hardly particpate in anything.

    Characters and guests – well there are no skits, so it's all guests. Kieran Perkins got a great opportunity to show off his medals. The firefighter showed his equipment. Everything else came out flat except for Murray's interacting with one of the kids during the credits.

    Rent at the library but watch whether your kid will take it. My pup didn't so it's going back.