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  • Season 1 Episode 106: Wiggly, Wiggly Christmas ...

  • In octopus language, Bree-bop means hello, and Yoop means goodbye.

  • When Dorothy is asked to do Irish dancing, she replies that's her favorite style. No surprise there since many of the dancers come from the Halloran Dance School which specializes in Irish dancing.

  • In the 3D animation opening skit where a toy robot pushes the cart with a Wiggles logo on it, the letter "i" on the logo is in purple instead of blue.

  • In the "Wiggly Christmas Medley", a person says "Action!" before Murray gives his speech. The video also contains different camera angles before the song in comparison to the version on "The Wiggly Big Show" video.

  • Season 1 Episode 105: Wiggledance! (AUS VIDEO-1...

  • At the end of "Nya, Nya, Nya", Captain Feathersword says "And a special clap to my little hearties, my little pirate mates" but the dancers are dressed in Irish dancing costumes.

  • The video footage for the closing song "Nya Nya Nya (reprise)" has an out of sequence event: when Greg is about to rejoin the group, it cuts briefly to Captain and Anthony joining hands and holding up their arms for the dancers to go under, but this part of the dance comes later.

  • Which guitar?
    During the guitar solo part of "Wake Up Jeff!", Murray is playing a Takamaine acoustic guitar but the music presented features an electric guitar.

  • The closing credits song list has "Vini Vini" in between the two Dorothy songs, although the actual program has "Vini Vini" after the two songs. It has a few typos such as "Tradd/Arr." in the "Vini Vini" listing, and "Can You (Point Your Fingers and Do the Twist?)" it has "A. Feild"

  • Season 1 Episode 104: Wake Up Jeff (VIDEO-1996)

  • What is this "Everybody is Clever" video?
    In the Australian release, this is a video that comes after the statue skit. It is preceded by an additional line where Greg says "Let's do statues together, everybody." In the US release, the Everybody is Clever video was replaced by a Chase scene which is also one of the closing videos of TV Series 1.

    Everybody is Clever - Goofs and Nitpicks
    The song is based on "Samba Lele," a Brazilian children's song whose arrangement was popularized by children's music artist Raffi, on his "More Singable Songs" album, published in 1977.

    The musical arrangements are similar. Some of the instructions on where to put your hands is common to both versions. Raffi's version retains the Portuguese "o menina" in the chorus and has more stamping your feet. It also focuses on Samba Lele the character and some of his silly actions, while the Wiggles one talks about being clever and being still as a statue. The Wiggles' version also has the peculiar instruction "put your hands on your cheek; leave it there for ten weeks."

  • In the skit before "Dorothy, Would You Like to Dance with Me?", Jeff invites Dorothy to dance with the Wiggles; he and Dorothy walk arm-in-arm to the center, but the song then has Jeff standing in the back playing the keyboard like none of that ever happened.

  • In the "Bing Bang Bong" song, when The Wiggles help Captain Feathersword up after he falls down, studio lights can be seen in the upper right corner.

  • In the "I Can Do So Many Things" video, some of the kids have switched positions or have gone missing between consecutive clips.

  • In the concert portion of this video, Anthony, Murray and Greg are all wearing short-sleeved shirts instead of long ones. However, Jeff wears an ordinary long-sleeved purple shirt. Henry and Wags all retain the same costumes as the video, but Dorothy's old costume is also seen on "D.O.R.O.T.H.Y. (My Favorite Dinosaur)".

  • In the backstage skit before "Can you point your fingers and do the twist," Murray plays a yellow acoustic guitar and they rush to the stage, but when they are on stage for the song, Murray is playing a red guitar.

    At the beginning of the second concert song "D.O.R.O.T.H.Y. My Favorite Dinosaur", Anthony plays Murray's red guitar, but there are two shots where he is playing the yellow acoustic guitar: First, when he comments before the second stanza about mowing the garden, and second, near the end of the song in the last chorus.

  • In the Goodbye Dance, the Wiggles chant Dorothy's catchphrase, "Romp Bomp a Chomp."

  • The Special Thanks part of the closing credits mistakenly label Clare, Joseph and Dominic with last name Silvestrini instead of Field. Silvestrini is the family name of their cousins who are also active in the Wiggles company and early videos.

  • Season 1 Episode 103: Dance Party (VIDEO-1995)

  • Fashion Nitpicks
    Anthony wears a green polo shirt or a green long sleeved shirt for the bulk of the videos. In other words, he's not the Blue Wiggle yet.
    None of the Wiggles have logo shirts, logo belt buckles or coordinated pants yet. They just wear whatever styled black pants.
    Anthony's hair looks frizzy on this video as with TV Series One.
    On the song, "Dorothy's Birthday Party", Anthony Silvestrini wears a Thomas the Tank Engine shirt.

  • Instruments
    Murray plays a Fender Telecaster electric guitar.
    Jeff plays a Yamaha acoustic guitar on "Georgia's Song".

  • Season 1 Episode 102: Yummy Yummy (VIDEO-1994,1...

  • The 1994 version of "Henry's Dance" was most likely filmed with chroma key (green screen) background techniques as Anthony is wearing a white long-sleeve shirt instead of a green one, and the background shows film footage of fish swimming near the ocean reefs. There is a faint white outline around each of the Wiggles, especially Murray, and no shadows being cast onto the background.

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