The Wiggles

Season 6 Episode v37

Ukulele Baby! (VIDEO-2011)

Aired Daily 9:00 AM Aug 09, 2011 on NBC

Episode Recap

The Wiggles introduce themselves. Sam loves singing and playing the ukulele, Jeff loves sleeping and playing the ukulele, Anthony loves eating food and playing the ukulele and Murray loves playing the guitar and the ukulele. Ukulele Baby!

Opening credits (background song is "You Can Play the Ukulele")

Murray loves playing all sorts of stringed instruments such as the guitar, the bass guitar and the mandolin, especially this little stringed instrument. It's called a ukulele. A guitar only has 6 strings but a ukulele only has 4 strings. And it sounds a bit different but you strum it just like a guitar. Come along while Murray plays his ukulele.
Song #1: When I Strum My Ukulele
Murray sings while playing his ukulele. The other Wiggles and Ringo the Ringmaster also play ukuleles. While Murray plays a ukulele solo, the Wiggly dancers dance behind him.

Anthony remarks that everybody loves hula dancing. And right now, we're gonna do a hula demonstration with Ringo the Ringmaster. Anthony shows the viewers how he hula hoops. Ringo says "Hula, Hula Baby!"
Song #2: Hula, Hula Baby
Ringo and the Wiggly dancers hula dance while the Wiggles play music. Each of the dancers sing a verse about going around the clock. Jeff sings the last verse but then falls asleep. Everybody else notices him. Ringo tells everybody to wake up Jeff on the count of three. 1, 2, 3. Wake Up Jeff! Jeff wakes up and sings "Hula, hula, hula!" Oh, Jeff!

Murray tells everyone to hold up a hand like this and wiggle your fingers. Let's count how many fingers there are. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. 5 fingers. How about the other hand? 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. 5 fingers. What happens if we hold up both hands? How many fingers there are? That makes 10 fingers altogether.
Song #3: How Many Fingers Do I See?
Sam sings how many fingers on his hand does he see. That makes 5. Jeff was snoozing at a beach chair, but he wakes up and sings the next verse, counting his toes. That also makes 5. Captain Feathersword sings how many fingers on his hands does he see. He has both hands up so that makes 10.

Jeff introduces Henry the Octopus. Jeff says that when Henry's happy he spins around and around. Henry's spinning in the daylight and Henry's spinning in the moonlight.
Song #4: Henry's Spinning
Sam sings most of this song, but Henry sings the final verse.
Wiggles producer Paul Field is seated at the left side wearing a blue Hawaiian shirt.

Song #5: You Can Play the Ukulele
Ringo sings this song. He plays the ukulele. Captain Feathersword is at a tiki bar and then he joins in some of the singing. Captain has one more verse about an uncle named Bruce but the music stops.

Song #6: I'm Waving to You
Sam sings out the actions, and The Wiggles, Captain Feathersword, Ringo and the kids follow along with the actions such as sitting, standing and waving hello.

Song #7: Cluck, Cluck City
Jeff is dressed in a chicken costume while singing about Cluck, Cluck City.
Sam, Anthony, Murray and Wags are in the Big Red Car while singing about Toot, Toot City.
Captain Feathersword is dressed as a duck while singing about Quack, Quack City.
It doesn't matter what city you choose. Then there's Run, Run City. (everyone runs and sings quickly)

Anthony introduces Rolf Harris. Rolf's written a great song with a story. It's about three mice and their hobby's sewing but they got really fed up with their life in the big city, and they decided to run away to sea which they did and now on a sailing ship called The Good Ship Fabulous Flea. Rolf has done a special portrait of three of them on one of his wobble boards. He points out how one is eating cheese by the other two are ordinary. And this mouse wears his bowler hat but the other two wouldn't wear them in the picture. Anthony asks if he will play the board and he does so. Anthony says, "Wobbly, wobbly, wobbly! So let's all set sail on the Good Ship Fabulous Flea."
Song #8: The Good Ship Fabulous Flea! (featuring Rolf Harris)
Rolf is dressed as an admiral and leads this song. Anthony, Murray and Jeff dress up with mouse ears and Sam dresses up as a cat.

Song #9: How Many You Want?
Sam sings a song about when he went to a grocery store and the grocer asks how many he wants. Captain Feathersword's the grocer. Murray plays the guitar and Anthony and Jeff pop in during the chorus wearing different hats.

Murray loves the beach, the sun, the surf and the sand. He talks about a place where there's lots of beaches called Hawaii. Hawaii is a group of islands in the Pacific. They're tropical islands and it's part of the United States, even though it's not part of the mainland of the United States. It is beautiful there. The sun shines, the surf rolls in, the sand is beautiful. Murray loves Hawaii and when on there, he loves to dance. Murray says, "I love to do the Hawaiian Boogie!"
Song #10: Hawaiian Boogie
Dorothy lead sings this song and The Wiggles sing the response parts. Sam and Ringo occasionally pick up Dorothy.

Song #11: - Ooki, Ooki, Ooki, Hear That Bouzouki
Anthony is in the boat with two girls as they fish. The rest are on shore: Sam, Jeff, Murray are in the Big Red Car with guest George Tseros who is playing ukulele.

(Australian Version)
Murray greets Daryl Somers. Daryl looks happy because he's getting to sing a song and thanks Murray for giving a him a special official Wiggles shirt. Murray asks him what he does the rest of the week. He works on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. And what about Saturday? Daryl says "I just capably relax on Saturday because Saturday is a day to have fun". Hey, hey! It's Saturday.
Song #12a: Hey, Hey, It's Saturday (featuring Daryl Somers)
The Wiggles and Daryl sing and dance along. Even Ringmaster Ringo joins in. Later, Sam, Jeff and Anthony make a human pyramid.

(American version)
The Wiggles are on the Big Red Boat at Sydney Harbour. Anthony greets Al Roker who is wearing an orange Wiggles shirt. Anthony remarks that Al is a weatherman. What does a weatherman do? Al says that a weatherman tells you what it's going to do outside. Is it gonna be sunny? Is it gonna be cold or snowy? Anthony asks Al why is that important for us to know what it is going to be like today. Al says that everyone needs to know the weather the moment they get out the door. How are you gonna dress to go to school? Are you gonna wear a jacket? Are you gonna wear shorts? If a farmer has to plant his crops, is it gonna rain? Is it gonna be dry? Everyone needs to know the weather. Anthony's gonna say on behalf of everybody: Thank you, Weatherman.
Song #12b: Thank You, Mr. Weatherman! (featuring Al Roker)

Anthony says that music is life. And right now, we have musicians from all around the world. Anthony greets Nicolino and says "Ciao". Nicolino comes from Italy. Anthony asks "What part of Italy do you come from?" Nicolino says that he comes from Ambrusko. Nicolino has brought an accordion. Let's hear it. Nicolino plays the accordion while the two of the Wiggly dancers dance in and sit down.

We got Peter and he comes from Papakura which is in New Zealand. Anthony asks Peter about his guitar. Peter clarifies that it's a mandolin and it sounds nice too. Peter plays the mandolin while two more Wiggly dancers dance in.

We got George from Greece and he has a bouzouki. George plays the bouzouki while more Wiggly Dancers dance in. And over here we got Murray. Murray comes from Cowra in New South Wales, Australia. Anthony asks Murray that he plays the guitar. Murray says "I do, but this is not a guitar. It's a ukulele and it's like a guitar." Murray plays the ukulele. Anthony tells everybody that we got some music. We're gonna play La Spagnola and do some circus tricks with it. Here we go.
Song #13: La Spagnola (instrumental)
Murray, Peter, Nicolino and George play music while Anthony, Jeff, Captain Feathersword, Ringo and the Wiggly Dancers dance and do gymnastics.

Jeff tells everyone that "we have a dinosaur friend who's green with yellow spots. She wears a white floppy hat and loves eating roses." Her name is Dorothy the Dinosaur. Dorothy arrives and Jeff says "Hi, Dorothy". Jeff asks what else Dorothy likes? Dorothy says that she loves playing with her toys and she especially loves playing with her dolls, like her Curly Sue Doll.
Song #14: My Curly Sue Doll
Dorothy sings this song and dances with one of the Wiggly Dancers dressed as a doll.

Captain Feathersword says it's always a great day when Wags the Dancing Dog comes on board the S.S. Feathersword. And today is no different except he's going to dance on his front legs.
Song #15: Round and Round and Round and Round
Captain Feathersword sings this song and dances with Wags.

Murray arrives with his mandolin and says we love all types of different music. We love music all around the world. Murray says this is a beautiful piece of music by an Italian composer Puccini. The musicians are gonna play, Dorothy's gonna sing, Anthony and his wife Miki are gonna dance the ballet with their children Maria and Lucia. Let's dance to "O mio bambino caro".
Song #16: Bambino
This is mainly an instrumental song with Dorothy singing la la la.

Anthony is with inspector Matt French from the RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals). They talk about owning and taking care of puppies. It's a big responsibility. Afterwards, Anthony says "Everybody loves a puppy".
Song #17: Everybody Loves a Puppy
Clips of the people outdoors and their dogs are shown while Sam and The Wiggles sing on set.

Anthony says that we love singing and we love dancing with the Wiggles. We have a friend who loves to sing and dance. His name is Ringo and he's from The Wiggly Circus. Anthony greets Ringo with a laugh, and Ringo responds with a similar laugh. They're going to sing a song without any words. It just got sounds like "Doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo". Let's get ready.
Song #18: Doo, Doo-Doo, Doo!
Anthony, Sam and Murray walk in line singing. Dorothy and Wags play mandolins. Jeff and Captain Feathersword are dressed up as ponies. Ringo and Henry pass behind them.

Song #19: La Paloma
Sam lead sings this with some kid dancers in floral dresses and outfits, while the Wiggly Orchestra is playing at the tiki bar. There's a Wiggly dancer duo dressed and doing the tango. Captain and Henry also dance. The other Wiggles are in mariachi outfits.

Song #20: When I'm Painting
Captain leads this song while the kids paint pictures. The other Wiggles and Captain take turns singing verses.

Song #21: Toy Box
Captain Feathersword and Wags are looking through a toy box. Captain sings the main verses. Sam and Jeff are behind the box.

Sam says that it's for us to say goodbye. Jeff says that The Wiggles hope you've had fun singing and dancing with us. Anthony's favorite part is that we did the ballet. Murray loves playing with all the musicians. We'll see you next time. Goodbye.

Closing credits with The Wiggles and guests (background song is "How Many Fingers Do I See?")

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