The Wiggles

Season 6 Episode v37

Ukulele Baby! (VIDEO-2011)

Aired Daily 9:00 AM Aug 09, 2011 on Universal Kids



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    • (The Wiggles and Al Roker are on the Big Red Boat at Sydney Harbour.)
      Anthony: Good day, Al. Welcome to Syndey Harbour and welcome to The Wiggles.
      Al: Good day, Anthony. Good day, everyone.
      Anthony: Al, I want to know something. You're a weatherman. What does the weatherman do?
      Al: Well, the weatherman tells you what it's going to do outside. Is it gonna be sunny? Is it gonna be cold or snowy?
      Anthony: Al, why is that important for us to know what it is going to be like today? Why is that important?
      Al: Everyone needs to know the weather the moment they get out the door. How are you gonna dress to go to school? Are you gonna wear a jacket? Are you gonna wear shorts? If a farmer has to plant his crops, is it gonna rain? Is it gonna be dry? Everyone needs to know the weather.
      Anthony: I'm gonna say on behalf of everybody: Thank you, Weatherman.

    • Murray: Hey, everyone. I'm here with the great friend of ours. This is Daryl Somers. Hi, Daryl.
      Daryl: (in black Wiggles shirt) Hi, Murray. Hello, everyone.
      Murray: Daryl, you look very happy. Why are you so happy?
      Daryl: Well, I'm very happy because I'm getting to sing a song with The Wiggles and you've given me the official Wiggles shirt.
      Murray: I know it's great. But what do you do the rest of the week? What do you do on Monday?
      Daryl: Well, like everybody else. I only work on a Monday.
      Murray: What about Tuesday?
      Daryl: I work on a Tuesday.
      Murray: Wednesday? Thursday?
      Daryl: Work, work.
      What about Friday?
      What about Saturday?
      Saturday. I just capably relax on Saturday (falls down but Murray grabs him) because Saturday's the day to have fun.
      Hey, hey!
      It's Saturday!
      (Murray and Daryl wiggle each other.)

    • Murray: Hi, everyone. You know that I love to play the guitar. Well, I love all sorts of stringed instruments. I play the guitar, I love to play the bass guitar, the mandolin. (shows ukulele to viewers) And I love this little instrument. It's called a ukulele. It looks like a little guitar and it's a little bit different. It's only got 4 strings and a guitar has 6 strings. And it sounds just a bit different but you strum it just like a guitar. (plays ukulele) Come along while I play my ukulele.

  • Notes

    • The Australian version features "Hey Hey It's Saturday" with guest Daryl Somers, who is the host of the television variety show series of the same name. In the North American version, the introduction and song are replaced by "Thank You Mr. Weatherman!", which features Al Roker, the Weather Anchor and Feature Reporter for the Today show based in the United States.

    • The CD has two tracks not listed on the video: "How Many Fingers Do I See? (Instrumental)" and "Il Clan Dei Sicilani".

    • Ukulele Baby won the ARIA Award for Best Children's Album in 2011.

    • "Round and Round, Round and Round" is essentially the same tune as "Fergus Jig" which was one of their songs on their Space Dancing DVD / Wiggle Bay Space Dancing portion of the CD.

    • Supporting Cast
      Paul Paddick as Captain Feathersword

      Rachael Allen as Dorothy the Dinosaur
      Voice by Emma Pask and Blathnaid Conroy Murphy

      Megan Bolton & Adrian Quinnell as Wags the Dog
      Voice by Mic Conway

      Megan Bolton as Henry the Octopus
      Voice by Paul Paddick

      Special Guest
      Rolf Harris, Daryl Somers, Al Roker

      Simon Pryce as Ringo the Ringmaster

      (Featured Dogs)
      Mya Alexander
      Ella Chiodo
      Gracie Field
      Manuella J. Field

      Folk Band Members
      Nicolino Di Sipio, Peter O'Doherty, George Tseros

      Wiggly Dancers & Performers
      Rachael Allen, Megan Bolton, Brad Carroll, Miki Field, Kendall Goddard, Lauren Hannaford,Caterina Mete, Simon Pryce, Adrian Quinnell

      Child Performers
      Marcfranco Cannone, Antonio Field, Carla Field, Lucia Field, Maria Field, Delphine Labancz, Genevieve McFadden, Michael McFadden, Bongiwe Mpofu, Hugo Ng, Jade Santilli

      Additional Special Guests
      Paul Field, Matt French

      Main Crew:
      Director and Producer: Paul Field
      Director of Photography: Borce Damcevski
      Choreographer: Caterina Mete
      Production Manager: Kate Alexander
      Production Resources Manager: Emily Sinclair
      Editor: David Roberts
      Post Production Manager: Liam Donaghy
      Executive Producers: Murray Cook, Jeff Fatt, Anthony Field

    • Release History:
      AUS DVD Release: March 3, 2011 (Roadshow/ABC Video #R-111517-9), 89 minutes
      US DVD Release: August 9, 2011 (Warner Home Video #3000038481 83929-14393, ISBN 0-7806-6222-9), 89 minutes

      AUS Audio Release: March 14, 2011 (R-301619-2)
      US Audio Release: May 17, 2011 (Razor and Tie)

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