The Wiggles

Season 6 Episode v28

Wiggle and Learn: Getting Strong (VIDEO-2007)

Aired Daily 9:00 AM Oct 09, 2007 on NBC



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    • "A Frog Went a Walking" is the only arrangement on the video that isn't new to the Wiggles repertoire. It originally appeared on Wake Up Jeff in 1996.

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    • Wiggle and Learn

      The title of the song is a rewritten version of another song that the Wiggles sang to promote ABC Kids in 2006.

    • The companion CD also has these tracks: "To Have a Tea Party", "Let's Take Turns Skipping Rope", "Follow the Leader", "Swinging on a Swing", "First in Line" and "We're All Friends", some of which were added as videos to the You Make Me Feel Like Dancing DVD.

    • "Getting Strong", "Smell Your Way Through the Day" and "A Frog Went a Walking" were originally recorded with Greg Page in 2006 before the announcement of his retirement.

    • Concert Tour

      July-August 2012 Getting Strong USA features the return of Greg Page.

    • Sam sings "A Bird Flew Around on a Bright Sunny Day" but on album, Dorothy the Dinosaur sings this song. It is also the same tune as the preceding song, "The Five Senses".

    • DVD Bonus Features
      Electronic Storybook: Wags Mixes Some Colors
      Dorothy Speaks Warramiri
      Safety on The Water
      Soccer with Kate Gill!

    • US DVD Release: October 9, 2007.
      This episode has also aired on DISH Pay-Per-View.

    • Additional Crew credits:
      Sound Recordist: Emanuel Ruggeri
      Camera Assistant: Matt Brown
      Director's Assistant: George Barillaro
      Sound Playback: Tim Gurner
      Runners: John Martin, Liam Moran
      Wardrobe: Jacqueline Rutland
      Props: Sharyn Garrad, Nicole Camage
      Props Runner: Cassie Behrens
      Stills Photographer: Gary Johnston
      Make up: Paris Milionis
      ASL Interpreter: Alex Jones
      Catering: Mary Hayes
      Musical Arrangements: The Wiggles and Dominic Lindsay
      Sound Post: Craig Abercrombie
      Animation: Plastic Wax

    • Additional Cast Credits
      Dominic Lindsay – accordion, trumpet
      John Field - guitar
      Anthony Howe – drum
      Anita Thomas – clarinet
      John O'Grady - bass
      George Tseros – bouzouki
      And introducing Aussie Donnie

      Children: Lucia Field, Maria Field, Mikaela Jago, Ben Osbon, Ading Majok, Mijok Mugo, Stephany Lahood, Xavier Watkins, Sophie Yee, Isabella Munoz

      Special Features Guests: Cathy Gothadjaka, Kate Gill, Larry Malone

    • This is the first US release to feature Sam Moran as the Yellow Wiggle. In Australia, he was already participating as the Yellow Wiggle in their concert Wiggledancing Australia video. He goes by Sam Wiggle, or Sam, in the series.

      Also making their debuts on Wiggles videos and TV shows are Emily McGlinn (Dorothy the Dinosaur) and Aussie Donnie (the trumpet and guitar player).

      The Wiggles' outfits received a revamp with this release. Darker strips of their colors are now on the sleeves and collars of their shirts, and their pants now have a thick stripe in their color instead of thinner strips and striped pockets.

      Carolyn Ferrie returns to voice Dorothy the Dinosaur in the series.

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