The Wiggles

Season 4 Episode v24

Wiggle Around the Clock (VIDEO-2006)

Aired Daily 9:00 AM Apr 04, 2006 on Universal Kids



  • Quotes

    • Captain Feathersword: Ahoy there, me hearties. Do you see the Goodship Feathersword? That's a friendly pirate ship.
      Elefterios: Yia sou, me hearties. Can you see this bouzouki? It's a pirate's bouzouki. It plays great friendly pirate music. (plays bouzouki)
      (Alfonso greets everyone and talks in Italian about his pirate pie.)
      Captain Feathersword: (laughs) Do you see this ship sailing? It's pirate sailing! (laughs again)
      Benny Bandicoot: Good day, me little hearties. Do you see this toothbrush brushing my teeth? (brushes his teeth and makes ticking sound) It's a pirate toothbrush.
      Lyn: Do you all see this dance? Well, that's a pirate boot scoot. (waves her cowgirl hat) Yee-ha!
      Caterina: See these exercises we're doing?
      Lucia: These be pirate exercises.
      Caterina and Lucia: Woo-hoo!
      (Aido is doing a handstand.)
      Aido: Me hearties. I'm standing on my pirate hands.
      Gallant George: Me hearties. Do you see these muscles? (shows his muscles and fanfare plays) These are pirate muscles. (laughs)
      Dapper Dave: Ahoy there, me hearties. This is jolly pirate tea. (drinks his tea)
      Cool Clarky: (combs his hair and turns to camera) Hey there, Daddy-O's. Do you see this hairstyle? It would be a cool pirate hairstyle.
      (Captain Feathersword appears and laughs.)
      Captain Feathersword: A Bing Bang Bong, a Ring Rang Rong.
      All: That's a Pirate Song!