The Wiggles

Season 4 Episode 20

Wiggle Groove

Aired Daily 9:00 AM Feb 14, 2006 on Universal Kids

Episode Recap

Welcome to the Wiggles Show. You never know you'll meet, like Wags the Dog.

Song #1 - Wiggle Groove

Captain Feathersword Sailing Around the World - Captain Feathersword has a cold and is looking for some comfort.

He asks Ben for a nice warm rug. If Ben does that he'll get a nice hug. Ben says he'll bring back a jug. He asks Elefterios for a rug, but Elefterios says he'll bring back a bug. He asks Caterina and Lucia for a rug, but they say they'll bring back a mug. He asks Alfonso for a rug, but Alfonso says he'll bring back a nice pug doggy.

The crew search around below deck but don't find anything. They each report in on what they didn't find. After everyone says their rhyme, Captain forgives them and calls for a group hug.

Song #2 - Hula, Hula, Hula. Nothing could be cooler

Anthony says it's time for Dorothy's Dance Class - Ben and Lucy teach the tango. Move to the left with one arm out. Then move to the right. Both hands up and both hands down, and then finish with a tango pose. Let's all do the tango.

Wigglehouse - The Wiggles are practicing their instruments. Greg arrives and decides to sing along to "Where is Thumbkin" – he just does the first phrase with his thumbs. Greg decides he will sing everything. Captain Feathersword arrives and asks a question to the Where is Thumbkin song. He asks what's Anthony's favorite color and Greg sings back It is Blue, It is Blue.

Franko and Maria are visiting from Italy, and Greg realizes he doesn't know enough Italian to greet them with a song. So Anthony recommends he call up Professor of Music, Professor Singalottasonga. Greg calls him up, and to the Where is Thumbkin song, he asks for help for an Italian song. Professor gives Greg a song to sing which is also done to Where is Thumbkin.

Franko and Maria arrive and Greg greets him with that Italian song. Yay! Everyone's happy. Then Captain Feathersword and Professor Singalotta Songa arrive and they all sing and dance to the one Italian song Greg does know: Balla Balla Bambina.

Jeff introduces the next song. Song #3 - Feeling Chirpy

Song #4 - Let's Make some Rosy Tea – animated version

Song #5 - Rolling down the sand hills / running up the sand hills – concert version. Captain Feathersword rolls down the stage ramp.

Goodbye for now. Who's missing? Oh, it's Captain Feathersword!