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Wiggle Time! (VIDEO-1993,1998)

Aired Daily 4:30 PM Aug 01, 2000 on Hulu
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Episode Summary

Wiggle Time! (VIDEO-1993,1998)
Meet the Wiggles and their friends in their first feature video! They do songs about animals, music, friends, and a birthday party. Greg even does a magic show. At the end of the 1998 version, the Wiggles sing some of their songs at a concert. 1998 Song List:
1. Get Ready to Wiggle
2. Here Comes A Bear
3. Captain Feathersword
4. Uncle Noah's Ark
5. Ponies
6. Dorothy the Dinosaur
7. Whenever I Hear This Music
8. Henry the Octopus
9. Rock-A-Bye Your Bear
Skit: Magic
10. I Love It When It Rains
11. Quack Quack
12. Marching Along
13. Dorothy's Birthday Party
Live! The Wiggles Big Show bonus videos
14. Wave to Wags
15. Five Little Ducks
16. Wiggly Medley

1993 Song List:
1. Get Ready to Wiggle
2. Here Comes A Bear
3. Captain Feathersword
4. Uncle Noah's Ark
5. I Love It When It Rains
6. Dorothy the Dinosaur
Skit: Greg's Magic Show
7. Whenever I Hear This Music
8. Henry the Octopus
9. Rock-A-Bye Your Bear
10. Fruit Salad
11. Marching Along
12. Dorothy's Birthday Partymoreless

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Anthony Field

Anthony Field

Captain Feathersword (1993 Version)

Guest Star

Murray Cook

Murray Cook

Dorothy's Voice (1993 Version)

Guest Star

Leanne Halloran

Leanne Halloran

Henry the Octopus

Guest Star

Jeff Fatt

Jeff Fatt

Henry's Voice

Recurring Role

Leeanne Ashley

Leeanne Ashley

Dorothy the Dinosaur

Recurring Role

Leanne Halloran

Leanne Halloran

Officer Beaples

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Wags the Dog appears in the 1998 version; he doesn't appear in the 1993 version.

    • In the 1993 version of "Uncle Noah's Ark," Dorothy's costume is her original one from early Wiggles presentations in 1992. Not only that, but towards the end of the video, Dorothy's head lifts up for a moment, revealing the face underneath.

    • Instruments:
      The Wiggles play Takamine brand acoustic guitars.

      Jeff plays a Yamaha acoustic guitar on "I Love It When It Rains" in the 1993 video.

  • QUOTES (7)

    • (1993 version intro)
      (Jeff is standing but his head is down and he's snoring. Anthony, Greg, Murray arrive.)
      Greg: Oh, no! Jeff's falling asleep and we need him to help sing the Wiggles songs with us. What'll we do?
      Anthony: Hey, let's play a trick on Jeff and wake him up.
      Greg: Great idea. Now what we need everyone to do, when I count to three, we need everyone to yell "Wake Up Jeff," and that will make him wake up and jump up and down and do all sorts of silly things. Alright? Here we go. (whispering while Murray and Anthony count along) One, two, three.
      Anthony, Greg, Murray: Wake up Jeff!
      (Jeff wakes up and jumps while screaming. He runs around to the back of the set screaming and runs back while the other Wiggles laugh. Jeff breathes heavily.)
      Anthony: Jeff, are you awake now?
      Jeff: Yes, I'm awake now. (putting hands on his cheeks)
      Anthony: Oh great, because we want to wiggle with you, Jeff. We want everyone to wiggle with us.
      Jeff: That's a great idea!
      (Jeff and Anthony run back to their instruments. Murray runs off-camera and comes back with his guitar.
      Anthony: Let's wiggle now. Here we go.

      (1998 version)
      (The camera pans to Jeff snoring. Greg, Murray and Anthony arrive.)
      Greg: Hello, everybody. We're the Wiggles. I'm Greg.
      Murray: I'm Murray.
      Anthony: I'm Anthony.
      Greg: And this is our friend Jeff. Jeff's always falling asleep. Well, I guess we better wake Jeff up. So when I count to 3, let's all say "Wake up, Jeff!" and hopefully, that will wake him up. Are you ready. (counting along with Murray and Anthony) One, two, three.
      Wiggles: Wake up, Jeff.
      (Jeff opens his eyes and makes a blubbering noise while shaking his head.)
      Anthony: Jeff, are you awake now?
      Jeff: I'm awake now, Anthony.
      Anthony: That's great. (turns to camera) Thanks for waking Jeff up. (turns back to Jeff) Because, Jeff, we need you.
      Jeff: You do?
      Anthony: Because right now, it's time to wiggle. (he and the others wiggle their fingers) Let's all wiggle, everybody.

    • (1998 version)
      Greg: Captain Feathersword.
      Captain Feathersword: Oh, yes, Greg?
      Greg: Did you tickle me just then?
      Captain Feathersword: Oh, no, Greg. No tickling. No.
      Greg: (to camera) Did he tickle me? I thought so. Thank you, everybody. (turns to Captain Feathersword) Captain, please, no more tickling.
      Captain Feathersword: Okay, no more tickling, Greg.
      Greg: Thank you very much. (turns to camera) Now it's a very special time right now every…
      Captain Feathersword: (tickles Greg with feathersword) Whoo, hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo!
      (Greg laughs.)
      Greg: Captain Feathersword.
      Captain Feathersword: Oh, yes, Greg?
      Greg: Did you tickle me again?
      Captain Feathersword: Oh, no, Greg. No tickling. No
      Greg: (to camera) Did he tickle me? (other Wiggles nod in back) I thought so. Thank you again, everybody. Captain, please no more tickling.
      Captain Feathersword: Okay, no more tickling, Greg. Well, we should do a pirate dance, then.
      Wiggles: A pirate dance!
      Captain Feathersword: Let's all do a pirate dance together!

      (1993 version - just the first part)
      Captain Feathersword: Hello, everybody. I'm Captain Feathersword the friendly pirate. Arrrr.
      Greg: Captain Feathersword? (shrugs) Why do I call you Captain Feathersword?
      Captain Feathersword: Oh, they call me Captain Feathersword because my sword is made of feathers. And it only tickles people.
      (Captain Feathersword tickles Greg side with his sword.)
      Greg: (jumps) HEY!
      (Captain laughs.)
      Greg: Wow. Stop that, Captain Feathersword. Now we were just wondering if you would…
      (Captain tickles Greg. Greg jumps again)
      Greg: Captain Feathersword, did you just tickle me then?
      Captain: (shaking head) Nooo.
      Greg: (looking at camera and pointing to Captain with his thumb) Did he tickle me?
      Jeff and Murray: (nodding) Yeess.
      Greg: I thought so.

    • Murray: We're having a teddy bears picnic. Everyone's brought their favorite bear along. Perhaps you can have a teddy bears picnic at home?
      Greg: We know a song about teddy bears. Can you sing along and do the actions with us?

    • (Jeff makes a bubbling sound as he wears an extra purple shirt partly on his head and flaps its sleeves around.)
      Jeff: Hi. Do you what I am? That's right. I'm an octopus.
      (Jeff makes more bubbling noises.)
      Jeff: Well, I'm not really an octopus. (puts head through shirt) It's me, Jeff. I've got a friend who is an octopus. His name is Henry the Octopus.

    • Greg: Well, wasn't that a great party? (he and Murray yawn) I'm feeling a little bit tired now, so we'll have to go. We'll see you again sometime.
      Wiggles: (waving goodbye) Bye-bye.
      (Anthony, Greg and Murray fall asleep)
      Jeff: Bye... (stares at the other Wiggles falling asleep while the camera pans across) Wiggles! Wake up, Wiggles! Wake up!
      (But the other Wiggles are asleep. Jeff crosses his arms.)

    • (After Murray sang the part in "Five Little Ducks" when "none of the five little ducks came back" at the Wiggly concert.)
      Murray: Oh, dear. That made Father Duck really sad.
      Captain Feathersword: (crying) Oh, Waaah-haa-haa-haa-ho!
      Murray: That's Captain Feathersword!
      Captain Feathersword: (sad falsetto) All the little duckies are gone, Murray.
      Murray: Oh, Captain. (approaching with bucket) Oh, he's very sad.
      Captain Feathersword: Oh, very sad.
      Murray: Don't cry, Captain. Here's a handkerchief.
      Captain Feathersword: Oh, thank you, Murray. (covers face with handkerchief) Wah-aa-aa-aaaaaa!
      Murray: Oh, Captain! Oh, poor captain.
      (Captain inhales loudly once then continues crying. Captain exposes his face briefly. But as Murray lifts a finger to get his attention, Captain hides it. Then he shows his face again and this repeats a few times. Captain then places his hands in the bucket and squeezes out the handkerchief. A trickling water sound is heard.)
      Murray: Oh! Lots of tears, Captain.
      (Captain Feathersword boo-hoos but it starts to resemble giggle. They both sneak peeks in the bucket but the water trickling continues.)
      Murray: You finished? (Captain lifts handkerchief briefly but sound effect continues so he drops his hands down again.) Oh. Still going. (both of them laugh as Captain tries to squeeze out the final drops with the sound effect) You finished now?
      Captain Feathersword: All right, I think. Oh, boo hoo.
      Murray: Hey, Captain, are you all right because there's
      (Captain turns his face away from Murray, laughing some more.)
      Murray: Cheer up, Captain. I think he is cheer..I think he has cheered up already. Hey, Captain, guess what?
      Captain Feathersword: Oh ,what?
      Murray: It's a happy ending. Did you know that?
      Captain Feathersword: Oh, wow!
      Murray: I thought you must know that, because you're laughing already. Captain, there's a happy ending.
      Captain Feathersword: Wow!
      Murray: Father Duck went looking for the five little ducks.
      Captain Feathersword: Hurrah!

    • (from 1993 version)

      Anthony: Do you like fruit salad? It's yummy, isn't it? We're making our own fruit salad. You can make your own fruit salad at home. Make sure though there's an adult there who will let you use a plastic knife.

  • NOTES (14)

    • Release History

      First Wiggles Video ever
      Original release: September 1993 (ABC Video #13536), 13 songs, 32 minutes
      Re-recorded release: 1998 (Roadshow/ABC Video #101410), 15 songs, 40 minutes
      UK VHS release: March 29, 1999 (Walt Disney Home Video EAN #5017186109187)
      Audio CD release: August 30, 2000
      US VHS release: August 1, 2000 (Lyons/Hit Ent. #2512)

      US DVD release: November 2, 2004 (Lyons/Hit Ent.) Wiggle Time and Yummy Yummy were released as a 2-pack in February 4, 2002 but ranked #15 on the Australian Film Commission's top 20 titles on video in 2005.

    • Wags, Henry, and Dorothy's voices were uncredited.

      Additional Cast and Crew for 1998 version
      The Young Children Appearing were:
      Dominic Field, Cieli Moore, Tara Fitzgerald, Josephine Perez, Thomas Holloway, Sophie Holloway, Christopher Powell, Ned Pike, and Freya Pike

      Producer - Nick Pike
      1st Assistant Director - Stefanie Kleinhenz
      Production Assistant - Lou Porter
      Sound Recordist - Chris Brooks
      Boom Operator - Matt Acland
      Continuity - Honor Bannister
      Technical Director - Colin Rothenberg
      Lighting - Brad Landi
      Costume - Kerry Dawson
      Art department - Rhys Norton and Will Colhoun
      Make up - Kristelle Gardiner
      Graphics and animation - Tony Douglass, Chisholm Mctavish
      Runner - Matt Halloran

      Additional Cast and Crew Credits for 1993 version
      Dance segment choreographed by Jacqueline Fallon and performed by Jacqueline Fallon and Mary Anne Rose Hull.

      Thanks to the children: Luke, Clare and Joseph Field; Anthony, Sofie and Leonardo Silvestrini; Timothy and James Rioseco; Nicholas Raymond Donald Hull.

      Thanks to the parents: Pauline Field & Maria Silvestrini.

      Photographer and characters: Troy Rioseco

      Other characters: Darren Phillips (Raunch Cadillac), Simon Hull and Marie Field.

      Special thanks to: John Spence, Sally Maybloom, All of ABC, john Anderson, Diane Turesslen, Jacky Moussarini from EMI, Mel Tennant & Hoyte Television.

      Hello to Temple Emanuel Kindy at Woollahra and I.E.C. Child and Family Studies Centre.

      Producer: John Spence
      Director: Phil Cullen

    • Song Debut Notes
      Since the 1993 version is the first full-length Wiggles video ever, this Note will document where the songs can be found on albums.

      1. Get Ready to Wiggle - The Wiggles album 1991.
      2. Here Comes A Bear - Here Comes a Song 1992.
      3. Captain Feathersword - Stories and Songs: The Adventures of Captain Feathersword the Friendly Pirate 1993.
      4. Uncle Noah's Ark - Here Comes a Song 1992.
      5. I Love It When It Rains - Here Comes a Song 1992.
      6. Dorothy the Dinosaur - The Wiggles album 1991. Originally based on Another Saturday Night by their former band The Cockroaches.
      7. Whenever I Hear This Music - Here Comes a Song 1992.
      8. Henry the Octopus - Here Comes a Song 1992.
      9. Rock-A-Bye Your Bear - The Wiggles album 1991.
      10. Fruit Salad - Yummy Yummy 1994.
      11. Marching Along – Unknown – might have been just video only
      12. Dorothy's Birthday Party - Here Comes a Song 1992.

      1998 version
      5. Ponies - Yummy Yummy 1994.
      14. Wave to Wags - Wake Up Jeff 1996.
      15. Five Little Ducks - Wake Up Jeff 1996. The concert version found on this video has never made it to a Disney broadcast, but the studio version has been done in Wiggly animation in the later TV series.
      16. Wiggly Medley - The Wiggles Movie soundtrack 1997.

      There are three versions of the Dorothy's Birthday Party song.

      1. The 1992 original on Here Comes a Song and Wiggle Time 1993. The lyrics have different dinosaurs participating in the party and Murray doing Dorothy's voice.

      2. The Yummy Yummy 1994 version which has lyrics specific to the video such as Lucy hanging the streamers, and Captain Feathersword trying to take the cake.

      3. The current version on Wiggle Time 1998 that has the "Henry the Octopus' big band was there." Dorothy's voice was provided by either Carolyn Ferrie or Emma Buter.

      Earlier versions of "Get Ready to Wiggle" and "Dorothy the Dinosaur" were featured on ABC for Kids videos published in 1991 and 1992 respectively. They include appearances by Wiggles member Phil Wilcher, who left the band prior to the 1993 video release.

    • In an interview with Joel Amos in March 2010, Jeff mentions that in their first video (1993 version), he's the only one of the Wiggles that's mentioned by name.

    • US Cover Song List Typos
      On the US DVD cover, the song list includes Sing A Song of Polly and excludes Wave to Wags, but the actual DVD excludes Sing A Song of Polly and adds Wave to Wags.

    • The song, "Marching Along" doesn't appear on the audio CD.

    • In the 1993 version, Anthony wears a green shirt. In "Uncle Noah's Ark", Anthony wears a white shirt, and Greg and Jeff wear white pants.

    • The studio version of Quack Quack makes its debut in the 1998 edition of "Wiggle Time". It's also titled as Captain Feathersword Fell Asleep On His Pirate Ship. It was previously featured in Wiggledance as a concert song and as a clip in The Wiggles Movie.

    • The "Here Comes a Bear" and "Rock-a-Bye Your Bear" 1993 clips are shown on Hot Potatoes! The Best of The Wiggles DVD as bonus features.

    • Clips from the original 1993 video can be found on "Celebrating 15 Years of Wiggly Fun", found on the DVD, "Wiggledancing! Live in the USA".

    • Background music
      When Greg does his coloring book magic trick:
      1993 version: Sing a Song of Polly is played in the background by Anthony and Jeff.
      1998 version: Magic Club Music, which later becomes the standard background song for Greg's magic trick performances.

      For the closing credits:
      1993 version: Get Ready to Wiggle (instrumental)
      1998 version: Henry's Dance (instrumental)

    • The concert footage on their 1998 video was from their concert at the Melbourne Sports and Entertainment Centre.

    • Family ties:
      Anthony's brother, Paul, plays the Dog Catcher.

    • The Wiggles mentioned on their website biography in the "Birth of the Skivvies" section that the children appearing in their first video (1993) were Anthony's nieces and nephews.


    • The Cockroaches

      "Dorothy the Dinosaur" is based on The Cockroaches' song "Another Saturday Night". The Cockroaches were an 1980s pop band that Jeff Fatt and Anthony Field, as well as Anthony's brother Paul Field, played in prior to forming The Wiggles. "Henry the Octopus" is also named after Jeff and Anthony's band-mate and drummer: Tony Henry.