The Wiggles

Season 1 Episode v5

Wiggledance! (AUS VIDEO-1997)

Aired Daily 4:30 PM Jun 01, 1997 on Hulu
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Wiggledance! (AUS VIDEO-1997)

This rare video houses concert footage of The Wiggles at the Seymour Centre on December 1996 with their friends Dorothy the Dinosaur, Wags the Dog, Henry the Octopus and Captain Feathersword.

Released in June 1997.

Song List:
1. Rock-a-Bye Your Bear
2. Can You Point Your Fingers and Do The Twist?
3. Dorothy the Dinosaur
4. Dorothy, Would You Like to Dance With Me?
4b. Vini, Vini (1st edition)
5. Wags the Dog
6. Quack, Quack
7. Wake Up Jeff!
8. Nya, Nya, Nya
9. Five Little Joeys
10. Baby Beluga
11. Let's Have a Dance with Henry
12. Romp Bomp a Stomp
13. Hot Potato
14. Get Ready to Wiggle


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Paul Paddick

Paul Paddick


Guest Star

Donna Halloran

Donna Halloran

Wags the Dog/Zookeeper

Guest Star

Leanne Halloran

Leanne Halloran

Henry the Octopus

Guest Star

Leanne Halloran

Leanne Halloran

Policewoman (Officer Beaples)

Recurring Role

Jeff Fatt

Jeff Fatt

Henry's Voice

Recurring Role

Leeanne Ashley

Leeanne Ashley

Dorothy the Dinosaur

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • At the end of "Nya, Nya, Nya", Captain Feathersword says "And a special clap to my little hearties, my little pirate mates" but the dancers are dressed in Irish dancing costumes.

    • The video footage for the closing song "Nya Nya Nya (reprise)" has an out of sequence event: when Greg is about to rejoin the group, it cuts briefly to Captain and Anthony joining hands and holding up their arms for the dancers to go under, but this part of the dance comes later.

    • Which guitar?
      During the guitar solo part of "Wake Up Jeff!", Murray is playing a Takamaine acoustic guitar but the music presented features an electric guitar.

    • The closing credits song list has "Vini Vini" in between the two Dorothy songs, although the actual program has "Vini Vini" after the two songs. It has a few typos such as "Tradd/Arr." in the "Vini Vini" listing, and "Can You (Point Your Fingers and Do the Twist?)" it has "A. Feild"

  • QUOTES (9)

    • Greg: Hello, and welcome to the show today. It's great to see everybody here. We're the Wiggles. I'm Greg.
      Murray: I'm Murray.
      Jeff: I'm Jeff.
      Anthony: And I'm Anthony. And since we're all here, why don't we sing some songs together?

    • Murray: Well, everyone. I was wondering. Do you know our friend Dorothy the Dinosaur?
      (Audience cheers.)
      Murray: You do? I thought you'd might. Well, you probably know that she's a big green dinosaur, and she loves to eat roses. But did you know that she loves to run around like this? (flails arms up and down while running in place to the beat of Jeff's keyboard sound.)
      Greg: H-h-h-h-hey! I like that Murray. Uh, can I try that?
      Murray: H-hey, Greg, you can try it.
      (Greg starts dancing like Murray.)
      Anthony: Can I try that too, Murray?
      Murray: Oh, Anthony. Why don't you try it? (to audience) Why don't we all try it? Let's all stand up and run around like Dorothy.
      Wiggles: (singing) It's fun, it's fun, to run like Dorothy. It's fun, it's fun toooo..r-run like Dorothy. Hey!
      (Audience applauds.)
      Murray: Oh! I almost forgot, I was going to tell you how we first met Dorothy the Dinosaur. Well, why don't we tell you in a song? Let's sing a song all about Dorothy the Dinosaur.
      (Song begins)
      Anthony: Here's a story of a not-so-scary dinosaur named Dorothy. And guess what? Heeeeeeere's Dorothy!
      (Audience cheers as Dorothy the Dinosaur arrives.)

    • Anthony: Hey, Dorothy, great dancing.
      Dorothy: Thank you.
      Anthony: Did you see everyone having a dance?
      Dorothy: Of course I did. Weren't they wonderful?
      Anthony: They were fantastic. But I've got one question for you, Dorothy.
      (Dorothy turns to audience and shrugs.)
      Anthony: Would like to dance with all of us?
      Dorothy: I'd love to do another dance with everyone!
      Anthony: Hohoho, that's great. But hang on a second, because we better ask everyone first. Guys, would you like to have another d… would you do another, uh, would you like... would you like...
      (Dorothy walks over to Greg.)
      Anthony: Would you like to have another dance with Dorothy?
      (The audience cheers.)
      Dorothy: (raises arms) Yeah!
      (Murray starts playing guitar for the song.)
      Anthony: (laughs) That's it.
      Dorothy: Come on, everybody. Let's dance.
      Anthony: Show us what to do, Dorothy. We'll sing along, too.

    • Murray: You know, it's always fun singing and dancing with Dorothy. But right now, we'd like everyone's help here.
      Anthony: Yeah.
      Murray: We're not gonna play any instruments on this next song. So we need everyone's help. And what we'd like you to do is to clap on your knees and hands. (the other Wiggles and the audience follow along) Knees, hands. Knees, hands. Knees, hands. This song is from a country called Sabah(?) and it's called Vini, Vini.

    • Greg: Murray, what's wrong there, mate?
      Murray: I'm feeling tired, everyone.
      Greg: (laughs) We can see that, Murray. But I guess what we actually should have asked you then is...
      Greg, Anthony and Jeff: Why are you so tired?
      Murray: Well, you see, last night there was a dog barking outside my window.
      Greg, Anthony and Jeff: A dog?
      Murray: Yes! And it kept me awake all night!
      Greg: No wonder are you so tired.
      (Wags the Dog arrives at the concert. The kids in the audience point and laugh at him. The other Wiggles laugh too.)
      Jeff: Hey, Murray.
      Murray: Yes, Jeff?
      Jeff: Was it a brown dog?
      Murray: Yes, Jeff, it was. It was brown.
      Jeff: Murray, did it have a long red tongue?
      Murray: Yes, Jeff, indeed.
      Jeff: Murray, is it about that tall?
      Murray: Jeff, how did you know he's about that tall?
      Jeff: Hey, Murray, did it look like a dog standing right behind you?
      Murray: Oh, yes. It looks just like that dog standing right behind...
      (Murray stops and sees Wags)
      Murray: (screams) Hey, everyone. It's Wags the Dog.
      Greg: Let's all say, "Woof" to Wags.
      Everyone: Woof, Wags.

    • Murray: Hey, Jeff. Are you awake now?
      Jeff: I'm awake now, Murray.
      Murray: Well, don't fall asleep again, Jeff. Because we (flaps his arms around and around like a windmill) ...nee-ee-e-ee-ee-ee-e-ee-ee-e-ee-ee-e-e-ee-ee-d... (points to Jeff) for the next song. Zingle zangle!
      Jeff: I won't... (flaps his arms around and around like a windmill) fa-aa-a-a-aaa-aa-a-aaa-aa-aa-a-aaaal... (points forwards) asleep again. I won't!
      Greg: Well, that's good, Jeff. That's jolly good.

    • Greg: Now please, Captain Feathersword. No more juggling.
      Captain Feathersword: No more juggling.
      Greg: No more dancing.
      Captain Feathersword: No more dancing.
      Greg: Just stand very, very still. Just stay right there, and I'll tell everybody what's going to happen. It won't take very long.
      Captain Feathersword: Okay, Greg.
      Greg: Thank you very much. (turns to audience while Captain Feathersword runs off the stage) Now, as I was about to say, it's a very, very special moment of the show.
      (Kids yelling.)
      Greg: He's what? He's gone? Well, where did he go?
      Captain Feathersword: (arrives riding on a unicycle) Whoa, ho, ho! Do, be, do, do, do, do.
      (Greg laughs while Captain sings the Nya Nya Nya song.)
      Greg: I said no juggling and no dancing. I didn't say anything about…
      Captain Feathersword: Wow! (flailing arms) Whoa! Whoa Greg! Woowww.
      (Captain yells as camera changes to his perspective as he approaches a backdrop. Camera changes to Captain crashing into the backdrop and falling backwards and flipping over once. )
      Greg: Oh dear, Captain, are you okay?
      Captain Feathersword: Oh. Yes, I think I am, Greg. (Greg helps Captain up while he staggers about. Anthony arrives with the unicycle.)
      Greg: Captain, Captain, are you alright?
      Captain Feathersword: (holds head briefly) Ooh, yes, I think I'm okay, Greg. But what about my bike? Is my bike okay?
      Anthony: Well, it seems to be broken. There's only one wheel.
      Greg: Oh, we better get it fixed then. See ya! (Anthony and Greg leave.)
      Captain Feathersword: Greg, while you get that fixed, how about I show everyone my special new dance. Here we go now, me hearties.

    • (Greg and Henry talk about Baby Beluga when Anthony arrives wearing a blue whale-tail on his back and holding a yellow one.)
      Anthony: Greg.
      Greg: Yes, Anthony.
      Anthony I've got a whale-tail. (gives tail to Greg)
      Greg: A whale-tail! Fantastic! I'll put that on, well. (Greg puts on his whale-tail on his back) Henry, we're going through a bit of trouble here to get ready for this song, you know, we're putting on the whale-tails. But, perhaps you could tell us, how long will this song take to sing, Henry?
      Henry: Ooh, I have to do some calculations. (Henry wanders around and mutters.) I'm looking at the clock on the floor.
      Greg: Yeah?
      (Henry mutters some more while a child shouts out, then stops.)
      Henry: Oh, I know! It'll take... a little whale?
      Greg: Oh..hahaha...a little whale.

    • Anthony: Well, we'd love to see how everyone dances to the next song. The great thing is you can make your own dance up. Dance any way you like as long as you wiggle. Because right now, it's time to wiggle!

  • NOTES (16)

    • Release History

      Fifth Wiggles Video.

      According to National Library of Australia, there are two different edition releases:

      AUS Original Release: June 1997 (Roadshow/ABC Video #100766, 46 minutes)
      AUS 2nd edition release: 1998. c1997 (Roadshow/ABC Video #100766, 46 minutes)

      This video was exclusive to Australia and has never been released overseas to the US or UK. It hasn't been released on DVD yet anyway.
      Ranked 4th in 1998 in the Australian Film Commission's Top 10 Children's retail video titles (VHS only).
      Went Multi-platinum (wholesale sales in excess of AUS$1.5 million) according to ABC's Annual Report for 1996-1997.
      Won Australian Video Software & Distributors Award (AVSDA) for Highest Selling Australian Video in 1997.

      The original release of this video has the song "Vini Vini" which came after "Dorothy Would You Like To Dance" but has since been removed in later editions.

    • Where is Vini Vini?

      According to former Wiggles member Phillip Wilcher, the song "Vini Vini" can be found on the first pressings of The Wiggles' self-titled debut album in 1991. Wilcher mentioned that the Wiggles thought the song was in the public domain but a French composer claimed it. It was originally listed in Wiggledance in 1997, but in later editions that retain the copyright 1997, the song was removed.

    • Song debuts:

      Vini, Vini - from The Wiggles' first album (see Notes)

      Quack, Quack - This concert version is sung in a lower pitch than the Wiggle Time 1998 version. It also features a cowbell providing background beat instead of the usual drums.

      Nya, Nya, Nya - this is mostly an instrumental song with the Nya sound repeated as the lyrics. It's also adapted from an old Irish folk song "I'll Tell Me Ma".

      Baby Baluga - This is a cover song originally done by children's songwriter Raffi. The Wiggles spell the title wrong, as it should be Baby Beluga, as in the white whale-like creature.

      Let's Have a Dance with Henry - Same as "Henry's Christmas Dance" but it uses the line "'Cause it's such a special day" instead of the actual "'Cause it's almost Christmas Day". This is also the first time Henry says his characteristic greeting phrase: Bree-bop!

    • Song Changes:
      Rock-A-Bye Your Bear - has trumpet intro instead of accordion intro which is heard on The Wiggles' first album released in 1991.
      Let's Have a Dance With Henry - reuses portions of Henry's Christmas Dance.

      These songs debuted with the live concert versions:
      Dorothy the Dinosaur
      Dorothy, Would You Like to Dance with Me?
      Wags the Dog
      Hot Potato
      Get Ready to Wiggle

    • Halloran School of Dance
      Leanne and Donna Halloran make appearances. Leanne plays the police officer later named as Officer Beaples in the series, and Donna plays the zookeeper during the "Dorothy the Dinosaur" song.

      Some of their dancers from the school are also featured for the first time:

      Cassandra and Jessica are the daughters of Donna Halloran, Emma and Sian Ryan are siblings. They perform as the Irish dancers on "Nya, Nya, Nya" and several other numbers. and later the clothes of different Wiggle colored shirts, overalls and caps on "Romp Bomp a Stomp", "Get Ready to Wiggle" and "Nya, Nya, Nya (Reprise)".

    • Family and Friends
      Paul Field and his family, including his three kids, Joseph, Clare and Dominic, are in the audience during the Wake Up Jeff song part where they say "Wake Up Jeff before the day's through" before Murray's guitar solo.

    • Carolyn Ferrie, who does Dorothy's voice, is credited as Voice Over. This is her first video where she voices Dorothy. Previously it was done by Emma Buter or Murray.

    • Additional Crew credits
      Sound Recording by Chris Brooks
      Art Direction by Keiran Usher
      Floor Mural by Graham Weir
      Steadicam Operator: Barry Armstrong
      Camera Operators: Peter Viskovich, Scott Preston
      Camera Assistants: Justin Field, Sam Collins
      Edited by Nick Pandoulis, Hattie Dalton
      Online Edit: Anthony Kavanagh
      Audio Mix: Alan Ferguson

    • Logo

      This video has the first appearances of the The Wiggles' new logo, but in its early stages.

      1. The logo is mixed with the clock on stage, with the letters "The" in blue. There are also dark outlines around all the letters.

      2. The logo appears on the VHS cover, but "The" has changed to a red color, and the border of the splotch is right on that word.

      3. The logo on the VHS cover for the clock picture is slightly different, having the word "The" completely inside the splotch.

      4. Depending on the video, the introduction of the video itself may also feature the current version of the logo, as seen on TV series 2 and Toot Toot, which removes the letter outlines and extends the splotch.

      The Wiggles are still wearing plain colored shirts, but on the video covers, they are wearing logos on their shirts. One of the camera operators also has it on his shirt.

    • This is the first time The Wiggles' website is posted in the credits

      Wiggles on the Internet

    • Captain Feathersword originally did the sword and hat gimmick in the "Yummy Yummy" 1994 video.

    • Instruments played

      Murray plays a red Takamine acoustic guitar on some on the songs. He plays an Epiphone Casino electric guitar on "Dorothy, Would You Like to Dance With Me?"

      Anthony plays Murray's red Takamine acoustic guitar on "Dorothy the Dinosaur". He does not play drums in this video.

      Jeff's keyboard is positioned in the back right corner of the stage, which is in contrast to his usual front and left center positions in his concerts with The Cockroaches and in the concert footage at the end of the Wake Up Jeff video.

      Jeff also plays an accordion for "Nya Nya Nya".

      Greg doesn't play any of the instruments.

      This is before The Wiggles endorsed Maton guitars.

    • On April 4, 2013, The Wiggles announced that the video was available on their online Wiggle Time TV service.

    • This is the first full length concert video put out by The Wiggles. It is also the first video to feature more than one song during the end credits.

    • Emma Watkins, who will be the Yellow Wiggle in the next generation of The Wiggles mentioned on the Ten news broadcast on May 18, 2012, that she saw The Wiggles at this venue and even appeared in the audience dancing with her sister.

    • Wags the Dog's costume has his belly flapping around but in promotional pictures, it's light brown and it doesn't flap around. This is also the first time the Wiggles greet him with "Woof, Wags".

      The Wiggles wear short-sleeved T-shirts. Greg's shirt is a lighter yellow than the goldenrod long-sleeved shirt he wore in the previous videos. Anthony used to wear a green short-sleeved polo shirt or a green long-sleeved T-shirt until Wake Up Jeff 1996 when he wore a long-sleeved blue shirt.


    • In the prologue for "Five Little Joeys", the Wiggles greet Murray, who is in a doctor's outfit, with the Bugs Bunny line "What's up, Doc?"