The Wiggles

Season 2 Episode v11

Wiggly, Wiggly World (VIDEO-2000)

Aired Daily 9:00 AM Jan 22, 2002 on Universal Kids

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  • A fabulous Wiggly remix of popular kid’s tunes from Australian music celebrities. Unoriginal, yet original too. Plus Old Wiggles Shows = Great Wiggles Shows

    Storyline – This mainly consists of musical guests who have written some popular children’s tunes and have redone them for the Wiggles. They also sing in the videos. Similar things were done in the later video Santa’s Rockin’.

    Songs – Since most of the songs aren’t originating from the Wiggles, they actually last longer than the 1-2 minute fare. But they are nice children’s songs that could be considered classics. Slim Dusty, Rolf Harris, Kamahl, Tim Finn, Jimmy Little, and Atsuko Arai all get a great spotlight on the children’s show. My little one really loves the countdown video One Little Coyote, especially when Murray and a kid are dressed as owls.

    Dances – With the Halloran dance studio running the show, you get a nice mix of choreographed dances that kids can try at various skills levels up to what the older girls and Ben Murray can do. The best dancing I’ve seen from the Wiggles in a long while is in Slim Dusty’s song, given that most videos they just run around.

    Children - Not only do they dance along but they do get involved in most of the videos. Sometimes the bigger dancers overshadow the smaller ones, but they do get decent appearance time especially Clare. Taba Naba is a favorite for those who enjoy just sitting down and moving their arms. And there’s a boy in a chair that shows that special needs folks can wiggle dance too!

    Skits – Hardly any, they’re mainly used to set up the songs. Just Murray’s starry sky one (been there done that), and Captain Feathersword’s rosy tea silliness stand out.

    Mascots - About average. Dorothy gets a song. Henry doesn’t get much time.

    Overall - worth a rental at the library, and a longer stay if you really like the guest vocals collection.