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The Wiggles

Season 1 Episode v2

Yummy Yummy (VIDEO-1994,1998)

Aired Daily 4:30 PM Unknown on Hulu
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Episode Summary

Yummy Yummy (VIDEO-1994,1998)
This video features 14 "ooey, gooey, squishy, squashy songs" from the Wiggles when there were mostly filming with the Halloran Dance studio.

1998 Song List
1. Hot Potato
2. D.O.R.O.T.H.Y. (My Favorite Dinosaur)
3. Pufferbillies
 4. Henry's Dance
5. Walk
6. Joannie Works With One Hammer
7. The Monkey Dance
8. Crunchy Munchy Honey Cakes
9. Shaky Shaky
10a. Teddy Bear Hug (Australian version)
10b. Can You (Point Your Finger and Do the Twist)? (Puppets) (American and UK version)
11. Havenu Shalom Alachem
12. I Am A Dancer
13a. Numbers Rhumba (Australian version)
13b. Go Captain Feathersword, Ahoy! (Puppets) (American and UK version)
14. Fruit Salad

1994 Song List
1. Hot Potato
2. Shaky Shaky
3. Teddy Bear Hug
4. D.O.R.O.T.H.Y., My Favourite Dinosaur
5. I am a Dancer
6. Crunchy Munchy Honey Cakes
7. Numbers Rhumba
8. Joannie Works With One Hammer
9. The Monkey Dance
10. Henry's Dance
11. Walk
12. Dorothy's Birthday Partymoreless

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    Paul Hester

    Paul Hester

    Chef (Paul the cook) - 1998

    Guest Star

    Anthony Field

    Anthony Field

    Captain Feathersword (1994 Version)

    Guest Star

    Murray Cook

    Murray Cook

    Dorothy's Voice (1994 Version)

    Guest Star

    Edward Rooke

    Edward Rooke

    Wags the Dog

    Recurring Role

    Jeff Fatt

    Jeff Fatt

    Henry's Voice

    Recurring Role

    Leeanne Ashley

    Leeanne Ashley

    Dorothy the Dinosaur

    Recurring Role

    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (6)

      • The 1994 version of "Henry's Dance" was most likely filmed with chroma key (green screen) background techniques as Anthony is wearing a white long-sleeve shirt instead of a green one, and the background shows film footage of fish swimming near the ocean reefs. There is a faint white outline around each of the Wiggles, especially Murray, and no shadows being cast onto the background.

      • The 1998 Australian re-release of this video included the songs "Teddy Bear Hug" and "Numbers Rhumba." However, in the American and UK versions, they were both cut and replaced by the puppet songs "Can You (Point Your Fingers and Do the Twist)?" (aka Wigglemix), and "Go Captain Feathersword, Ahoy!" respectively.

      • Wags the Dog appears in the 1998 version, but not the 1994 version.

      • During "Wigglemix," part of the puppeteer's head appears when the puppets turn around.

      • Havenu Shalom Alechem is a VERY popular Jewish song that means "we brought peace to you"

      • Instruments played in the 1998 version

        Jeff plays the Hofner bass guitar on "The Monkey Dance".

    • QUOTES (14)

      • (The Wiggles are making Fruit Salad.)
        Anthony: And Jeff, what are you doing over there?
        Jeff: I've peeled a banana!
        (Jeff flops open a pre-peeled banana for everyone to see.)
        All: Beauty, mate!

      • (The Wiggles are with Paul the cook.)
        Murray: What have you got here, Paul?
        Paul: Well, I've got some cold spaghetti.
        Anthony: Ooh! Cold Spaghetti. Wiggly Spaghetti.
        Paul: And I've got some mashed banana.
        Greg: Oh! Ooey, gooey, squishy, squashy, mashed banana.
        Paul: And I got some hot potatoes.
        (Each Wiggle gets a hot potato, quickly bouncing it in his hands.)
        Wiggles: Oooh! They're hot! Ooh!
        (The Wiggles puts the hot potatoes back on the tray)
        Greg: Well, let's sing a sing all about hot potatoes, cold spaghetti and mashed banana. Keep an eye out for Captain Feathersword. He loves eating everybody's food.

      • Greg: We're gonna do some shaking, but first we need to get into our shaking clothes.
        Jeff: I got a great idea for some shaking clothes. (leaves)
        Anthony: Wa-hoo! I got a great idea for some shaking clothes, too. (leaves)
        Greg: Wa-hee! I got a great idea for some shaking clothes. (leaves)
        (Murray shrugs and leaves behind a wall. Later, the Wiggles have returned with Elvis costumes on. Jeff has his accordion, Anthony has his acoustic guitar and Murray has his bass guitar.)
        Jeff: I got my shaking clothes.
        Anthony: (Elvis accent) I got my shaking clothes.
        Greg: I got my shaking clothes.
        Murray: Are you ready to shake? Let's all shake together!

      • Jeff: We're making Crunchy Munchy Honey Cakes. And we have our friend Paul the Cook here to help us. Captain Feathersword's also here.
        Captain Feathersword: I love Crunchy Munchy Honey Cakes.
        Greg: Yes, Captain. But we're making more Crunchy Munchy Honey Cakes. So you can have some later.
        Captain Feathersword: Okay, Greg.
        Murray: We got some milk, some flour, some Muesli Flakes and some honey. They're the ingredients. We also got some spoons, a rolling pin and some baking trays.
        Greg: A little bit later, we'll need to use the oven. Always make sure you have an adult there when you cook, especially when you use the oven.

      • (After the song, "Joannie Works with One Hammer")
        Anthony: Wake up, everybody. The song is over. Isn't that great?
        Thomas: Wake up, Jeff.
        Anthony: You're right, Thomas. Look at Jeff. He's always falling asleep. We better wake Jeff up. Are you ready? One, two, three…
        Wiggles and kids: Wake up, Jeff!
        (Jeff wakes up and starts bouncing around.)
        Jeff: Ooh, ooh, ah, ah. Ooh, ooh, ah, ah.
        Anthony: Jeff, what are you doing?
        Jeff: I dreamt that I was a monkey. And I was doing a monkey dance just like this. Ooh, ooh, ah, ah. Ooh, ooh, ah, ah.

      • Greg: There's lots of different ways to say hello. In Italian, Ciao.
        Murray: In French, Bonjour.
        Jeff: In Japanese you say, Konichiwa.
        Anthony: In Hebrew, Shalom means hello. It also means peace. So Shalom Alechem, everybody.

      • Murray: We had a great time today.
        Greg: We hope you had a lot of fun, too.
        Anthony: We'll see you again soon.
        Jeff: Bye-bye from the Wiggles.
        (The Wiggles all wave goodbye and wiggling their fingers to the camera.)

      • (1994 version - The Wiggles introduce themselves and John the Cook.)
        Murray: What have you got there, John?
        John: I got some cold spaghetti.
        Anthony: (picks up spaghetti with spoon) Cold spaghetti. Oh, look at that. (shaking spoon) It's all wiggly spaghetti.
        John: And mashed bananas.
        Greg: (holds fork with mashed bananas in a bowl) Yes, and there some bananas here to be mashed up allll ooey gooey, squishy squashy.
        John: And these are hot potatoes.
        Murray: Hot potatoes. Wow. (picks up potato from serving dish and tosses it briefly) Ooh, ooh! Hot, hot! (tosses potato to Jeff)
        Jeff: (catching potato and tossing it to Anthony) Ouch!
        Anthony: (catching potato and tossing it to Greg) Ooh hoo, it is hot!
        Greg: (catching potato) Ooh. OW! You're right. It's very hot. We'll put that back. (puts potato back in bowl and then faces camera) So let's sing that song all about (making gestures of each of the food items with the other Wiggles and John) hot potatoes, cold spaghetti and mashed banana. But make sure you watch out for Captain Feathersword because he loves eating everybody's food.

      • (1994 Version)
        (Jeff wears a Dorothy hat while he puts on a Dorothy tail.)
        Anthony: (walking in and talking to camera) Hello. We're getting ready to meet our friend Dorothy the Dinosaur.
        (Jeff walks to Anthony while holding an extra Dorothy tail ready to put that on him.)
        Anthony: (moves back and forth while Jeff misses) She's a (miss) really friendly dinosaur, Dorothy. And (miss) whenever the Wiggles go and sing and play, our friend Dorothy the Dinosaur comes with us. (miss) And do you know what she sings? She sings (miss) "Romp-Bomp-a-Chomp. Hey! Romp-Bomp-a-Chomp. (miss) Hey!" That's great. Except, I'd better tell you something else about Dorothy. Well, she loves...
        (Jeff puts the Dorothy tail around Anthony's waist and giggles.)
        Anthony: Huh? I've got a…I've got a dinosaur tail?
        (Jeff giggles again and then picks up a Dorothy hat to put on Anthony.)
        Anthony: Oh, well, anyway, Dorothy, she loves gardens, because she eats (miss) roses all the time. She (miss) loves roses; she eats them (miss) day in and (miss) day out Dorothy. Well, I'll tell you what: (stops moving) why don't we meet our friend Dorothy the Dinosaur? She's our favorite...
        (Jeff finally puts the hat on Anthony, blocking his face.)
        Anthony: ...Dinosaur.
        (Jeff chuckles hard.)

      • (1994 version)
        (Captain Feathersword has been having trouble putting on his hat and holding his sword without dropping one or the other.)

        Greg: I've got an idea. I've got a great idea. How about this time, we'll help you out. We'll hold the hat above your hair. Then all you have to do is jump up into the hat.
        (Greg and Murray hold the hat over Captain's head.)
        Captain Feathersword: Oh, that's a great idea! I'll just jump up into the hat. Oh, big jump from Captain Feathersword. I'm a really good jumper; here we go. (jumps up into the hat, but as he lands, the hat is still held above his head) See?
        Greg: Uh, Captain Feathersword, the hat's not on your head. It's still back here. Uh, you didn't jump high enough.
        Captain Feathersword: Oh, well, I'll have to jump a little bit higher. Here we go. Big jump. (jumps up into the hat again but it still doesn't work – of course Murray and Greg were raising the hat at the same time.)
        Greg: Uh, Captain Feathersword, the hat's still not on your head. It's back here.
        Captain Feathersword: Ho um... (to camera) Oh me hearties, maybe you can help me. If you count to three, that will make me jump higher. Are you ready? (counting along with Greg and Murray) One, two, three. (jumps up into the hat and makes it)
        Greg: Wow! How about a clap for Captain Feathersword jumping into his hat.
        (Greg and Murray applaud.)

      • Greg: We're having a surprise birthday party for Dorothy. So we must be very careful not to tell her about the party or we might ruin the surprise. Now we're just getting everything ready for the party. (walks over and points to the presents) We got the presents here.
        Anthony: Oh no!
        Greg, Murray and Jeff: Oh what?!?
        Anthony: I forgot to get Dorothy a present!
        Greg, Murray and Jeff: Oh no!
        Anthony: Oh, what will I do? Oh, I know! I'll get her a hat and I'll decorate it. (runs off)
        Greg: Great idea.

      • Dorothy: Do you know what special day it is today?
        Murray: Oh yes!
        Jeff: It's your birthday today.
        Everyone: Happy Birthday, Dorothy!
        Dorothy: Ohhh, thank you, thank you. Are you going to give me a birthday party?
        Greg: (while Lucy, Jeff, and Murray make shushing gestures to the camera) A birthday party? Oh, no no no, Dorothy, we didn't even think about a party. Sorry. (shrugs)
        Dorothy: (droops head and makes weeping gesture) Oh, how sad. I think I'm gonna go into the garden and fall in the roses there.
        Greg: (comforting Dorothy) Oh, there, there, Dorothy. It'll be alright.

      • Jeff: (off-camera) Hey, that was great. That was really good.
        (Greg, Murray, Anthony, Dorothy, Henry and the kids are all asleep.)
        Jeff: What? They're asleep? (turns and looks at the others sleeping) Oh no! Wake up, Wiggles! Wake up! (turns to camera) They always do this.

      • (Greg, Murray, Jeff and Lucy are writing on Dorothy's birthday card when they spot Captain Feathersword eating the birthday cake.)
        Murray: Captain Feathersword, are you eating Dorothy's birthday cake?!?
        Captain Feathersword: (with cake all over his face) Oh, no. I wasn't eating the cake.
        Greg: Captain Feathersword, you've got cake all over your face.
        Captain Feathersword: All over my face? Oh, I'll have a... (touching a piece of frosting on his hand) Oh! (chuckles) So it happened! I don't know how that got there. I won't eat any more cake, no.

    • NOTES (10)

      • Release History

        Second Wiggles Video ever.
        Album release: 1994
        Original release: October 1994 (Roadshow/ABC Video #14480), 40 minutes
        Re-recorded release: 1998 (Roadshow/ABC Video #101409), 36 minutes
        UK VHS release: March 29, 1999 (Walt Disney Home Video, #610824) same time as Wiggle Time.
        US VHS release: August 1, 2000 (Lyons/Hit Ent. #2511) US DVD release: February 4, 2003 (Lyons/Hit Ent. #24017)

        UK DVD release as twin-pack with Toot Toot: 2005 (Hit Ent. #41800), runtime 93 mins (80 mins feature). Australian DVD (Roadshow/ABC #1014109) features Wiggle Time from 1998 and Yummy Yummy from 1998.

      • Audio releases
        ABC Music (cassette and CD): 1994-1995
        Hit Entertainment (CD): August 1, 2000
        Koch Records (CD): June 24, 2003

      • Song Notes
        This Note will document where the new songs can be found on their albums.

        1994 songs
        1. Hot Potato - Yummy Yummy
        2. Shaky Shaky - Yummy Yummy
        3. Teddy Bear Hug - Big Red Car
        4. D.O.R.O.T.H.Y., My Favourite Dinosaur – Yummy Yummy
        5. I am a Dancer – Big Red Car
        6. Crunchy Munchy Honey Cakes - Yummy Yummy
        7. Numbers Rhumba - Yummy Yummy
        8. Joannie Works With One Hammer - This song was released as "Johnny Works With One Hammer" on their debut album in 1991. The Johnny version is the original lyric of the children's song.
        9. The Monkey Dance - Yummy Yummy
        10. Henry's Dance - Big Red Car
        11. Walk - Yummy Yummy
        12. Dorothy's Birthday Party – originally featured on their 1992 album Here Comes a Song. This version contains video specific lyrics such as "Lucy was hanging her streamers" and "Captain Feathersword the Pirate taking Dorothy's cake." and removes the references to different kinds of dinosaurs attending the party. The lyric "I for one mom and dad will play" is replaced with "Everybody's playing party games."

        1998 version Song Notes
        3. Pufferbillies - Big Red Car
        10b. Can You (Point Your Finger and Do the Twist)? (Puppets) (American and UK version) – The Wiggles Movie soundtrack
        11. Havenu Shalom Alachem – Wake Up Jeff!
        13b. Go Captain Feathersword, Ahoy! (Puppets) (American and UK version) – Unknown
        14. Fruit Salad – Yummy Yummy
        Fruit Salad did not have a proper video in the Yummy Yummy 1994 version, but did have one in 1998. It was on the Yummy Yummy album but was also featured in their 1993 Wiggle Time video.

        CD Notes:

        The CD includes the additional songs.
        1. Willaby Wallaby Woo
        2. Come On Let's Jump
        3. Fais Do Do
        4. Ponies
        5. Shake Your Sillies Out
        6. Would You Giggle
        7. Butterflies Flit
        8. Where Is Thumbkin?
        9. Veil
        10. Yawn, Yawn, Yawn

      • The 1994 version marks the first video where The Wiggles introduce themselves by their individual names, and the first time Anthony and Murray's names are mentioned. In their 1993 Wiggle Time video, only Greg and Jeff were referred to by name.

      • The 1994 version of "Walk" shows the Wiggles walking and running in a line with a yellow background, just like the cover of their Here Comes a Song album released in 1992, except that the album cover includes Dorothy the Dinosaur drawn in.

      • Background music
        The instrumental song, "Magic Club Music" is heard during Greg's magic trick: The Box of Mystery.

      • The songs by The Wiggle Puppets were originally played on the "Dorothy the Dinosaur and Friends" video in Australia.

        The 1994 intro and Hot Potato song can be seen as a 15th anniversary extra on the Wiggledancing: Live in the USA video.

      • On the puppet video for "Can You Point Your Fingers and Do the Twist?" the lyrics and themes were also borrowed from the following songs:

        Rock-A-Bye Your Bear
        It's a Pirate Party on the Goodship Feathersword
        Hot Potato
        Fruit Salad

        Dorothy also uses her catchphrase "This is fun!" which was popularized in her song Dorothy, Would you like to dance with me?

      • Family and Friends
        In the 1994 version, John the Cook was played by John Patrick Field, who is Anthony's father. Captain Feathersword was played by Anthony, but in the first video, he is played by John William Field, who is Anthony's brother.
        Jacqueline Fallon and Vanessa Fallon Rohanna are sisters. Jacqueline later marries John William Field.

        In the 1998 version, Paul the Cook was played by Crowded House band member, Paul Hester.

      • 1998 Additional Cast
        Young Children: Dominic Field, Ceili Moore, Tara Fitzgerald, Josephine Perez, Thomas Holloway, Sophie Holloway, Christopher Powel, Ned Pike, Freya Pike

        Additional Cast and Crew Notes for 1994 version
        Vanessa the Dancer – Sue McAuley
        Dorothy's Helpers – Sue McAuley, Jacqueline Fallon
        Henry's Helpers – Vanessa Fallon Rohanna, Darren Phillips
        John the Cook – John Patrick Field
        Captain Feathersword's Helper – John William Field
        Lucy Fixit – Vanessa Fallon Rohanna

        Thanks to all the children and parents:
        Michael, Kathleen, Christopher and Andrew Lawrence;
        Peter, Lorraine, Julia and Yvette Martinovich;
        Kay Ritchie;
        Sophie, Sam, Claire and Jane Pickels;
        Brandon Johnson;
        Patricia Zavitto;
        Nicholas, Maureen and Raymond Hull;
        Sarah Al Amri;
        Meg Munro and Georgia Munro-Cook;
        Paul, Pauline, Clare, Luke, Joseph and Dominic Field;
        Roger, Mario, Sofia, Leonardo and Anthony Silvestrini;
        Tony, Wendy, Timothy and James Rioseco.

        Producers: John Spence and Phil Cullen
        Director: Tim Finlay

    • ALLUSIONS (1)

      • Elvis Presley
        1. In "Shaky Shaky," they change into glittery white Elvis costumes
        2. Anthony says his line "I've got my shaking clothes." with an Elvis-like intonation.
        3. Some of the Shaky moves resemble Elvis Presley's most well known dance moves.