The Wil Wheaton Project

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The Wil Wheaton Project

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In this 2014 summer series, cult icon Wil Wheaton takes on the weekly news in science fiction, fantasy, and horror. Because on a network that is trying to combine a shark with an earthquake, who's going to stop him?

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  • Ah Wil, I knew you when

    I actually knew Wil many years ago, and I still like him. He does a lot of very clever and interesting stuff, especially his writing. Unfortunately, this show isn't his best effort. He comes off snarky and trite, he's better than that. I hope SyFy can find a better outlet for his talents.
  • funky 70's music???

    Wil Wheaton is presented as being au fait and the oh so great oracle of information both: Hollywood and Sci-Fi.

    But in his very first episode of this programme he uses the term: that funky weird 70's music.

    IT has a real name/definition: boom shakalaka aka 'the hand clap' background music...

    IF he does not know this basic term... He lost all credibility as a pseudo-stand up sci-fi comedian.

    Get a DESK and stop standing, that is SO 1965. And you doing it will not make it popular.

    A totally ad hoc programme created to boast the ego of WW. Go back to being gorilla big part actor on The Big Bang Theory!moreless
  • Falling Skies

    For 2 years, Wheaton was the MC for the Falling Skies supplemental webshow "2nd Watch". This season of Falling Skies, there is no more "2nd Watch" show. TNT really dropped the ball on its show. But even stranger still, Wheaton has mentioned just about every new Scifi show on this summer *except* Falling Skies! He even mentioned other shows on TNT like "The Last Ship". But no Falling Skies. Does anyone know what's up with that??? How come Skies is being 100% snubbed on Wheaton's show??? This seems vey bizarre to me!!moreless
  • Just fail

    High school sarcasm delivered by an unfunny, unlikable, pretentious cardboard scripted douche.
  • I really don't know why I watch this show...

    The jokes aren't funny, and his delivery is just horrible.

    Syfy Cancels The Wil Wheaton Project

    Though the network has yet to officially announce its decision to not move forward with the freshman talk show, Wheaton blogged about receiving the bad news on Friday.

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