The Wild Thornberrys

Season 1 Episode 14

Flight of the Donnie

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Nov 17, 1998 on Nickelodeon

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  • Donnie a Baby bird and Debbie works with Nigel in looking for a condor-yes,this was a real episode.

    Marryann is sick with a cold.

    meaning Eilza has to take care of her and Debbie takes over fliming.

    Darwin can't use a jucier,Donnie-of course-cause a mess,a mess which includes syrp and feathers.

    Eliza kicks Donnie out and a mother Condor finds him.

    meanwhile Debie is trying to liv'n up Nigel's show,but of course,he doesn't get it.

    Eliza and Darwin climb the moutain for him(Darwin doesn't get why) and they hear a noise in a cave(yes,it's important)

    The mother condor won't giev Donnie up thinking he's her baby-
    i may be endangered but i'm not stupid!

    during one point Darwin plays dead,doesn't work.

    Eliza trys to lure Donnie to her

    Debbie and Nigel are almost killed in Rock Slide.

    Condor mom teaches Donnie to fly...Eliza stops that.

    Condor is sad when she finds out Donnie is human but is happy when Eliza finds her baby-
    mother Condor-who's mama's little bone-picker!?
    baby condor-i am
    Darwin crys.

    Eliza makes Marryann a cake-Get Well Soon

    Debbie now hates condors,suprise.

    Marryann flims Mother Condor behind Debbie.

    Eliza thinks she lost Donnie again but he just destroys cake.