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The Wild Thornberrys

Season 1 Episode 1

Flood Warning

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Sep 01, 1998 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

When the Thornberrys are forced to spend the night in the middle of the savanna, Eliza seizes the opportunity to go hunting with a pride of lions--only to discover that Debbie is about to become a midnight snack!

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  • it was so funny

    i remeber this so well.Nigel and Marryann wanted shots of Africa moving,Eliza wanted to see lions.

    So Debbie dirves the Conve while Nigel and Marryann where on top.

    Marryann-so your sure you can handle this?

    Debbie-duh,i drove grandma's 64dart at like 14.

    Marryann-you WHAT!

    Debbie-i..uh...its a figure of speach.

    but Debbie's chewing gum messy up the brakes,right during a storm,which turns into a flood.they lose the Conve and have to camp out.Nigel trys to makea cabalito,which everyone thinks is suspose to be a hut.Eliza still thinks she can see lions,Donnies wearing a werid stick costume,Debbie...

    Debbie-dad has finally lost it

    Marryann-should it look like that.

    Nigel-yes its a cabalito

    Marryann-right,but does it need to has those little brissly things?

    Nigel-of coruse,its a cabalito

    so while the parnets sleep Eliza goes to find lions and Debbie loks for the first Eliza finds a male lion which chases her til she finds 2 lionesses.meanwhile Darwin and Donnie go looking for her.wanting to prove she can be with them the lionesses put her throw a test,hunting.

    they pick a simple target,Debbie.

    Lioness1-hmm,there's a little meat on that one.

    Lioness2(to eliza)-and your in luck,she looks tired.(Debbie proucessand out her shoe)

    Lioness2-don't worry its easy once you break the skin(her tooth shines)

    (scence-just Debbie's face)

    Eliza-RRRRRRRRRRRRAAAA(jumps on Debbie,whispers in her ear)

    Eliza-when i say go,run,this is not a test

    Debbie-whats with you are you serious?

    Lioness1-she maybe small but shes got spunk

    (Donnie and Darwin run over to them,Darwin pulls Eliza off Debbie)

    Darwin-you cam all the way out here just to fight?

    the lions chase after them,Nigel and Marryann find put their all gone.

    In the end they(Debbie,Darwin,Donnie,Eliza)are on the cabalito(which is relly a boat)and they find the Conve.

    Debbie-it didn't burst into flames!

    Marryann-burst into flames?

    Debbie-like Grandma's 64dart...opps.moreless
Tim Curry

Tim Curry

Nigel Thornberry

Lacey Chabert

Lacey Chabert

Eliza Thornberry

Jodi Carlisle

Jodi Carlisle

Marianne Thornberry

Danielle Harris

Danielle Harris

Debbie Thornberry (voice)

Tom Kane

Tom Kane




Donnie Thornberry

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