The Wild Thornberrys

Season 4 Episode 6

Hot Air

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Jun 01, 2002 on Nickelodeon

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  • Debbie makes me laugh so hard in this, and the Eliza thing was really sad too.

    Okay, so they're in New Zeland, and Debbie falls for this guy, who is a "mowee" (can't spell) who cares for his family. Debbie pretends she loves her family to bits, and starts acting all lovey-dovey which is hillarious. Meanwhile, Eliza and Darwin are going to go on a hot air balloon, but they fall out, and Eliza befriends a possum named Penelope. However, Eliza trips over the balloon string thing holding it down to the ground, Penelope jumps out of the balloon, and Eliza is flying high in the air with no control over the balloon. Brave Darwin comes to her rescue, but I wanted to kill Penelope. :P

    In the end, Darwin and Eliza make it back, Debbie and her friend admit they were both lying to impress each other, and everything works out in the end. Amazing episode.

    B+ Grade
  • Some corrections to the episode summary!

    Finally an episode of something set in New Zealand! Yay! It's nice to be noticed! But the episode summary (which for some reason I can't edit) is very very wrong. Research, people! It is infinitely simple to look up New Zealand culture on the internet. The name of the indigenous people of New Zealand is 'Maori' not 'Mahri' (and Maori is the collective noun, never put an s on the end) and the 'Hui' not 'hooey' is a meeting not a celebration. It's no big deal, but it is nice to get things right and also to know something about other cultures. Think of the pub quizzes that you could win with that info!
  • it was kinda like the one where Eliza teased Darwin and he wanted to prove he was a real animal.

    i wasn't to found of what happened to Eliza and Darwin but the thing with Debbbie was funny.

    Debbie met this cute guy that seemed really into his family and nature so she just let Donnie ruin her stuff in front of her.
    Cute guy*don't remeber his name*-isn't that ur chimp?
    Debbie-he's more like a brother.

    please,she hates Darwin.

    it's not really a hate but it's also not a friendship or love.
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