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  • Sonic

  • One of my all time favorites!!! :)

    The Wild Thornberrys was one of the best cartoons they ever had!! :) I am sad it is gone :|

    My grandfather used to love The Wild Thornberrys. We use to watch it all the time together. Ah, good times! :) I loved everything about it. It had cool story lines, awesome characters, and the animation was great. The Wild Thornberrys also had tons of geography displayed to learn. You can actually learn about geography and nature in this show. That's why this show is, was and always will be awesome :)
  • An old show that still is fun to watch

    The show was original, it had characters that looked slightly crude but still enjoyable, it had decent plot lines. Man, what more could you want in a good show?
  • A good show.

    It was a good show.
  • Great idea

    Original. Good.
  • Stupid, boring, lame, repetitive, unfunny, idiotic, and uninteresting, and no I am not naming the 7 dwarfs.

    The Wild Thornberrys sounded like a really good cartoon, but failed to hold its hype. The show centers around a girl named Eliza Thornberry who travels with her family around the world to tape exotic animals for television. Eliza though has a great secret she can talk to animals, but can never tell anyone at all. With her powers, and the help of her animal monkey friend Darwin they go on adventures. Now at first it sounds actually pretty decent, and could suck you into seeing this show, but after seeing it the show will fail to hold your attention to this show. Most of the characters on this show are terrible, and lack any depth or development at all. Darwin is supposed to be comedy relief, but fails most of the time. Donny is a pointless member of the family who tries to be funny, but is not at all, and he doesn't contribute anything to the plots than to be comedy relief. Nigel and Marianne are the parents and they were OK, but were barely in the plots most of the time, and were too busy filming some animal. Tyler Tucker is Eliza's rival, but he is very annoying and a brat, but thankfully he didn't last long in the show. Kip & Biedermann were run of the mill villains who wanted to destroy the environment for no reason, and just to be evil. Debbie is a stereotypical teenage girl, but believe it or not there is a reason for this. Debbie has to deal with her crazy and nomadic family, and has to put up with Eliza and Donny's antics. Despite all the stuff that happens to her she gives love and generosity when things go bad. So despite her complaining she is actually the only good character on this show. Eliza though has got to be one of, if not, the worst protagonist to ever be on a cartoon. She acts like she's a God with her powers, and acts very snobbish and rude. She is always pushing away Darwin even when he's trying to be helpful, and takes her love of animals too far. In one episode a health inspector in India was quarantining animals because of diseases. The writers want us to think that he's a bad guy, but in reality was trying to help India. Some diseases do come form animals look at The Black Plague for a good example. She also breaks the rules all the time, and yet somehow avoids punishment. Despite her attempts to help the animals though she always makes the situation worse, and the only way she overcomes the situation is through some very convenient plot devices. She's not a hero she's just a girl who gets through bad situations by sheer luck only not skill. The animals are no better at all though, and are stereotyped with standards of good and evil. The Thornberrys' mode of transportation, a huge RV, has got to be one of the most unbelievable vehicles to be shown. The RV has pretty much everything and some of the features it has defies physics. In one episode the RV turned deployed a raft around the vehicle, and it floats. I would like to see the Mythbusters try that out. It's not possible at all for a vehicle to do that at all, and it's an RV. I can forgive the fact it's a cartoon, but that's jumping the shark. The plots are boring and are usually about saving an animal, and very rarely did an episode not have one about saving an animal. The humor is very weak in this show. Most of the jokes are been there done that on other cartoons that did them better, and Darwin got very little laughs from me. The artwork is OK, but some of the characters, like Eliza, are drawn freakishly. The animation though is very smooth in the show. The Wild Thornberrys sounded really good, but to me it didn't live up to the hype it had. This show was trying to promote environmentalism, but it just didn't work, and is forgettable.
  • This is way better than fanboy and chum chum, that stupid show can leave nickelodeon FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!


    You know, for all people who like fanboy and chum chum better than wild thornberrys, go kill yourselves. Fanboy and chum chum is the REAL worse show. It's gotta be the worst show ever oh my god *pukes*. Compared to that stupidfanboy and chum chum, wild thornberrysiswayyyyyyyyywayyyyyyyyyywayyyyyyyyywayyyyyyyyyyyy better than that stupid crap retarded stupid-boy and dumb dumb. Look at it, I mean, look, fanboy and chum chum is REALLY REALLY retarded. Wild thornberrys is way more awesome than that stupid retarded, dumb, show. Anyways, wild thornberrys is about a 12 year old girl going to talk to animals. Along with her 16 year old sister, she goes with her, along with her mom and dad, and there's a crazy guy that's called donnie thornberry. And also, there's a chimpanzee that's called nigel thornberry. I would like to see the thornberrys kill the stupid guys named stupid-boy and crap crap.

    My rating: 10

  • A Bridge too far Literally.

    My 53rd Review after: "Bob the Builder"

    From the Creators of the Rugrats made by Klasky Csupo, Comes a Boring Show of it known as The Wild Thornberries. It's about some dumb Dorky ugly 12 year little Gal named Eliza who has the Ablitty to talk to Animals, She has a Bratty Older sister Debbie, A brainless Monkey That they found, dwerian, an Annoying Orphan Brother that he found the Thornberry Family Donnie, An Snobby Mother AND an Ugly Father. This cartoon has No point to Exist on Nick and it's Utter Ugly. This cartoon gets a D--. Here the Results:

    Voice-acting: B 7.0/10.0 Eliza's Voice is good. But all the rest are Bratty, Whiny and Annoying.

    Animation: F-- 2.3/10.0 Ugly!! Oh my gosh! The backgrounds Don't even have many Colors!!!

    Graphics: D-- 4.0/10.0 Better then the Animation but still very ugly.

    Sound: C 6.0/10.0 This cartoon has African Music. It's not that bad though.

    Dialouge: F 3.0/10.0 Very Annoying.

    Lasting Appeal: F-- 1.5/10.0 This cartoon S-T-I-N-K-S Literally.

    Overall: D-- 4.0/10.0 Pray you do not watch a Re-run of this cartoon. Stay away from this ugly cartoon. Aviod it at all costs If you see it on TV, Just Change the dang channel! AVOID IT I say!
  • Boring...

    This show is about a girl named Eliza Thornberry who thinks that she is like god because she has a power to talk to animals. There are some things I don't like about this show at all. First of all the episodes get repeative because the plots are like the same for example, Eliza talks to an animal and the animal says that theres like something going wrong in the place where the animal is living. But then Eliza tries to help the animal but she sometimes makes the situations worst. Overall this show is not that great at all, I didn't laugh at any moments because this show is so repeative that makes this show boring and not funny it's like a educational cartoon show but worse but hey at least it's not like Teletubbies or Dora the Explorer, those shows are even more worse than this. If you haven't seen this show don't watch it because you'll get bored but if you like animals so much then this might be a great show for you but I don't know if you'll enjoy it though.
  • The Wild Thornberrys was a great show for all ages

    the Wild Thornberrys was one of my personal favorite shows i have seen. not only was it a great show it also taught you about animals such as... Elephants and Hyena's it was one of the best shows. and the lead can talk to animals was a good idea to get the animals perspective on things. the whole Thornberry family was fun to watch as they were insightful i miss the wild Thornberrys and i hope that they make more episodes of it with way more animals and new locations to go to (even though they have been to like nearly every continent) lol.
  • Great!

    I liked the plot of this show with a girl learning how to talk to animals. I like Eliza.

    Eliza- the main protagonist. She can talk to animals (best friend is a monkey named Darwin).

    Her parents are cool, Tim Curry as Nigel was awesome, he did well at voice acting.

    Debbie is basically a typical teenager, at least from the moments I remember.

    Donnie is a little wild boy, whom travels with them.

    Overall, I loved this show as a child and I think I might if I watched it once now. My overall grade for this show is an A+, really good
  • Nick you got so many good classics! And this is one of them!

    I loved watching the Wild Thornberries so much! Eliza is nice and i liked to watch this safari and traveling themed show with my parents! Darwin was such a cute chimp and Donnie was such an interesting character, plus with all of their adventures to different parts of the world, and discovery of all of these exotic animals, i always couldn't wait to see more episodes that i haven't seen yet! Great adventures and this show has good value with that, studying animals i think is a very good hobby and job to take. Animals are impressive species of nature indeed. There was episodes featured with monkeys, the abodimal Snowman, snow leopards, birds, rhinocerouses, elephants,and llamas are all good examples of great animals! Wasn't the Thornberries vehicle a convey? I know it was something like that. So again, it was so entertaining seeing the great storyline and plots of this show along with the episodes of safari adventures! Very good exploration where it is always possible to see something common, and also stumbling across a rare species like a giant squid! Nigel saw one along with the Rugrats when there was that cross-over movie. The Wild Thornberries adds another one to my fabulous show list!
  • A girl has the ability to talk to animals

    Eliza Thornberry is a twelve year old girl who gains the ability to talk to animals from a shaman after rescuing him. She lives with her strange family in an RV, travelling around the world. Her mother shoots her father making nature documentaries for a television program. All the members of the family have interesting personalities. Eliza is intelligent and well read on geography and animals, Debbie, the older sister, is a typica teenager who just likes to lie back and read a magazine rather than go walking into the wild having adventureslike Eliza, Donny is a wild boy who was raised by orangootans in Borneo and still retains all his former wild personality despite some sall efforts to train him to be more human, darwin is a chimpanzee who, rather than being a pet, is more a member of the family, Marianne is the shooter of the documentaries and is American, and Nigel is a british man who is the host of said documentaries. Eliza must keep her ability secret or it shall die and this comes to a climax when debbie learns of the secret but she retains the gift anyway. Eliza has a cousin who joins the family in some eps. They travel to many places and all are real geographical places. Quite an entertaining show. Much fun and adventure. many memorable moments, certainly a good cartoon.
  • A great show and awesome movie.

    The Wild Thornberries was an awesome show and at one time it was my absolute favorite. This was the first Nickelodeon show that was 22 minutes long. this a great series and the movie was utterly awesome, cool, raw, and pretty epic. Klaskey Csupo did a great thing with this. I also enjoyed how in later seasons they changed Eliza's hair and clothes. Darwin was funny and is such a scardey cat, but a lot of klaskey Csupo have the side kick be the wussy, I still though he was funny. Donnie was my favorite, he was wild and crazy. i also liked the animation and character designs.
  • The series follows the adventures of a fictional wildlife program-making family, the Thornberrys, as they travel the world looking for rare animals to film. Their youngest daughter, Eliza, can talk to animals.

    The Wild Thornberries was an awesome show and at one time it was my absolute favorite. I feel it was underappreciated by many of the veiwers. It wasn't threated as it should have been. It was a great show that should have been authorized more carefully. I mean the series finale was unknown. The whole finally was in total hiatus. They could have atleast ended it with an 1 hour tv movie/special. Many people loved that show and it should not have had a big gap towards the end. The Wild Thornberries was a funny and informational series. It told about different kinds of climates, culture, sceneries, and weather that are all over the world. Donny was my favorite because he was the one character that had the same similar characteristics that relate to me. Wild, hyper, and rambunctious.

    The Wild Thornberries is now and forever a A-.
  • About a 12-year-old girl who acquires a gift to talk to animals.

    This show was a pretty good show when it came out. I thought that the idea for the show was good, how cool is it to be able to talk to animals, it's like Dr.Doolittle without the doctor.
    This show is about 12 year old Aliza Thornberry who is enabled to talk to animals, she makes a friend named Darwin who is a chimpanzee,he is a little on the cowardly side and follows Aliza on her adventures.Donny is practically adopted with the thornberries ,Donny was born in the wild. Aliza has a 16 year old sister who really hates the jungle and spends most of her time in the RV. Her mother and father, Marianna and Nigel shoot their wildlife show once in a while. Aliza has a great gift to talk with animals, but nobody Knows. In fact her sister sees her talking to Darwin was ignores them most of the time. Too bad this show ended, because this is when Nickelodeon came out with their best shows.
  • Great show.

    The Wild Thornberrys first aired in 1998 on Nickelodeon. It was very popular, but when the show ended in 2004, it wasn't on TV as much. Now, it's barely ever on. The last time I saw this on TV it was like 2 years ago with the exception of Rugrats Go Wild (a crossover movie between this show and Rugrats). I think that Nick should put this on TV more, because it is a great show that I miss. This show is about a family that lives and travels in an RV, and the main character is Eliza. Her parents are Marianne and Nigel, she has a sister named Debbie, and has a chimp named Darwin.
  • There's no other show like this on tv.

    I watch this show when ever i get the chance since they barely show it any more. This is the kind of show nick needs to get more of and not those stuipd shows like Mr. Meaty. The movie was really good too and if you haven't seen it and like the series you should buy it. This show is about this girl who can talk to animals but if she tells any one she will lose her power. There's one person who finds out about her power but you have to watch the show to find out who. Eliza's best friend is Darwin a monkey.
  • I MISS THIS SHOW!!!!!!!!

    The Wild Thornberrys is one of my favorite shows on Nickelodeon. I am so sad that it doesn't come on anymore. I was very very obsessed with this show. It was funny, adventurous, and dramatic all at the same time. Plus it was very educational! I have learned so much off of The Wild Thornberrys! I always thought it would be extremely cool to be able to talk to and understand animals. My favorite characters on the show were Eliza and Darwin. But honestly I loved all of them! All the episodes were amazingly done! As was the movie. The Wild Thornberrys should definitely be brought back to Nickelodeon!
  • My favoite show as a kid.

    The Wild Thornberrys was one of my favorite shows growing up. Seriously I could not miss an episode of this show. I even went to see the movie they made of it in theaters. I think it's a great cartoon and wish it was still on. I may be in highschool, but seriously if they were to put this show back on tv I would watch it all the time. It's a very original story line. When I was younger I always wished I could talk to animals like Eliza could. She was like my idol growing up. I wanted to be just like her. I really really wish they would put it back on tv. Or at least play the reruns. This show was a big part of my childhood and will always be special to me no matter how old I get.
  • A girl travels around the world with her parents who film animals, while she communicates to animals.

    When this show first came on, it was one of my favorites. I love animals, and I thought it was so cool that this fictional girl had the opportunity to be with them, and talk to them.
    But now, if I see an episode, I can't help but wonder, "Just what was it I liked about the show so much?" I just don’t enjoy it as much now. There’s too many little details that get to me. Donnie’s behavior is one.
    Also, each episode has the same “danger factor”. Usually it’s Eliza who ends up in some dangerous situation and right when it looks like she’s about to die, she amazingly is saved without so much as a scratch.
    I still watch the show now, but there are only a few episodes I can enjoy.
  • My favorite show growing up!

    The Wild Thornberrys is about a family who's dad is a wild animal show host, and mom is the film person. Their daughters, Eliza and Debbie, are their for the ride too, along side with a juggle boy, Donnie, and Darwin, the chimp. Eliza and Darwin go on all these adventures together. Oh I did I mention that Eliza can talk to animals? She uses her gift for good, as she helps the animals and her family. Debbie just does the regular teen stuff, with Donnie bothering her, but you got to love her anyway! I miss this show, and its a shame that they took it off in the first place!
  • Story of 12 year old Eliza Thornberry and her family as they travel the world filming various animals.

    I watched this show when I was a small child and I still watch it now. I watch it as I'm getting ready for school in the morning. I love this show. My favorite character is Darwin. He has always been my favorite character and he always will be my favorite. I mainly like this show because Eliza can talk to animals and I have always wanted to do that too. This show is very suspenseful. There have been times when I could practically hear my heart pounding. I wish this show would come back on Nickelodeon. I sort of miss it.
  • A preety good show, with a few boring parts here and there...

    The Wild Thornberrys is about a girl who can talk to animals, has a older teen age sister who is very pumped up and mean, has a dad who sees and tapes animals for money, a mom who helps her huzband, and a gorilla that comes along with that... What? A monkey coming around with them! This is the first weirdestthing about this show. Why would a monkey live with them in a RV and would the girls family find it weird that theres a monkey and see can talk to him? (I forgot their names). Anyways, this show, even with it's weird stuff is pretty good and fun and can really make you laugh.
  • Eliza is a girl who can commune with animals

    The show has a lot going for it. Very original plot with interesting characters. And mildly educational, but without seaming like part of the NGC. Still, it does have its flaws. For one, there is a limit to how much of a girl helping animals can be watched. Not only that, there is still the problem of the characters not looking that good. Eliza is bucktoothed, and spots a pair of ponytails and glasses. Not a very nice look for a female protagonist. More than that, the show makes one wish for a change of scene. It has the basic make up of Eliza helping some poor anima against the backdrop of a family problem.
  • About an girl who can talked to animals.Nobody knows about her secret.

    This show is about an girl name Eliza.Who travels through an R.V with her family.Her father is doucumentory host who doucuments animals.While her mother is the one behind cammera.But Eliza,has an big secret.Which nobody knows about.She can talked to animals.It was given to her as an special gift.If she told anyone.The gift will be broken.Yeah this show is very cool.I wished that they could still continue this show with more new episodes.I really missed this show.I doubt its airing on tv anymore.Even though,I wished it still does.Debbie is the only one that know her secret since from the movie.Altough she isn't suppose to reveal it to their parents.
  • A girl who could talk to animals

    The show to me had a great plot. Afamily traveling around the world for there adventure show. The show was mostley about Eliza. She could talk to animals. Her sister Debbie would some times join her on an adventure but mostley never. Donnie was her sort of little brother, she also hade a onkey friend i cant think of his name
  • I used to like it.

    I think this show is so boring because all they do is meet some animals and people and leave that area.There is no action or the plot is always the same.Another think this show has ended because I think the creators didnt have other ideas to create a new episode.

    I used to like this show, but now nothing happens. I wish they had made more episodes. But now since the plot was always the same and kept on showing many of the same Episodes, I like Disney's movie: The Rescuers Down Under better. I think they kinda stole talking and saving animals from that Disney movie, because a boy named Cody does that during the movie.
  • I really miss this show. It was fun and adventerous.

    I really miss this show. I loved all of the animals and it was very educational. Like Eliza. Showing that a girl talks to animals (Even though it could never really happen) showed that animals are like humans and that they have a life of their own. I liked Darwin too and Nigel. They do show this show on T.V., but I think it's on Direct TV or something like that, which I don't have. When it does come on, I like to watch it and remember how fun it was. I hope they make another show like this because it was very informative and it was a great show.
  • Our family thought this show was fun.

    It seems there are a lot of haters of this show. I don't agree. We enjoyed catching each new episode. We knew it wasn't factual, so what? We liked the jams Eliza would get herself in as well as how she's get out of them. The interplay between the family members was fun to watch. It was a fantasy adventure life that most of us would never have an opportunity to live.
    I agree some of the circumstances made me (figuratively) slap my forehead in wonderment, but in general we saw the show for what it was - adventures of a girl with a mystical encounter in her past.
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