The Wild Thornberrys

Nickelodeon (ended 2004)


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  • Stupid, boring, lame, repetitive, unfunny, idiotic, and uninteresting, and no I am not naming the 7 dwarfs.

    The Wild Thornberrys sounded like a really good cartoon, but failed to hold its hype. The show centers around a girl named Eliza Thornberry who travels with her family around the world to tape exotic animals for television. Eliza though has a great secret she can talk to animals, but can never tell anyone at all. With her powers, and the help of her animal monkey friend Darwin they go on adventures. Now at first it sounds actually pretty decent, and could suck you into seeing this show, but after seeing it the show will fail to hold your attention to this show. Most of the characters on this show are terrible, and lack any depth or development at all. Darwin is supposed to be comedy relief, but fails most of the time. Donny is a pointless member of the family who tries to be funny, but is not at all, and he doesn't contribute anything to the plots than to be comedy relief. Nigel and Marianne are the parents and they were OK, but were barely in the plots most of the time, and were too busy filming some animal. Tyler Tucker is Eliza's rival, but he is very annoying and a brat, but thankfully he didn't last long in the show. Kip & Biedermann were run of the mill villains who wanted to destroy the environment for no reason, and just to be evil. Debbie is a stereotypical teenage girl, but believe it or not there is a reason for this. Debbie has to deal with her crazy and nomadic family, and has to put up with Eliza and Donny's antics. Despite all the stuff that happens to her she gives love and generosity when things go bad. So despite her complaining she is actually the only good character on this show. Eliza though has got to be one of, if not, the worst protagonist to ever be on a cartoon. She acts like she's a God with her powers, and acts very snobbish and rude. She is always pushing away Darwin even when he's trying to be helpful, and takes her love of animals too far. In one episode a health inspector in India was quarantining animals because of diseases. The writers want us to think that he's a bad guy, but in reality was trying to help India. Some diseases do come form animals look at The Black Plague for a good example. She also breaks the rules all the time, and yet somehow avoids punishment. Despite her attempts to help the animals though she always makes the situation worse, and the only way she overcomes the situation is through some very convenient plot devices. She's not a hero she's just a girl who gets through bad situations by sheer luck only not skill. The animals are no better at all though, and are stereotyped with standards of good and evil. The Thornberrys' mode of transportation, a huge RV, has got to be one of the most unbelievable vehicles to be shown. The RV has pretty much everything and some of the features it has defies physics. In one episode the RV turned deployed a raft around the vehicle, and it floats. I would like to see the Mythbusters try that out. It's not possible at all for a vehicle to do that at all, and it's an RV. I can forgive the fact it's a cartoon, but that's jumping the shark. The plots are boring and are usually about saving an animal, and very rarely did an episode not have one about saving an animal. The humor is very weak in this show. Most of the jokes are been there done that on other cartoons that did them better, and Darwin got very little laughs from me. The artwork is OK, but some of the characters, like Eliza, are drawn freakishly. The animation though is very smooth in the show. The Wild Thornberrys sounded really good, but to me it didn't live up to the hype it had. This show was trying to promote environmentalism, but it just didn't work, and is forgettable.