The Wild Thornberrys

Nickelodeon (ended 2004)


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  • This is way better than fanboy and chum chum, that stupid show can leave nickelodeon FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!


    You know, for all people who like fanboy and chum chum better than wild thornberrys, go kill yourselves. Fanboy and chum chum is the REAL worse show. It's gotta be the worst show ever oh my god *pukes*. Compared to that stupidfanboy and chum chum, wild thornberrysiswayyyyyyyyywayyyyyyyyyywayyyyyyyyywayyyyyyyyyyyy better than that stupid crap retarded stupid-boy and dumb dumb. Look at it, I mean, look, fanboy and chum chum is REALLY REALLY retarded. Wild thornberrys is way more awesome than that stupid retarded, dumb, show. Anyways, wild thornberrys is about a 12 year old girl going to talk to animals. Along with her 16 year old sister, she goes with her, along with her mom and dad, and there's a crazy guy that's called donnie thornberry. And also, there's a chimpanzee that's called nigel thornberry. I would like to see the thornberrys kill the stupid guys named stupid-boy and crap crap.

    My rating: 10