The Wild Thornberrys

Season 5 Episode 9

Rugrats Go Wild!

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Jun 13, 2003 on Nickelodeon



  • Trivia

    • The Rugrats repeatedly refer to Nigel Thornberry as Strawberry, even Susie when she speaks directly to Nigel

    • None of the adults from Rugrats are aware of The Wild Thornberrys despite Nigel's show but the Rugrats and, in particular, Tommy are.

    • Spike's Changing Spots: During the other 2 movies and the tv series, Spike has 3 spots; one large one on his back, and a smaller spot just above his left and right thigh. However, in Rugrats Go Wild, for most of the time, there's no spot above the right thigh. During "Big Bad Cat", however, when he's walking away from Siri who had just fallen into a mud pool, there's a spot above his right thigh. But in the next sequence, the spot is gone. The spot reappears when Spike tells Siri he's gonna go find his babies. And then when he asks her if she's seen them, the spot is gone.

      Picture with spot:
      Picture without spot:
      Picture with spot:
      Picture without spot:

      Please note that Spike's spots may have changed more times than that. These are just 2 events in which they do change.

  • Quotes

    • (A giant wave approaches the Rugrats boat)
      Stu Pickles: It's a 40 foot wall of water.
      Chaz Finster: We're going to need another boat.

    • Stu: (woke up and discovered their lifeboat is on an island) Land ho! Land ho!
      Howard: I'll never set foot on water again. (kissed the sand then he spits)
      Didi: Where are we?
      Charlotte: Oh, isn't it obvious? The palm trees, the white sand, the crystal blue water. Why, we've landed on an island resort.
      Betty: Place looks pretty deserted.
      Charlotte: Oh, Betty. The best ones always are. Just look for a cabana boy carrying towels. Hello! I could use a double espresso, chop-chop.
      Stu: Don't worry, I've got a map. We'll figure this out. (opens map) We left here, we capsized here. I know exactly where we are. See? We're on this tiny little island called..."Uninhabited".
      Didi: You mean we're the only people here?
      Charlotte: Well, we'll just have to get back on the boat and row to another island, one with coffee. (finds out the lifeboat isn't on shore) Drew! The lifeboat's gone!
      Drew: Gone?!
      Kira: Where'd it go?
      Didi: Look, it's way out there.
      (the lifeboat got pierced by a sharp rock in the ocean)
      Drew: Wait, oh, oh, oh, great.
      Howard: We're marooned?! With no food?! How soon before we all turn cannibal?! I have to get out of here! (runs around screaming)
      Betty: So, "Swiss Family DeVille" he's not.

    • Drew: (to Stu) This is all your fault!
      Stu: My fault?
      Charlotte: Whose idea was this Stu Cruise to Doom?
      Didi: Oh, I would expect that from the Finsters or the DeVilles, but Charlotte!
      Drew: (to Stu) I knew this day was coming since you were in diapers.
      Kira: I should of never left Paris!
      (everyone argues with each other; Betty picked up a stick from the ground and drew a circle in the sand around them)
      Betty: This is the Circle of Chaos. If were going to survive on this island, we can't ever step foot in the Circle of Chaos.
      (Chas walks out of the circle)
      Chas: Wow. I feel calmer already.
      (everyone else ran out of the circle)
      Betty: We don't know where we'll get off this island. Until we do, we're gonna need order. First thing we need is a leader, any volunteers?
      (Stu raises his hand while holding a stick)
      Didi: Stu, put down your hand.
      (Stu put his hand down; felling disappointed)
      Charlotte: I nominate Betty.
      Betty: I accept. All in favor of me, raise your hand.
      Stu: Hold on. You're all going to blindly follow Betty just because she drew a circle in the sand?
      Everyone: Yes!
      Betty: Thank you. As my first duty as your rightfully elected leader, I'm assigning Stu to baby watch. The rest of yous, follow me.
      Stu: (to himself) Geez, all I wanted is to have a little adventure. Now everyone and their brother is blaming me for this mess.

    • Didi: We have to find something to eat. All I saved was a couple jars of baby food.
      Howard: (while eating the baby food; cheerfully) I never knew strain peas and apricots went so well together.
      Kira: Oh! You ate the baby food?!
      Howard: Babies don't need food. I have to keep my strength up, for when you try to throw me into the soup pot!
      Didi: He's delusional.

    • Spike: [urinates] SPIKE WAS HERE! [runs around then sneezes on Darwin]
      Darwin: Spike was here, too.

    • Spike: U talking to me? Are you talking to me?
      Eliza: Yeah I can talk to animals. It's a long story.

    • Angelica: I love this song.
      Debbie: Me too!

    • Spike: "Woof". You heard me. "Woof".

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