The Wild Thornberrys - Season 1

Nickelodeon (ended 2004)


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Episode Guide

  • Born to Be Wild
    Episode 20
    When Eliza sneaks out ahead of her parents in order to find a rare Sumatran rhino, she discovers that to expose his life would only lead extinction of the species. Now instead of taking the prized rhino to her parents, she must try to keep them from filming it. And the bad news is, Nigel's already on its trail!moreless
  • 3/30/99
    Eliza will stop at nothing to get a look at the gigantic, fierce Komodo dragon that lives on the Southeast Asian islands. Her plans are halted by the unexpected arrival of her home-schooling teacher who forces her to "hit the books." Eliza plays a dangerous game of hooky that could cost her her "Comvee way of life."moreless
  • 3/25/99
    Eliza convinces a group of baboon-like apes to stand up to their legendary adversaries--"The Others." Darwin, meanwhile, has met an almost identical group of apes with an identical problem. As Eliza and Darwin lead their separate groups into battle, they suddenly find themselves face-to-face--in an all out war! Now it's up to Eliza to quickly find a way avert the battle and teach the apes to get along.moreless
  • The Great Bangaboo
    Episode 17
    When Eliza discovers that a local performer claims he can talk to animals she believes she's found a soul mate. Eliza must enlist the help of some very "urban" animals to sneak into the sideshow and meet "The Great Bangaboo."
  • Nigel Knows Best
    Nigel Knows Best
    Episode 16
    Hungry for adventure, Eliza convinces her mother that she should take a llama over the Andean pass, meeting her family on the other side of the mountain. However, she is disappointed when her safety-conscious father commandeers the lead. Along the journey, her frustration builds as each attempt to explore is foiled by her father's watchful eye. Finally Eliza gains new respect for her father's resourceful manner, when he saves her life.moreless
  • Lost and Foundation
    Episode 15
    When the girls discover that their parents have mistakenly taken embarrassing home movies to an awards banquet, they join forces in order to save face. Their cross-island trip turns into a race against time in order to beat their parents to the podium and stop the world from seeing them at bath time.moreless
  • Flight of the Donnie
    Eliza and Debbie must take over Marianne's duties when she is sick. Debbie goes with Nigel to shoot footage of a condor and Eliza must care for Donnie. Covered with feathers from a pillow, Donnie is snatched up by the condor and Eliza and Darwin must rescue him and help the condor find her real baby. In return for the favor, the condors stay on a tree branch so Debbie can get footage of them.moreless
  • Eliza-cology
    Episode 13
    Eliza's good-natured intentions of assisting a struggling bird in getting food set off a chain reaction of destruction within the ecological system. It's up to her to retrace her steps and undo all of her actions while some animals face near extinction.
  • Blood Sisters
    Episode 12
    With Nigel and Marianne off exploring bat caves, Eliza and Debbie are left at the "eerie" residence of colleague Dr. Renfield. Eliza becomes bent on spooking Debbie, but when her imagination gets the best of her the tables are slowly turned. By the time their parents return, the girls are convinced that the absent-minded Renfield is a vampire out to get them!moreless
  • Naimina Enkiyio
    Naimina Enkiyio
    Episode 11
    Challenging an ancient Maasai legend, Eliza marches into a "haunted" forest to prove her bravery. Now, with night falling, Eliza must place her trust in the mysterious legends of the Maasai in order to find her way safely through the dark forest.
  • Valley Girls
    Episode 10
    Eliza and Debbie's combined bungling sends the commvee careening down a mountain, where it lies mired in the mud. They come face to face with a menacing-looking, but quirky tribe of silverback gorillas, and they must work together to "unstick" the van.
  • Iron Curtain
    Iron Curtain
    Episode 9
    When the Thornberrys need some close-up footage of elephants, they travel to the Ngorongoro Game Preserve. At first Eliza believes it to be a prison, and helps a baby elephant escape to find her mom. She quickly changes her mind about the place when they tackle with some poachers out to trap and kill her pachiderm pals. Can they all make it back to the Game Preserve in time? Meanwhile, Debbie loses Donnie and has to findhim before he gets sent off to a university as "the missing link"moreless
  • Only Child
    Only Child
    Episode 8
    Eliza's imagination gets the best of her when she thinks a local teenage girl is actually a dolphin who's trying to abduct her sister, Debbie, into a watery world.
  • Vacant Lot
    Vacant Lot
    Episode 7
    As animals flee their homes and run for their lives, Eliza discovers that Kip and Biederman are destroying part of the rainforest. In an all-out war against the evil duo, Eliza must convince the animals that with everybody's help, they can stop the destruction and save the forest.
  • Temple of Eliza
    Temple of Eliza
    Episode 6
    When Eliza discovers a secret temple, a group of jaguars believe that she is their long lost queen. Thrilled with her new royal position, Eliza gets in over her head and must escape the avenging jaguars.
  • Matadi or Bust
    Matadi or Bust
    Episode 5
    When Eliza, Darwin and Donnie are flung from a Matadi-bound barge and stranded on the banks of the Congo river, they must traverse the cliffs and crags of mountainous Zaire in order to catch up with her family.
  • Gold Fever
    Gold Fever
    Episode 4
    When Eliza and Debbie discover an old treasure map on the Galapagos Islands, they set out to claim their "riches." Once the gold is discovered, however, greed sets in and the girls begin an all-out battle of trickery to get the gold away from each other. They battle continues all the way down to the last coin, until they accidentally lose all the gold in a fiery lava pit.moreless
  • Bad Company
    Episode 3
    A swarm of mysterious prankster marmosets overrun the Thornberrry camp, and it's up to Eliza to beat them at their own game.
  • Dinner With Darwin
    Episode 2
    Location: Manaus
    Annoyed with Eliza, Darwin sets off into the jungle to prove he still has his natural instincts. After a scary night in the jungle, he stumbles upon an empty shack and hides out. When the family who lives in the shack returns to find Darwin in their home, they couldn't be more pleased with their new guest. It's up to Eliza to save the oblivious Darwin from becoming the next family dinner!moreless
  • Flood Warning
    Episode 1
    When the Thornberrys are forced to spend the night in the middle of the savanna, Eliza seizes the opportunity to go hunting with a pride of lions--only to discover that Debbie is about to become a midnight snack!
  • Pilot
    When Nigel and Marianne Thornberry get word that the only way to save the funding for their show is to do one on the dangerous Black Rhino, Eliza and Darwin go in search of one. Find one they do, but when Donnie bites its tail and causes it to charge, can Nigel save them in time?moreless