The Wild Thornberrys - Season 3

Nickelodeon (ended 2004)


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Episode Guide

  • The Anniversary
    The Anniversary
    Episode 20
    Mt. Fuji, Japan
    Grandpa Frank marks the occasion of his 50th wedding anniversary by throwing caution to the wind and joining Eliza on a rigorous mountain climb.
  • Gem of a Mom
    Gem of a Mom
    Episode 19
    Eliza and Debbie embark on a dangerous trek in search of precious gemstones.
  • April Fool's Day
    Episode 18
    Location: Okavango Swamp, Botswana
    It's April Fools day, and The Thornberrys are trying to outdo each other by way of April Fool's jokes. At first it's a lot of fun, but when Tyler and Eliza encounter some quicksand and a lion, will they learn not to cry wolf? Meanwhile, Nigel coaches Debbie for her Physical Education courses.moreless
  • Hello, Dolphin!
    Episode 17
    Location: Shark Bay, Australia
    Nigel and Marianne are on a dangerous assignment to film some tiger sharks while Eliza goes swimming with some dolphins. Meanwhile, Debbie gets dumped by her e-mail boyfriend Sven. When the kids take a boat out with the dolphins to swim in the deep sea, they may get some unexpected visitors.moreless
  • Operation Valentine
    Episode 16
    Location: Alice Springs, Australia
    Debbie is finally going to meet her e-mail friend in person and she is determined to make a good impression. Meanwhile, Eliza is having strange pains in her stomach and ends up stranded on top of a small mountain as Donnie gets attacked by a giant eagle. Just a typical Valentine's Day for the Thornberrys in Australia.moreless
  • New Territory
    New Territory
    Episode 15
    Location: Kakadu National Park, Northern Territory, Australia
    The Thornberrys meet an Australian family named the Gibsons when the Comvee runs out of gas. Eliza makes friends with the youngest member of the family named Bethany, who is in a wheelchair from cerebral palsy. The girls go land sailing and Bethany helps Eliza escape from a crocodile, but then get in an argument when Bethany thinks Eliza is feeling sorry for her being disabled. Will the two new friends find a way to make up? Meanwhile, Nigel and Marianne play the Gibsons in a very competitive game of Tricky Trivia.moreless
  • 1/12/01
    Location: Lake Baikal, Siberia
    When Eliza and Debbie slack off on their chores, they all suffer for it when they fail to prepare of an oncoming storm. Will the Thornberrys survive a flash flood, help some beavers build their dam and keep the Comvee from sinking?
  • Happy Campers
    Happy Campers
    Episode 13
    Location: Bhutan
    A trip to Bhutan, finds Marianne and Debbie out in the cold, and Eliza and Darwin on the run from the border police.
  • Happy Old Year
    Happy Old Year
    Episode 12

    Location: Quito, Ecuador
    Before New Year's Eve, Debbie accidentally hurts her father's feelings, and joins a couple of eccentric, 30's-era volcano chasers, Mitzi and Merrick Dash. Eliza goes after her to reclaim her friend, Santusa the Llama, and they all encounter a mudslide when the volcano erupts.

  • Family Tradition
    Episode 11
    Location: Ankarana, Madagascar
    The Thornberrys are preparing for Thanksgiving in Madagascar when Grandma Sophie calls, inviting them home for the holiday. When Nigel and Marianne explain that they can't go home until they get footage of a fossa for The Foundation, Debbie throws a tantrum. Will the girls, Donnie, and Darwin go to the states on their own when tradition has always had the Thornberry clan together on Thanksgiving?moreless
  • Spirited Away
    Episode 10
    Location: The border of Oaxala and Zaachula, Mexico
    As the family prepares to film the "Day of the Dead" ceremony in a small town, Eliza meets a little girl who tells her about the spirits returning. Eliza is determined to find one, but when Donnie puts a valuable ring in a loaf of bread, Debbie and Eliza must search for the missing ring. Eliza gets some help from a mysterious woman who, she finds out, has been gone for many years.moreless
  • The Legend of Ha Long Bay
    Location: Ha Long Bay, Vietnam
    Eliza encounters a mysterious creature while shooting a film with Nigel about manta rays.
  • Birthday Quake
    Episode 8
    Location: Mt. Kilimanjaro
    To celebrate his 13th birthday, Tyler and Eliza visit a pair of elephants in the African savanna.
  • Island Trade
    Episode 7
    Location: Zanzibar, Tanzania
    Debbie and Tyler mistakenly trade the commvee for a dress at an island marketplace; Marianne and Nigel explore the Ngorongoro Crater.
  • Queen of Denial
    Episode 6
    Location: The Siwa Oasis, Egypt
    Eliza challenges Tyler to lead the group to safety after they land in an underground burial chamber.
  • Critical Masai
    Episode 5
    Location: Masai Steppe, Tanzania
    Eliza and Tyler work together to help an aspiring Masai warrior earn the respect of his elders.
  • 10/2/00
    Eliza's cousin Tyler Tucker joins the Thornberrys for a four-week tour from Africa to the Amazon in search of exotic, endangered and mysterious animals.
  • Horse Sense
    Horse Sense
    Episode 3
    In the hope of winning the annual horse race, Eliza trades in her bungling trotter for a swift Thoroughbred.
  • Time Flies
    Episode 2
    Location: The Florida Everglades, United States
    Debbie and Eliza explore the Everglades but drop Nigel's birthday present, a new watch, into the swamp. As an old woman chases them away, they return at night, only to have the watch eaten by an alligator.
  • Dragon Me Along
    Episode 1
    A trip to the Great Wall of China finds Eliza in hot pursuit of a panda and his mother.
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