The Wild Thornberrys

Season 1 Episode 6

Temple of Eliza

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Sep 17, 1998 on Nickelodeon
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When Eliza discovers a secret temple, a group of jaguars believe that she is their long lost queen. Thrilled with her new royal position, Eliza gets in over her head and must escape the avenging jaguars.

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  • Eliza lies to Jaguars and the others think Donnie is a secert genuis.

    Eliza(is wearing pretty necklace) draws some bugs but Debbie and her parents don't quite care(i know,sounds mean)

    Eliza-i thought they really liked it,but they were just looking at their spider.

    Darwin-sorry,were u talking to me?


    Darwin-it's just a joke.

    Eliza is upset with no one paying attention to her,instead Nigel is conviced Donnie is actually genuis.

    Donnie sets the table perffect.

    Eliza goes in the jungle but is amazed when she and Darin ride on a giant leaf that shows them the magic of the amazon jungle.

    they go down river and see a jaguar in a pit.

    Darwin-Eliza,don't help a lion!

    Eliza-don't be silly,Darwin,that's a jaguar.

    after helping her,the jaguar tells the others of Eliza help.the other jaguars are impressed with her and bing her to this temple.

    Eliza doesn't want the jaguars to leave either so she makes a small fib-

    Eliza-i can talk to u because...i'm Junglbello,the Jaguar Princess!


    Darwin-oh no!

    while the Princess thribes in the attention,back home.....Nigel wants to prove Donnie is a genuis-no luck.

    Eliza relizes that she wants to go home but the jaguars want to keep their Princess,so they don't let her leave-1 lie equals another.

    and Donnie throws all kids of food from different countries everywhere.Nigel is sad that Donnie really isn't a genuis...what's really sad is Donnie likes drinking tea.

    Eliza escapes but the jaguars find her again,she finally tell the truth but they don't belive her-poor cats-(she loses her necklace)Darwin soon saves her but the jaguars are hurt with the lie.

    Eliza wants things right so she trys to find the jaguars.she finds her necklace but can't find them.

    Darwin-don't feel bad Eliza,the jaguars probally won't remeber it(jaguars come in behind him)oh sure,they can hunt but if u ask me their dumb,dumb,dumb,dumb,dumb,dumb (R0AR) in a real inteligent way-AHHHHHHHH!(climbs in tree)

    Jaguars are mad at Eliza but when she explains why she lied they forgive her(Darwin falls out of the tree).she gives the 2 clubs her necklace(they share)

    Jaguar-you were a god Princess.

    Eliza-i'm a better friend,really.

    Episode ends where Darwin is talking about how hungry he is.moreless
Tim Curry

Tim Curry

Nigel Thornberry

Lacey Chabert

Lacey Chabert

Eliza Thornberry

Jodi Carlisle

Jodi Carlisle

Marianne Thornberry

Danielle Harris

Danielle Harris

Debbie Thornberry (voice)

Tom Kane

Tom Kane




Donnie Thornberry

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