The Wild Wild West (1969)

Season 1 Episode 5

Night of the Casual Killer

Aired Friday 7:30 PM Oct 15, 1965 on CBS
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Episode Summary

Night of the Casual Killer
Jim and Artie set out to penetrate the stronghold of a corrupt political boss and return him to Washington for trial.

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  • When a danergous man must be captured, what should two secret agents do? Why dress up as travling actors, of course!

    This episode was okay, but not one of my favorites. My favorite part of the episode was the show put on by Artemus and Jim. I always have to laugh at the expression on Avery's men's faces when Artemus is reciting. They look like they can't wait for him to finish. I am not sure if that all that applause at the end of Artemus's reciting was because Avery's men really enjoyed Artemus's reciting or they were just happy that he was finished. Still, Ross Martin did a great with reciting Shakespeare. While this episode wasn't the best episode of the season, it still is entertaining to watch.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (7)

    • The performance is given in the early evening and Avery serves dinner afterwards. Dinner concludes with brandy during which Aver reveals that he knows who "Conrad Whitney" really is. Jim and Artemus capture him and escape through the mineshaft. By the time they reach the end of it, it is full daylight.

    • Avery takes the black hat from the rack to signal his men that he's in trouble. But earlier in the episode he was wearing the same hat when he visited Jim and Artemus at their wagon. Why didn't his men think he was in trouble then?

    • Artemus misquotes Shakespeare when he says "Alas, poor Yorick. I knew him well." The correct line is "Alas, poor Yorick. I knew him, Horatio."

    • During the cart chase, Jim throws six dynamite sticks at Avery's men. However, when Jim takes the dynamite sticks from Artemus, Artemus only gives Jim five dynamite sticks, not six.

    • During the magic show, Jim pulls a rabbit out of his hat and then places it back in the hat. In the next shot, Jim is holding the rabbit again and once again places the rabbit in the hat.

    • Disguises: an actor

    • When Jim goes outside to shoot at Avery's men, he jumps into the coal car and then back out. When he comes out, his pants are torn in the seat.

  • QUOTES (8)

    • Jim: Now with all that settled we're on our way to Chicago, right?
      Laurie: Wrong. I'm heading the other way. You see gentlemen like you still confuse me. Oh!
      (Laurie kisses Jim)
      Laurie: I guess simple girls like me should just never leave home. Bye
      (Laurie leaves and Jim waves goodbye)
      Jim: Artemus, it's going to be a long trip to Chicago.
      (Artemus plays "Annie Laurie" on his violin)
      Artemus: James my boy, you just can't win them all.
      (Jim turns to leave and Artemus plays a taunting glissando)

    • Jim: (holds egg up) And now to prove that the hand is quicker than the eye.
      (one of Avery's men shoots the egg)
      Mason: Hand sure is quicker.

    • Jim: I want to help you, Laurie. Remember what you said? Like family almost.
      Laurie: Well... gee, you look like the right kind of gentleman and all that but, uh, why would you want to stick out your neck for me?
      Jim: Well, it's my neck. When I leave here I may be able to get you out in my wagon.
      Laurie: Oh... sure. Just like in a storybook.
      Jim: Why don't you trust me, Laurie?
      Laurie: You don't know Mr. Avery. He isn't fooled so easy.
      Jim: Isn't it worth a try?
      Laurie: Try what? He has this place locked up like it was a prison.
      Jim: But I think there is another way out. A way only Avery knows. Hasn't he ever mentioned anything like that, Laurie?
      Laurie: Look, mister, you're gonna get us killed. Now, come on. Let's go over to your show before somebody sees us in here like this.
      (Jim kisses Laurie)
      Laurie: Ooh. That didn't feel like no family.
      Jim: Wasn't meant to.

    • Chuck: Hey Whitney! Come on, Mr. Avery wants to see you.
      Jim: But we're preparing for the show.
      Chuck: Mr. Avery says now.
      (Chuck walks away)
      Artie:(handing Jim his hat) Trouble?
      Jim: Let's hope not.
      Artie: At least not 'til I finish my soliloquy.

    • Avery: Lets just say that you are my guests.
      Artie: Oh...
      Jim: Artemus, I told you he was a gentleman. A man of his character doesn't change.
      Avery: Then we have met before, Mr. Whitney?
      Jim: Well, never socially but, uh, when I played Washington, the name John Avery was very important in politics and in socitey.
      Avery: And now you find me out here. In a place like this.
      Jim: Oh, as I find myself, sir. A turn of the cards.
      Avery: That's right, Mr. Whitney. A turn of the cards.
      (Avery walks away)
      Artie: (to Jim) You're overdoing it, you ham.

    • Jim: My guess is there's another way out. An escape route set up by Avery just in case.
      Artie: All right, James, lets assume you're right, and that we even find it. How do you propose Avery to join us?
      Jim: I'll try to endear myself to him.
      Artie: Uh-huh. James, my boy, start endearing.

    • (Jim looks at Artie's violin and smiles)
      Artie: James, my boy, you're grinning like an undertaker, ready to dress a corpse. Mine!

    • Jim: Well...
      Artie: I say lets wire Washington and ask for another assignment. Something simple, like cutting our throats.
      Jim: Oh, if we don't bring Avery back, they probably will.

  • NOTES (5)

    • Commercial Breaks: Jim and Artemus, Avery and Marshall Kirby, Avery smoking a cigar, the Wanderer

    • In the scene where Artie plays the violin, it is actually Ross Martin playing. Ross Martin was actually a concert violinist in his youth.

    • Charles Davis played Tennyson in "TNOT Double-Edged Knife," and will again in "TNOT Fatal Trap." The character was an early development and was dropped when the show switched producers and it was decided the guys having a butler was extraneous.

    • In development (and presumably before the standard "Night of..." format for titles was determined), this episode was referred to as "Tug-o-War."

    • For the first and only time in the series, The first "The" is omitted from the title, at least as far as the actual on-screen title is concerned (many published sources list it as "The Night...", presumably to maintain consistency.)