The Wild Wild West (1969)

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  • The post-Civil War Secret Service mixed with James Bond gadgetry.Jim West is a western Bond with a litany of concealed lethal weapons.His partner Artemus Gordon was the king of disguises.Together they slayed evil maniacs as U.S. government agents.

    Another series influenced by the James Bond films of that decade.With a Reconstruction Era twist,it mixed cowboys,trains & elaborate(sometimes anachronistic) gizmos.Usually,like 'The Avengers' and 'Mission Impossible', it involved an evil genius.What distinguishes this show is the western locale,the incredible stuntwork of Bob Conrad and his 'band' of stunt pros who could also act (such as his good friend Red West).They were in disguise on almost every show,jumping off chandeleers,falling down stairs or just plain fighting.And,of course,there was the million dollar train where they lived.Ross Martin was a wonderful character actor and was perfectly cast as the chameleon-like Artemus Gordon. The comradery of the two lead actors was evident and added to the appeal of the show.One feels that this show could have ran for longer than 4 years.Rumour has it that this show was cancelled in 1969 more because of its violent action scenes than its'decent ratings.CBS programmers around 1970 were rumoured to want to 'kill any show with a tree'All westerns,like 'WWW',suffered this fate,as well as rural comedies like 'Mayberry RFD','Green Acres','Petticoat Junction' and The Beverly Hillbillies'.They even tried to cancel CBS giant'Gunsmoke',but CBS Top Boss Paley interceded to save it only because he personally liked it.
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