The Wild Wild West (1969)

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  • This show is FUN.

    Artie's characters are a riot. The plots are fun. The gadgets are fun. Jim's frolics with the ladies are fun. It is fun to watch the "freeze frames" and try to anticipate when they are coming. I can't believe that the show was cancelled in part due to its "increasing violence", as the good guys were easily distinguished by not resorting to extreme violence, relying mostly on fists, deception (standing behind a door or waiting until the last second to dodge a villain or break out of their vile grip)and only occasionally to guns or knives.And, of course, the GADGETS They don't hit women (except in the intro, which I was disappointed in, as it portrayed a false impression of the show's "attitude", so to speak). I miss shows like this, which are NOT reality shows, and NOT world-ending drama, where the end of the show is the guys relaxing on the train, frequently with pretty women. I notice that Numb3rs also makes use of the "freeze frame" approach, and usually ends with a family scene, which I wonder if the concept was "borrowed" from WWW. If so, then they know a great suspense ploy when they see it, and the power of a quiet end to the story. It ends the situation, relaxes the viewer, and puts it in context. The world has not come to an end, and the powers of Right are relaxing in their sanctuary, a train, at home, etc.
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