The Wild Wild West (1969) - Season 3

CBS (ended 1969)




Episode Guide

  • The Night of the Death-Maker

    An attempt to assassinate President Grant is foiled at the last minute by West and Gordon. However, there seems to be more going on than a simple assassination, as the weapon used in the attempt was one stolen in recent raids on government and territorial armories. The President refuses to cancel a trip to Denver, leaving Jim and Artemus only 36 hours to uncover who is responsible and stop them before it's too late.

  • The Night of the Simian Terror

    A visit to the plantation of a U.S. Senator reveals a mysterious family past that intersects with a doctor infamous for his experiments with apes. The agents are lucky enough to arrive just as the Senator's forgotten giant son and his friend, a giant ape, are rampaging through the plantation.

  • The Night of the Amnesiac

    A stagecoach carrying the western states' entire supply of smallpox vaccine is attacked and the drug stolen. Furman Crotty, a convicted criminal serving time in Leavenworth, is demanding his release from jail with a full pardon and a ransom for the safe return of the drug. While Jim, injured in the attack on the stage, struggles with amnesia, Artemus tries to find both his friend and the drug before a full-scale epidemic hits.

  • The Night of the Undead

    The guys become involved with a voodoo ceremony and the walking dead as they try to track down a missing scientist.

  • The Night of the Death Masks

    An escaped murderer plots a bizarre scheme against agent James West, the man who had imprisoned him several years earlier. Attacked and knocked unconscious, West awakens in a strange deserted town filled with assailants wearing masks in the likeness of Stark. Gordon searches for his lost partner and soon finds himself in a similar predicament. West and Gordon must avoid deception to find and take out the real Stark.

  • The Night of the Underground Terror

    During Mardi Gras, West is grabbed by a Major Hazard, the leader of a gang of crippled Civil War soldiers seeking revenge on the camp's commandant, Mosely. Jim reluctantly agrees to help them, only to have Mosely taken from him by the soldiers. He tracks them to the abandoned camp where Hazard plans on putting Mosely on trial, but it becomes clear that Hazard has another agenda as well.

  • The Night of the Vipers

    The Vipers are a gang of ruthless crooks who have been looting a string of Kansas towns, robbing banks and killing citizens. They even robbed the Cottonwood bank while James West was trying to convince the sheriff of the danger. Now the trail leads to Freedom, Kansas, where Jim and Artie must stop the Vipers before the Vipers stop them.

  • The Night of the Headless Woman

    On a dusty Californian trail, Jim and Artemus intercept a stagecoach whose driver has been hired to smuggle boll weevils. Quickly theorizing that someone is trying to destroy the country's cotton crop, they set out to find the mastermind of the operation and destroy his distribution system before his plan succeeds.

  • The Night of the Arrow

    Strong Bear's Sioux Indians are making noises about breaking the peace treaty. President Grant's first three messengers failed to return from meetings with the Indian leader. Now it's up to Jim and Artemus to find Strong Bear and to keep peace in the territory.

  • The Night of the Running Death

    A dying man's words lead West and Gordon to a wagon train of entertainers and an attempt on the life of a princess.

  • The Night of the Iron Fist

    At the request of the Bosnian government, Count Draja is to be turned over for extradition. Learning of a plot to free the Count, Jim and Artie make plans to see that Draja reaches his destination. While Jim escorts Draja through a hundred miles of no-man's land, they'll all meet up in Buffalo Springs - but there is the little matter of the $500,000 the Count hid somewhere in the Arizona.

  • The Night of the Turncoat

    The stress of Secret Service work appears to be finally getting to Jim as his temper flares and he makes mistakes. As West is being recruited by some member of the underworld who seeks to capitalize on his misfortune, Artemus and Colonel Richmond struggle to find out exactly who, for what, and why.

  • The Night of the Legion of Death

    West and Gordon take on the power-crazed secretary to a Territorial Governor. The secretary controls the Governor and has plans to take over the U.S. Government and the Presidency as well. To make things more difficult, his Black Legion troops do not take kindly to the two agents interfering.

  • The Night of the Cut-throats

    Something is happening in the small town of New Athens. Residents are leaving in droves, scared off by a band of seedy cut-throats gathering just outside the town limits. And then there's Michael Trayne, back in town after three years in jail. Can Jim and Artie figure out what's happening and save the town before everyone leaves permanently?

  • The Night of the Falcon

    James West and Artemus Gordon help evacuate the town of Tonka Flats before it is destroyed by a cannon shell. Afterwards, they are notified that a man identified as "The Falcon" has threatened to obliterate Denver unless the U.S. government pays him $1,000,000. "The Falcon" is also in cahoots with syndicate leaders from Turkey, Spain, Prussia and England, and plans to sell his weapon to the highest bidder among them.

  • The Night of the Circus of Death
    Counterfeit money is appearing throughout the west in sufficient quantities to undermine the U.S. economy. West and Gordon attempt to track down the source of the fake currency before it's too late.
  • The Night of Montezuma's Hordes

    An ancient Aztec map leading to the lost treasure of Montezuma is discovered in Mexico and points to a location in Texas. In order to ensure that a diplomatic incident does not occur, West and Gordon team up with Colonel Sanchez of Mexico and a noted archeologist in a trip across the Texan desert in search of the treasure.

  • The Night of the Hangman

    During a stopover in a small Kansas town, the agents become involved in a murder investigation. After a man is found guilty and sentenced to hang, the agents uncover valuable information that points in an entirely different direction.

  • The Night of the Samurai

    The U.S. State Department is about to return a valuable samurai sword to its rightful owner, a Japanese prince, when it is stolen by an group of sword-wielding assailants. Jim and Artemus must locate the sword and return it to the prince before he leaves the next afternoon, or risk damaging U.S.-Japan relations.

  • The Night of the Jack O'Diamonds

    James and Artemus arrive in Mexico with a present for the Mexican president - a beautiful Arabian horse. However, after their arrival the horse is stolen by a group of outlaw bandits, endangering the relationship between the two countries.

  • The Night Dr. Loveless Died

    The agents travel to Hayes City to identify the body of their archnemesis, Dr. Loveless. While there, they meet up with Miguelito's next of kin, Dr. Liebknicht, a Swiss neurologist. The key leads to Loveless' files, but his former associates and a femme fatale are after the key as well.

  • The Night of the Assassin
    As United States and Mexican border relations are becoming strained, West and Gordon disrupt an assassination attempt on the Mexican President. While returning the captured assassin to Texas, they are fired upon by Mexican soldiers who are led by the merciless Colonel Barbossa.
  • The Night of the Firebrand

    On a mission for President Grant, agent West travels to Fort Savage to meet with a Major Jason and help prevent a revolution in Canada that outlaw Sean O'Reilley has plans to incite. At the fort, West reads a description of O'Reilley and realizes too late his striking resemblance to Major Jason. O'Reilley announces that he now controls the fort and is holding the real major and his men captive. Meanwhile, Gordon has gone under cover to learn the details of the revolution. He arrives at West's side just as his partner is trapped on the wrong side of O'Reilley's gun.

  • The Night of the Bubbling Death

    When Victor Freemantle, a dangerous revolutionary, steals the U.S. Constitution, agents James West and Artemus Gordon are sent by the government to the Panhandle Strip in Texas to recover it.