The Wild Wild West (1969)

Season 1 Episode 6

The Night of a Thousand Eyes

Aired Friday 7:30 PM Oct 22, 1965 on CBS
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The Night of a Thousand Eyes
Ships along the Mississippi are being attacked by a gang of pirates known as the "Thousand Eyes". After Jim ducks an assassin, an attractive woman, he finds the leader of the Eyes: Captain Ansel Coffin, who was blinded and now seeks revenge. His gang use false lights to lead ships astray and crash them, and then plunder them.moreless

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  • Can a blind ex-riverboat captain really take over the Mississippi? He can if Jim and Artemus don't stop him.

    This episode was okay, but not one of my favorites from season one. A blind ex-riverboat captain trying to take over the Mississippi is an okay plot, but it really doesn't have that WOW factor like some episodes do later in the season. We are once again reminded that Jim's head can be easily turned by a pretty face, when Jennifer barely has to do anything to get Jim to ask her out, well besides being in a bathtub...haha! Artemus also shows us his useful skill of talking his way out of almost anything. He is brillant of defeating his would-be attackers in the Men's Bath by giving a whole monologue about the history of baths. The monolouge is also really funny to watch.moreless
Jeff Corey

Jeff Corey

Captain Ansel Coffin

Guest Star

Diane McBain

Diane McBain

Jennifer Wingate

Guest Star

Jeanne Vaughn

Jeanne Vaughn


Guest Star

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • The ship destroyed immediately prior to Jim and Artemus' assignment was the Delta Belle. Artemus later refers to the ship as the Dixie Belle.

    • When Crystal is shot in the back, she falls into Jim's arms and dies. As Jim is placing her in a chair Crystal's back is shown with no blood or gunshot wounds.

    • When the man with the hook for a hand gets his hook stuck, he leaves it in the table and flees. However, in the next shot the hook is no longer in the table.

    • When Jim and Coffin have a gunfight, Coffin's wife, Oriana, is dead. However, whenever Coffin shoots a gun at Jim you can see her move after hearing the gunshot.

  • QUOTES (12)

    • Jim: So now I will try mine.
      Artemus: Uh, book says that there's a law against us Secret Service fellows gambling, remember?
      Jim: It's our only lead. At least it's a place. You cover the river section of Fitch Landing, and work your way up to me.
      Artemus: I'll be glad to. It's only 150 miles.

    • Jim: What time do you get off work?
      Crystal: Three o'clock
      Jim: Will you have dinner with me? Or should I say breakfast at that hour?

    • Jim: What I would like to know is how he does it and who's Coffin?
      Artemus: Right. That's all the poor girl said, huh? "Coffin"?
      Jim: That's all she had time to say.

    • Coffin: Mr. West is not an ordinary man, but cowardice--that is unforgivable. Wouldn't you say so, Poavey? Wouldn't you say, Poavey?!
      Poavey: I wouldn't do nothing like that, Captain.
      Coffin: Liar! Poavey... it's written in your eyes.
      Poavey: You're the liar, Captain! You can't see anything with them eyes.
      Coffin: I can see right through them to your rotten soul.

    • (Jim and Artemus enter the men's bath)
      Jennifer: That bar of soap on the floor, could you hand it to me, please?
      (Jim and Artemus look at each other)
      Artemus: Well, it could be the fellow's voice is changing, Jim.
      Jim: Could be.

    • Jennifer: Now will you please hand me the soap and get out of here?
      (Artemus hand her the soap with a boyish grin)
      Jim: But lady, you're on the wrong side.
      Artemus: Jim...
      Jennifer: I know, but the ladies' side was occupied.
      Artemus: Jim, don't be so old-fashion, will you? In Japan, everyone bathes together.
      Jennifer: This is not Japan.

    • (Artemus leaves the men's bath)
      Jennifer: If you were a gentleman, you would leave with your friend.
      Jim: And if you were a lady, you wouldn't be here in the first place.

    • Jennifer: I am afraid I singed your bullet-proof vest.
      Jim: That's all right. I will send it to the foundry for repairs.
      Jennifer: I'm sorry, darling.
      Jim: Think nothing of it. It's insured.
      Jennifer: Do you ever take it off?
      Jim: Only on my birthday.
      Jennifer: Happy birthday, darling.

    • Jennifer: It's not too late to turn back.
      Jim: You tempt me, Jennifer. Maybe in some other life.
      Jennifer: If you live that long.
      (Jim and Jennifer kiss and Coffin's men arrive, Jim looks up)
      Jim: Thank you for waiting, gentlemen.

    • Artemus: Jim...I am simply appalled. How can you even consider leniency at a time like this? This woman tried to kill you. She tried to kill both of us.
      Jennifer: I've turned over a new leaf. That must count for something.
      Artemus: Besides, do we know how many other monstrous crimes she may have committed?
      (Jennifer kisses Artemus)
      Artemus: W-Well, on the other hand, I mean, there is no need to be vindictive, either, you know. Poor little thing.

    • (Jim and Jennifer kissing)
      Jim: I'm sorry, but under the circumstances life imprisonment is almost mandatory.
      Jennifer: Surely you must have some influence with the judge.
      Jim: Mmmm, mmmm, under the circumstances my recommendation might do some good.
      Jennifer: I've already promised I will never again do any of those evil things.
      Jim: Artemus, do you believe her?
      Artemus: I certainly do not.
      Jennifer: How can you say that?
      Artemus: Easily. I can't understand it, Jim. How can you sit there and let yourself be stung by the kiss of death?

    • Jennifer: So, I was wrong, darlings. But there must be some forgiveness in your hearts. (Jim and Jennifer kiss) Life?
      Jim: Ten years. (Jim and Jennifer kiss) Five (Jim and Jennifer kiss) And of course time off for good behavior.

  • NOTES (1)

    • Corner Slides
      Lower Left: Captain Coffin orders Oriana to dispatch the killer Jennifer Wingate.
      Upper Right: West surrounded by Coffin's goons in the graveyard.
      Lower Right: Lighting stikes as Artemus questions a cutthroat.
      Upper Left: Jim and Artemus' train departs with them and Jennifer Wingate.