The Wild Wild West (1969)

Season 1 Episode 6

The Night of a Thousand Eyes

Aired Friday 7:30 PM Oct 22, 1965 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • The ship destroyed immediately prior to Jim and Artemus' assignment was the Delta Belle. Artemus later refers to the ship as the Dixie Belle.

    • When Crystal is shot in the back, she falls into Jim's arms and dies. As Jim is placing her in a chair Crystal's back is shown with no blood or gunshot wounds.

    • When the man with the hook for a hand gets his hook stuck, he leaves it in the table and flees. However, in the next shot the hook is no longer in the table.

    • When Jim and Coffin have a gunfight, Coffin's wife, Oriana, is dead. However, whenever Coffin shoots a gun at Jim you can see her move after hearing the gunshot.

  • Quotes

    • Jim: So now I will try mine.
      Artemus: Uh, book says that there's a law against us Secret Service fellows gambling, remember?
      Jim: It's our only lead. At least it's a place. You cover the river section of Fitch Landing, and work your way up to me.
      Artemus: I'll be glad to. It's only 150 miles.

    • Jim: What time do you get off work?
      Crystal: Three o'clock
      Jim: Will you have dinner with me? Or should I say breakfast at that hour?

    • Jim: What I would like to know is how he does it and who's Coffin?
      Artemus: Right. That's all the poor girl said, huh? "Coffin"?
      Jim: That's all she had time to say.

    • Coffin: Mr. West is not an ordinary man, but cowardice--that is unforgivable. Wouldn't you say so, Poavey? Wouldn't you say, Poavey?!
      Poavey: I wouldn't do nothing like that, Captain.
      Coffin: Liar! Poavey... it's written in your eyes.
      Poavey: You're the liar, Captain! You can't see anything with them eyes.
      Coffin: I can see right through them to your rotten soul.

    • (Jim and Artemus enter the men's bath)
      Jennifer: That bar of soap on the floor, could you hand it to me, please?
      (Jim and Artemus look at each other)
      Artemus: Well, it could be the fellow's voice is changing, Jim.
      Jim: Could be.

    • Jennifer: Now will you please hand me the soap and get out of here?
      (Artemus hand her the soap with a boyish grin)
      Jim: But lady, you're on the wrong side.
      Artemus: Jim...
      Jennifer: I know, but the ladies' side was occupied.
      Artemus: Jim, don't be so old-fashion, will you? In Japan, everyone bathes together.
      Jennifer: This is not Japan.

    • (Artemus leaves the men's bath)
      Jennifer: If you were a gentleman, you would leave with your friend.
      Jim: And if you were a lady, you wouldn't be here in the first place.

    • Jennifer: I am afraid I singed your bullet-proof vest.
      Jim: That's all right. I will send it to the foundry for repairs.
      Jennifer: I'm sorry, darling.
      Jim: Think nothing of it. It's insured.
      Jennifer: Do you ever take it off?
      Jim: Only on my birthday.
      Jennifer: Happy birthday, darling.

    • Jennifer: It's not too late to turn back.
      Jim: You tempt me, Jennifer. Maybe in some other life.
      Jennifer: If you live that long.
      (Jim and Jennifer kiss and Coffin's men arrive, Jim looks up)
      Jim: Thank you for waiting, gentlemen.

    • Artemus: Jim...I am simply appalled. How can you even consider leniency at a time like this? This woman tried to kill you. She tried to kill both of us.
      Jennifer: I've turned over a new leaf. That must count for something.
      Artemus: Besides, do we know how many other monstrous crimes she may have committed?
      (Jennifer kisses Artemus)
      Artemus: W-Well, on the other hand, I mean, there is no need to be vindictive, either, you know. Poor little thing.

    • (Jim and Jennifer kissing)
      Jim: I'm sorry, but under the circumstances life imprisonment is almost mandatory.
      Jennifer: Surely you must have some influence with the judge.
      Jim: Mmmm, mmmm, under the circumstances my recommendation might do some good.
      Jennifer: I've already promised I will never again do any of those evil things.
      Jim: Artemus, do you believe her?
      Artemus: I certainly do not.
      Jennifer: How can you say that?
      Artemus: Easily. I can't understand it, Jim. How can you sit there and let yourself be stung by the kiss of death?

    • Jennifer: So, I was wrong, darlings. But there must be some forgiveness in your hearts. (Jim and Jennifer kiss) Life?
      Jim: Ten years. (Jim and Jennifer kiss) Five (Jim and Jennifer kiss) And of course time off for good behavior.

  • Notes

    • Corner Slides
      Lower Left: Captain Coffin orders Oriana to dispatch the killer Jennifer Wingate.
      Upper Right: West surrounded by Coffin's goons in the graveyard.
      Lower Right: Lighting stikes as Artemus questions a cutthroat.
      Upper Left: Jim and Artemus' train departs with them and Jennifer Wingate.

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