The Wild Wild West (1969)

Season 1 Episode 4

The Night of Sudden Death

Aired Friday 7:30 PM Oct 08, 1965 on CBS
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The Night of Sudden Death
Jim West suspects his search for counterfeiters is getting warm when he's shot at with arrows---and thrown to the crocodiles.

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  • Jim and Artemus take us to the circus, in this season one episode, where we meet a man that wants to use government money to help him buy his ultimate dream...a piece of Africa.moreless

    While this is not one of the best episodes in season one, it is still fun to watch. Jim is his usual self. Still getting his usual share of women and he even takes on a few bad guys including an alligator. Artemus, however, is still loitering in the background. While he is in the episode, he really isn't in much of it. We see him towards the end, but he once again seems to be unconscious through most of it. However, Artemus wins in the end when he pulls a great stunt on Jim. Jim cleverly keeps Artemus locked up in the cage while he goes and changes, so Artemus can't leave with the two women. However, Jim is still not as clever as Artemus. Artemus shows us this when he uses Janet's bobby pin to pick the lock and free himself from the cage. The last thing the viewers see is Artemus walking arm and arm with both women.moreless
Joel Fluellen

Joel Fluellen

Chief Vanoma

Guest Star

Bill Cassady

Bill Cassady

Sterling (uncredited)

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Robert Loggia

Robert Loggia

Warren Trevor

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (10)

    • There is a clear delay between when one of Artemus' thrown bombs lands and the special effects crew sets off the smoke charge. The other one goes off on time.

    • A branch of the United States Mint did operate in Carson City between about 1870 and 1893. Built during the silver boom, it never produced paper currency, only silver coins.

    • During the scene where Jim, Artie, and Corinne are being tied up in the animal skins,the tiger and the man holding the tiger change positions. When the scene is close up the tiger is to the man's right. However, when the scene is further away the tiger is on the man's left.

    • When Artie jumps down from the platform where they were tied up in the animal skins, it is clearly not Ross Martin.

    • Disguise: clown

    • When Jim is changing his clothes, his clothes are still very wet, but his hair is completely dry.

    • When Jim falls into the lake with the alligators, his clothes change style. Also when Jim falls into the lake it is clearly not Robert Conrad.

    • When Corinne is tied up to the spinning wheel, the arrow to the right left keeps appearing and disappearing. Her head also moves from the three to the two back to the three on the spinning wheel.

    • When the attacker falls from the ceiling onto Jim, it is clearly not Robert Conrad who the attacker falls on.

    • Early in the episode when the burglars are breaking into the mint, you can see that some of the bricks in the wall are raised to enable easy climbing.

  • QUOTES (7)

    • Artie: (taking a bobbypin from Janet's hair) If I may, please. Thank you. Now, then... I ever tell you about the time I was locked in a hotel in New Orleans with nothing but a small field pack and a, uh, bowie knife? (opens the lock on the cage) There we are. Thank you.
      Janet: Why didn't you think of this two hours ago?
      Artie: I did! Shall we dine, ladies?
      (takes one girl on each arm and exits the tent)

    • Artie: Boy, I sure clowned things up just great.

    • Warren: So, there are three. Mr. West, you try my patience.
      (the chief leaves angry)
      Warren: Worse... you scared off the chief.
      Jim: That's our good deed for the day.

    • Janet: Getting along famously, I see. Like a couple of old friends.
      Jim: Where are the dancing girls?
      Janet: I have a couple of dancing bears. They might enjoy waltzing with you.
      Jim: Not me, I have two left feet.

    • (clicking noise in the distance)
      Jim: What's that sound I keep hearing?
      Janet: Oh, there are so many mating calls in the jungle one cannot keep up with all of them.
      Jim: That mating call sounds a little rusty.

    • Janet: Follow me...
      Jim Anytime.

    • Artie: Well, James... what's the matter? You don't look your happy self.
      Jim: I'm not. I just came from the doctor. No broken ribs, but they sure are sore.
      Artemus: Oh, now if that rib crusher would have been a female you wouldn't have mind it a least little bit.

  • NOTES (3)

    • Corner Slides
      Lower Right: "If you find Corinne... you will find... death!"
      Upper Left: Jim West about to become a crocodile's meal!
      Lower Left: Jim, Artemus, and Corinne are tied to totem and squeezed by skins in the sun.
      Upper Right: Artemus leaving with Corinne and Janet.

    • This is the first episode to feature Jim and Artie doing something the Secret Service actually did quite a bit of ... investigating counterfeiting.

    • The show will return to the circus in "TNOT Circus of Death" and "TNOT Eccentrics."