The Wild Wild West (1969)

Season 2 Episode 4

The Night of the Big Blast

Aired Friday 7:30 PM Oct 07, 1966 on CBS

Episode Recap

It's a dark and stormy night, and at a castle, a hunchbacked figure lurches through the hallways. A well-groomed female comes down the stairs and they go into a laboratory where a shrouded figure lies on a table. The woman, Dr. Faustina, removes the sheet to reveal the figure of a man. She has her assistant Miklos attach the electrodes to the man, then activate a burst of lightning-fueled electricity. They observe from a protected chamber in the next room as the figure twitches and comes to life… revealing himself to be James West.

Jim unstraps himself from the table as Dr. Faustina and Miklos reenter the room. Jim doesn't know who he is and Faustina tells him he's James West, her patient. He agrees to obey her orders and moves around on her commands. Faustina explains he was ill and now he's to go to a top-secret government meeting in New Orleans during Mardi Gras as her "representative." She then has him casually lift Miklos and the table he's sitting high up into the air. She tells him to ignore all distractions and deliver a very clear message.

Artie is at a restaurant on vacation when he meets Lily Fortune, who he took to their senior party. Lily is accompanied by her nosy mother. Artie invites them to the Wanderer but Miss Fortune stays for desert and Artie gets Lily to the train where they kiss.

Jim makes his way through the streets, ignoring a Gypsy dancer Carmen. Angered, she sics her men on them and Jim quickly disposes of them, displaying superhuman strength and invulnerability. Jim arrives at the government building and gets past the guards on his credentials. Faustina and Miklos look on from a distance as Jim goes in at the precise time the doctor specified. The Attorney General, who knows of Faustina and her strange experiments with electricity, brings him in as the clock strikes midnight. Jim sees the clock strike… and explodes!

The next morning, Artie and Lily are traveling by train and taking Miss Fortune along with them. They're interrupted when a carrier pigeon arrives with a message from the President: Artie's vacation is over and he's ordered to New Orleans. Artie, Lily, and Lily's mother arrive to check out the explosion. Artie's contact Peters arrives and rigs up a makeshift costume for Artie, then takes him out through the Mardi Gras crowd and back to the Wanderer. Once there, Peters tells Artie that Jim was at the meeting and died with the others, and he was responsible for the explosion. Artie refuses to believe Jim was a traitor and insists on investigating to prove his innocence.

At Faustina's castle, Miklos brings in another shrouded figure, a dead prisoner. She prepares to augment his strength and turn him into a walking explosive like Jim. Elsewhere, Artie is with Lily in costume and recreating Jim's footsteps before the explosion when thugs dressed as the Three Musketeers grab Lily and try to dispose of Artie. He takes care of them with sword and fist and interrogates their leader, who reveals they were sent to stop him on his hunt for Jim. The man gives Artie an address and the face of a driver who brought Jim from there. Artie gets the drop on the driver and forces him to take them to the address. Once in the wagon, the driver removes his helmet to reveal he's Miklos. Worse, the masked Lily removes her mask to show herself as Faustina.

At her laboratory, Faustina gives Artie a sedative so he'll remain calm as he covers her face with soft clay. Artie promises to remain still and hold his breath for the two minutes necessary, and Faustina agrees. She applies the clay but is interrupted when Miklos brings in a message from President Grant. Grant refuses to finance her electrical experiments and Faustina decides to blow him up so his successor might be more agreeable. Faustina takes off the clay mask and tells Artie he's going to help them kill the President.

Lily breaks in to the Wanderer with her mother Prudence in tow, where Peters brings them up to speed and asks them if they can help him find Artie.

Artie is locked up while Faustina prepares to make "their" Artemus Gordon. Elsewhere in the castle, a prisoner knocks out his guard and frees Artie--it's Jim West. Jim explains that he was drugged and brought to the castle. They make their way to Faustina's lab where she and Miklos are preparing another experiment. They strap another figure to the table and activate the electricity, they activate it, and it's… Artie. He unstraps himself and Faustina explains that "Artie" owes his life to them and must do what she says. She sends him to the President, who is in New Orleans to hear a report on the explosion. She tells him he must be with the President at exactly 10 o'clock.

Jim and Artie burst in and Jim drops Miklos temporarily while Artie is helpless against his robot double. Jim doesn't have much better luck and Faustina knocks him over the head before they flee the wrecked laboratory.

Lily and her mother are out eating when they see the robot Artie in the streets, but he slaps Lily and shoves Prudence away. Artie and Jim have recovered and are riding through the streets to intercept the robot. Peters has found the fake Artie and approach Grant's meeting place. The guard refuses to let "Artie" in without papers and Peters goes in to get him clearance. With only seconds left until 10 o'clock, Jim and Artie arrive, net and rope the robot, and haul him away. They get just around the corner as it explodes.

Artie and Jim meet Lily after her triumphant performance and reveal that her mother eloped with Peters. Artie asks to marry Lily but she refuses and Artie accepts with good grace.