The Wild Wild West (1969)

Season 2 Episode 4

The Night of the Big Blast

Aired Friday 7:30 PM Oct 07, 1966 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Somewhat confusingly, the building that the Artie robot goes to kill Grant is the same building that was destroyed earlier when the Jim robot blew up and killed the four Cabinet members.

    • After the bomb in the phony James West explodes, the bomb can still be heard ticking for about a second.

    • When Artie fights his robot duplicate, the stunt stand-in looks nothing like Ross Gordon.

  • Quotes

    • Prudence: Ummm hmmm.
      Lily: Artemus, you remember Mother.
      Artie: Vividly. Miss Fortune. You have no idea what seeing your face does to me.

    • Lily: I don't care for any dessert, Mother.
      Prudence: A simple little meal, a five-course dinner, $0.35, it's outrageous. Since dessert is included, we're going to have some. I'll take hers, too.

    • Dr. Faustina: He killed a woman. Oh, how interesting. Murderers always make such good subjects. Their hearts are in the right place, so to speak.

    • Prudence: Lily, you can't chase after a man like this. It's not decent.
      Lily: Oh, Mother, would you mind coming in out of the 18th century. Artemus is missing, I've got to find him.
      Prudence: Well, I wouldn't chase after a man!
      Lily: That's why you've been a widow for 20 years.

    • Prudence: I told you way back in high school (Artie) was an undependable sort.
      Lily: And you told me that Lincoln would never be President.

    • Robot Artie: Miss Fortune. She means nothing to me.
      Peters: You certainly are the gay dog where the ladies are concerned.

    • Lily: I love you dearly, but no. I, I, couldn't live your kind of life. You'd always be disappearing or exploding. I'd never know if I was kissing you or some bomb.
      Artie: Well, try me!
      (Jim explosively opens a corked bottle)
      Lily: See what I mean.

  • Notes

    • Stuntman David Sharp stood in for Ross Martin during the more strenous fencing bits. Sharp also doubled for Ross in The Great Race (1965), a year earlier.

    • Commercial breaks: exploding bomb (LL), Dr. Faustina in costume (UR), Jim in the cell door (lr), Jim and Artie in Lily's dressing room (UL)

    • This is as close to a solo episode as Artemus Gordon ever gets.

    • This was Ross Martin's all-time favorite episode.

  • Allusions

    • Jim: Another Sarah Bernhardt.
      Referencing the famous actress (1844-1923), who started in 1862 as a burlesque/comedy actress and soon moved on to dramatic roles. She toured in America in the 1870s.