The Wild Wild West (1969)

Season 2 Episode 21

The Night of the Brain

Aired Friday 7:30 PM Feb 17, 1967 on CBS
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Episode Summary

The Night of the Brain
Jim and Artie are pitted against a super-genius who sends them fake newspapers with predictions of the deaths of their friends.

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  • review

    One of the Better ones- a mad genieus kills West and Gordons friends-can the agents stop him?

    there is a goof-the henchmen that Artimis knocks out-is shown to be standing by Branie-when he should still be knocked out cold!
  • Jim and Artie vs. an evil genius who seems to be predicting the future.

    From the opening shot of a hand moving a James West figure across a chessboard, "TNOT Brain" is a far-out-there adventure that gives Jim and Artie a diabolical villain with a femme fatale, a secret lair and gadgets galore.

    Edward Andrews is a great TWWW villain as Mr. Braine, who rides in a mechanized wheelchair so as to reserve all of his strength for his highly-developed mind. The way he tosses off dialogue; his boasts for conquering the world and how impressed he is with his own powers make him a megalomaniacal delight. Though he isn't a physical menace, his assortment of weapons and henchmen more than make up for that. The plan, replacing the heads of state with doubles and predicting deaths of West's friends with "tomorrow's" newspapers, is eerie and handled appropriately.

    The show even steals a page from the "Mission: Impossible" playbook with a henchman who, using a molded mask, poses as Artie!moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • Disguises: Braine's lieutenant Leeto

    • Gadgets: "skeleton key" with a thermite charge, gas bomb, sleeve acid-dropper, stereoscope with knockout gas

    • Artie shows the two guards stereoscope photos of Lillian Russell and implies that the photos are risque. However, Russell was born in 1861, meaning she would have have been 11 at the time given the newspaper date of 1872.

    • When Jim returns to the Wanderer after Arnette's death, the establishing stock footage of the train shows that it's daylight. However, when Jim and Artie go out the door, it's nighttime outside.

    • In this episode Artie has to explain to Jim how a printing press works. However, in the first season episode "The Night of the Fatal Trap," West is shown operating a smaller printing press, so he should already be familiar with the process.

    • Trivia: The date on this first of "tomorrow's newspapers" Braine sends the agents is July 12, 1872, meaning this story begins on July 11th of that year.

  • QUOTES (6)

    • Arnette: I'd recognize that voice anywhere. West.
      Jim: Yes, sir. I was out walking my dog and the little dickens lead me right to the doorstep of my ex-company commander. Good evening, sir.
      Arnette: Well, you'd better get in here before you wine about a casualty list.
      Jim: Yes, sir.
      Arnette: Sit down, sit down, my boy.
      Jim: Thank you, sir.
      Arnette: By the way, uh, what happened to that dog you were out walking?
      Jim: I knew there was something I forgot.
      Arnette: Still the same impossible West.

    • Braine: Allow me to introduce myself, Mr. West. My name is Braine. That--that's spelled with a small "e" at the end.
      Jim: How do you spell it to rhyme with "murder"?
      Braine: How do you...? Oh--that's--that's very good, very good. Yes, yes, humor will play a part in my scheme of things.

    • Braine: You see, like Zeus I have thunderbolts at my fingertips.
      Jim: I was told that Zeus never missed.
      Braine: When that is my objective, neither do I.

    • Braine: Time is a more delicate element in my equation. Not that I anticipate any trouble on that score when I actually come to grips with it.
      Jim: You continue to astonish me with your modesty.
      Braine: Those childish attempts at humor.
      Jim: I thought humor was going to have a place in the scheme of things.
      Braine: Your kind of humor, Mr. West, can be overdone. I trust you won't argue the point.
      Jim: I make it a point never to argue with Zeus.

    • Braine: Do you like the condition of the world? Well. I don't. One massive case history of madness stretching back through the centuries.Starvation, hatred, bloody wars, and no end in sight. Depend on it, sir. A surgeon is needed, not a sugar pill.
      Jim: You with the surgeon's knife in your hand, of course.
      Braine: As one particularly well-equipped, yes.

    • Jim: Voulee, Braine mentioned a new tunnel. You know where it's located?
      Voulee: Oh, it's the forbidden tunnel. Very well guarded.
      Artie: Voulee, darling, that's our favorite kind.

  • NOTES (1)