The Wild Wild West (1969)

Season 1 Episode 26

The Night of the Burning Diamond

Aired Friday 7:30 PM Apr 08, 1966 on CBS
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Episode Summary

The Night of the Burning Diamond
West tries to convince a Serbian official to hide the Kara Diamond. Then the gem disappears under impossible circumstances--and West is blamed.

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  • Jim and Art are put in charge of the security of an precious diamond.After touting how the security in the museum is foolproof,the alarms are triggered and the diamond disappears,almost into thin air.But that's only the beginning of this imaginative plot.moreless

    This was the best episode of WWW's first season,the only season of the 4 in black and white.The opening sequence is quit a teaser.How did the thief elude all the latest security devices used in this museum to steal the diamond without a trace? Throw in a little science and you learn that this mad genius has found a way to speed up time and the human body by burning diamonds.That's why he's stealing them.But it's dangerous to play with science,especially when one is the guinea pig in this experiment.That leads to the mad scientist's demise.The special effects of this episode captivated the viewer.Interesting sci-fi plot.This would have been even more visually spectacular had it been in color.Ahead of it's time for 1966.moreless
  • The bad guy has learned to melt diamonds. He drinks this liquid and move faster than the speed of light. To the people around him, he is invisible. The WWW guys get to go faster than the speed of light and they, of course, catch the bad guy.moreless

    I teach science to middle school students. This epicode is the best illustration of how it might be for a person to actually move faster than the speed of light. Einstein would have loved it. It took my breath away the first time I saw it. I am still trying to buy just this episide to show to my classes.
Vito Carbonara

Vito Carbonara

Serbian Minister

Guest Star

Dan Tobin (I)

Dan Tobin (I)

Thaddeus Baines

Guest Star

Calvin Brown

Calvin Brown


Guest Star

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • Lucretia tosses the gun to Jim in an arc and then he accelerates. However, when he slows back down to normal time, the gun simply drops straight to the ground.

    • When the guys sneak into Midas' house, when the camera angles upward past the top of the building, you can a) see the trees casting a shadow on the "sky" behind them, and b) see the top of the set over the building when Jim is propelled up to the window.

    • Disguises: Count Baron Felix von Schlesweig und Holtzbergen

    • Gadgets: cane with gas charge, exploding cue ball, hidden knife in boot, cigar with thermite charge

  • QUOTES (9)

    • Jim: Those would make quite a pair of cuff links.
      Serbian Minister: Eh. Oh, a joke. You Americans do like your little jokes, don't you?
      Jim: We also like 200-karat diamonds.

    • Artie: Now here's my thought. Maybe those diamonds aren't being stolen at all. Maybe, with the application of that tremendous force, they are being made to, will you believe this, to explode from within.
      Jim: Artie do you believe it?
      Artie: No, do you think I'm some kind of a nut?

    • Serbian Minister: (to Jim) Even before I arrived in this country, I heard strange accounts of your talents. But I was not informed you were a magician.

    • Baines: West and Gordon: the unconquerable duo.

    • Midas: But I must warn you, it's a very good safe.
      Jim: I'm a very good safecracker.
      Midas: Fancy.

    • Baines: Oh by the way, where's West today? I was told that you two always work together.
      Artie: Well, we always do work together. Separately.

    • Lucretia: Goodbye. I do wish you were going to live a little longer.
      Artie: You know, I wish the same thing too.

    • Midas: To an ordinary man, your opposition would probably be too much to overcome.
      Jim: But you're not an ordinary man.
      Midas: You've noticed. How nice.

    • (Artie guarding unconscious prisoners)
      Jim: How'd you do it?
      Artie: Ah, I cheated. I used force.

  • NOTES (3)

    • Commercial breaks: Morgan Midas (lr), Jim unconscious (ur), Jim and Artie (ll), Jim and Artie with the unconscious servants (ul)

    • Ross Martin, in an interview, recalled some on-set ad-libbing from this episode: "I've been allowed to add a bit of dialogue to the characters now and then, just to help the illusion. When I portrayed a German count, there was a scene where a tough dived at me from the stairway. I side-stepped him and ad-libbed, Have a nice trip.' I was allowed to keep it in. Later, one man grabbed me from behind and another came at me from the front. I added, 'That's no way to treat an old man.' That was left in too."

    • Whitey Hughes begins his long association with WWW, eventually becoming the series' stunt coordinator.