The Wild Wild West (1969)

Season 1 Episode 2

The Night of the Deadly Bed

Aired Friday 7:30 PM Sep 24, 1965 on CBS
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The Night of the Deadly Bed
Facing execution at the hands of a madman, West learns the crazed assassin plans to reclaim Mexico---as the new Napoleon.

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  • After the death of Captain Jackson, West and Gordon intend on finding the meaning of the last word spoken by Jackson, Flory. However, they soon find out that they are way in over their heads when they meet Flory, a Napolenon want a be.moreless

    In this episode, the audience is introduced to the purpose of Artemus Gordon in the show. We see him not only go under disguise as a Mexican Peon, but we also are shown his inventor side, with the introduction of the dynomite disguised as coal, the ring that can cut through steel and the knock out gas, which incidentally was invented 80 years prior to when this show was suppose to have been taken place. We are also honored to be able to witness another talent of Artemus's, reciting, as he helps to start a munity of the Mexican coal workers against Folry, to help him, Jim and Gatilla escape. James is also in his usual fighting form, this time showing us that he can take on numerous men without breaking a sweat. He also deminstrates that he always can get out of any situtation, as seen in the spike bed and the gong clock. Overall this episode was very exciting and kept you guessing till the very end, which for me was whether or not Jim was going to make it out of the mine shaft alive.moreless
Dale van Sickel

Dale van Sickel

Guitar Player (uncredited)

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Jose Gallege

Jose Gallege

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Don Diamond

Don Diamond


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (7)

    • When Jim climbs over a large stone wall to enter into General Flory's compound, he lays on top of the wall and watches as Roxanne tries to escape. The wall wobbles under his weight as he moves around, revealing that it is actually a man-made wall not the original stone wall shown him climbing moments earlier.

    • When Roxanne goes for the turkey she knocks over her wine glasses. In the next shot the glasses are standing upright.

    • When Jim is walking to find Captain Jackson there is a well near by. When he gets attacked by the guitarist, the well disappears and the area becomes completely open.

    • In the opening shot, Jim is leaning against the bar. The very next shot he is in the middle of the room and turns to walk to the bar.

    • When Jim escapes the spike bed, the spikes still have a way to go before they reach the bed. However, the shot after he escapes, the spikes are resting on the bed.

    • When Jim changes his shirt in the laboratory he does not button up the shirt. However, when he walks into the living quarters it is fully buttoned.

    • Disguise: a Mexican Peon

  • QUOTES (5)

    • Artie: You're sure that you saw them carrying this coal into the mission?
      Jim: Mm-hmm. Now, the temperature today is 80 degrees Fahrenheit.
      Artie: And you don't figure they were using it to warm the pews.

    • Jim: What is your name?
      Gatita: Gatita.
      Jim: "Little Pussy Cat."
      Gatita: I promise I won't scratch.
      Jim: If I find the other pussy cat, maybe you and I can go out and chase a ball of yarn.

    • Jim: (referring to the spike bed) And just one thing for you, Artemus. Don't get tired on this job and lay down. The beds in this town are pure murder.

    • Jim: Do something to get their attention.
      Artie: I could recite . . .

    • Flory: But we have had our little game, mon ami. We should now get back to the matter of life...or death.
      Jim: That depends on whose point of view.
      Flory: Shall we say...mine?

  • NOTES (4)

    • Bob Herron, who plays Captain Jackson, was a double for both Ross Martin and Robert Conrad.

    • Production on this episode was actually shut down for a while, due to a disagreement between Robert Conrad and the episodes director William Whitney. Whitney did not want Conrad to do the stunt with spike bed, believing it to be too dangerous for the actor, but Conrad insisted that he was going to do the stunt. In the end Conrad won and he did the stunt.

    • This is the first episode to be produced by Fred Freiberger, future veteran of Star Trek.

    • Commercial breaks: the spiked bed, Flory and his dogs, Jim strapped to a gong, the Wanderer departs.


    • Flory: Do not ask for whom the bell tolls
      This quote, used by Flory in connection with his water clock death trap, comes from a John Dunne poem. Dunne wrote the line to suggest the essential connection men have to each other, but Flory does not use it that way here. The line is quoted often because of the imagery it conjures.