The Wild Wild West (1969)

Season 2 Episode 22

The Night of the Deadly Bubble

Aired Friday 7:30 PM Feb 24, 1967 on CBS
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The Night of the Deadly Bubble

On the trail of the source of mysterious tidal waves, the guys finds a fanatical marine environmentalist at the heart of the mystery.

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  • "Sometimes, Artie, things are exactly as they seem."

    Forgetting creator Garrison's admonishment that things should never be quite as they seem, TNOT Deadly Bubble relies on a huge number of plot contrivances. The idea of a eco-terrorist is an interesting one, but Alfred Ryder isn't really up to the role. He does his best, but the role requires someone theatrical, not a character actor who usually plays clerks, professors, and politicians.

    While WWW isn't known for its intricate plots, it seems like they weren't even trying with this one. First, Philo shoots at Jim at the hotel for no reason. He's described as an expert shot, but either he misses Jim because he's a lousy shot, or he just decided to shoot him... well, because. The only reason is to provide Jim with a bullet that he and Artie can match to the gun used to kill McClennan. This establishes Philo as the suspect, which is good because there AREN'T ANY OTHER SUSPECTS! So Jim goes to Philo's manor and finds the secret door in about... oh, 15 seconds of casual searching.

    Meanwhile, the beggar knocks Artie out and then goes back to the cantina to tell his men to... find Artie. Uh, what?

    The recycling of sets is getting a little old about now as well. The cave set was just used in TNOT Brain, and the hotel lobby and descending stairwell shows up in every other episodes.

    Overall, just not a very good episode.moreless
  • Under the sea...

    In an episode that foreshadows the 007 epic "The Spy Who Loved Me," Jim and Artie go head-to-head with a fanatic who wants to destroy the coastline with tidal waves to punish man for polluting the seas. Alfred Ryder is pitch perfect as the devious captain, with a steampunk plot that doesn't seem as out there in the present (piping in pressure along certain points to generate tidal waves.) It's almost like if Al Gore had skipped "An Inconvenient Truth" and became a supervillain.

    Sexism abounds with Dr. Pringle, the comely scientist who wears glasses just to keep the fellas away, and decides to give up her studies after a kiss from Jim. Kudos to the underground lair of the villain and a creepy opening with a blind beggar and a lighthouse.moreless
Alfred Ryder

Alfred Ryder

Captain Horatio Philo

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Judy Lang (I)

Judy Lang (I)

Professor Abigail J. Pringle

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Nacho Galindo

Nacho Galindo


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