The Wild Wild West (1969)

Season 1 Episode 9

The Night of the Double-Edged Knife

Aired Friday 7:30 PM Nov 12, 1965 on CBS
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The Night of the Double-Edged Knife
An Indian demand for gold must be met: they've threatened to kill five railroad workers a day until it is paid.

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  • With five men being killed every day, Jim and Artemus must find those responsible or become one of the victims.

    I really enjoyed this episode. I especially like Artie's disguises in this one. He makes a such a good old man! It always makes me laugh when he is calling Jim a young wippersnapper. Once again, Ross Martin does a great job! I also enjoyed the plot line of this episode. Who would of thought that General Ball was actually the master mind behind the killings. The whole moaning in the teepee thing so Little Willow wouldn't cut him (Jim) with the knife was a little weird and creepy, but, hey, it worked. Jim didn't come out with knife marks! Even though the series is still new and they don't have all the "bugs" worked out yet, I still really enjoyed it.moreless

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    • Sheila: I just finished.
      Jim: What?
      Little Willow: Making food.
      Sheila: We almost fought about it.
      Little Willow: Until we decided...
      Sheila: That you must decided. Irish stew?
      Little Willow: or buffalo tongue?
      Sheila: Unless, of course, you have the stomach for...
      Little Willow: ...both
      Jim: (smiling) Both.

    • American Knife : (to Jim) I understand your problem. It is very difficult to kill an old friend, so I thought... a new friend should do it for you.

    • (Artmeus punches out a guy)
      Artemus: And now, ma'am, if you'll excuse me.
      Girl: Oh, you won me fair and square.
      Artemus: Uh...(laughs) Oh, no, really. It wouldn't be fair to you. I...
      Girl: Sugar, I don't mind one bit.
      (girl kisses Artemus)
      Artemus: Thank you, but I really have to be going.
      Girl: Why, you're downright shy.

    • Jim: You lost your disguise.
      Artemus: (being fanned by two Indian girls) Well, wouldn't you? James?! They, uh, they, uh softening us up to carve us up?
      Jim: (smiling at Little Willow) No, no, no, they're... they're friendly Indians.

    • Jim: Uh, is... is this torture really necessary?
      Little Willow: Only a little. They wish to hear you scream.
      (Jim fakes a scream)
      Little Willow: You scream good. Very good. It would be sad thing to mark you with knife cuts. A waste.
      Jim: Oh, I... I hate waste.

    • Little Willow: I am called Little Willow.
      Jim: Don't tell me you're the tribal torturer--the torturess.
      Little Willow: Yes. The angry ones of my people demand that you be tested with pain. American Knife choose me.
      Jim: N-Now you seem to be an itelligent girl. Not superstitious.
      Little Willow: Mmm. You smell interesting. You smell different.
      Jim: So do you.

    • General Ball: Jim.
      Jim: General Ball.
      (Jim goes to shake General Ball's right hand, but it is missing)
      General Ball: A man and a half, huh, Jim? A funny thing, you know. The flesh and bone are healed in that, but sometimes I actually feel that missing hand is still there. It itches.

    • Jim: Tennyson!
      Tennyson: Sir?
      Jim: We're coming into Menifee.
      (Tennyson comes outside and looks around)
      Tennyson: It's a bit sparse, sir, itsn't it?
      Jim: You're on the wrong side of the track.
      Tennyson: Oh. Not sure I don't prefer the other side, sir.

    • Jim: Be careful. I don't think the townspeople are too fond of Indians.
      Artemus: Me no Cheyenne, me tame Indian.

    • Jim: Sheila is very pretty and very charming, but I don't trust her.
      Artie: (in diguise) Well now...when you get to be an old codger like me, you'll learn to admire and revere the fair sex as I do.
      Jim: I wouldn't trust you either.
      Artie: Now, look here, you young whippersnapper, I may be an old man down on his luck, but I am still the man of honor.
      Jim: Well, maybe a little on a cloudy day.

    • Jim: (to Artie in disguise) The noble red man.
      Artie: Now I have to look the part, don't I. I mean the once proud Indian brought low by the white man's vices.
      Jim: I hate to clip your feathers, Artemus, but just look the part. Restrain yourself. (shaking finger) No whiskey, no women.
      Artie: All right if that how... (lifts hand) How! Just information.

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