The Wild Wild West (1969)

Season 1 Episode 24

The Night of the Druid's Blood

Aired Friday 7:30 PM Mar 25, 1966 on CBS
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The Night of the Druid's Blood
Jim's superiors refuse him permission to investigate the murder of a close friend... who was burned to death before his eyes.

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    Ann Elder

    Ann Elder


    Guest Star

    Rhys Williams

    Rhys Williams

    Dr. Tristam

    Guest Star

    Bartlett Robinson

    Bartlett Robinson

    Senator Clay Waterford

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      • Prof. Robey: I'm in trouble. Black, horrible trouble. And I don't know what to do.
        Jim: You just did it, sir. You told me about it. An excellent place to begin… is at the beginning.

      • Waterford: Astarte and I met in Rome three weeks ago. We came, we saw… and I was conquered.

      • Asmodeus: What time is it, doctor?
        Dr. Tristam: My watch, it's gone! Oh, what have you done with it, sir?
        Asmodeus: Doctor, call me a fraud, a mountebank, a charlatan, a peddler of tired, tarnished tricks purchased secondhand from a Hong Kong mail order house. But a pickpocket? For shame, sir.

      • Jim: Well?
        Astarte: Well what?
        Jim: Well, aren't you going to suggest we take a turn in the garden?
        Astarte: How very sure you are of yourself, Mr. West.
        Jim: Only in things that matter.
        Astarte: Such as?
        Jim: I'm sure that the snapping turtle never lets go until it thunders. And I'm sure that you step on a spider, it rains. And I'm very, very sure that the murderers of Professor Robey will dance the minuet from the highest gallows.
        Astarte: Mr. West, how would you like to take a turn in the garden?

      • Jim: Well, it isn't Asmodeus. What happened, did you lose your way?
        Asmodeus: You make me realize how much I detest excessively muscular young men.

      • Jim: Are you humming?
        Artie: Me? Never, I just whistle in graveyards.

      • Asmodeus: Enough! You're a poor audience.
        Jim: Oh no, we're a good audience. You're a poor entertainer.

      • Jim: I promised you a dance, Astarte.
        Astarte: Dance? What...
        Jim: The minuet. From the highest gallows we can find, remember?

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