The Wild Wild West (1969)

Season 2 Episode 17

The Night of the Feathered Fury

Aired Friday 7:30 PM Jan 13, 1967 on CBS
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The Night of the Feathered Fury

Count Manzeppi attempts to acquire a wind-up bird that contains a magical secret: the Philosopher's Stone.

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    This is a little disapoiting epsiode -after Gerda Scharff is turned into gold-Manzeppi "disappaers" her in acloud os smoke and then escapes-not evening takeng the "Philosophers stone" he so dispartly wants to get. And at the end when the toy/chicken philosophers stone is htuck by moonlightit reverts back to its toy disguise again.. Pity there couldnt have been a follow up about the "Philosophers stone" or of having Mazeppi coming back as a guest villian such as Dr Loveless was. True he did appear in 1980 movie "More Wild Wild West" and ends up as an invisible Secretary of State handcuffed to a villiaianous Jonathan Winters. Sadly Winters was miscast as a villian and Buono should have been

    cast as the Villianous Manzeppi back to confront West and Gordon.moreless
Michele Carey

Michele Carey

Gerda Scharff

Guest Star

Perry Lopez

Perry Lopez

Dodo Le Blanc

Guest Star

George Murdock

George Murdock

Luther Coyle

Guest Star

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • Gadgets: mini-grappling hook and line, sleeve knife, chemical leech, drugged seltzer water sprayer, thermite tape

    • Disguises: an organ-grinder, Uncle Hansi

    • Manzeppi has a kinematoscope in the toy store, and Jim doesn't seem surprised that it's present. He's quite comfortable with using it. However, the kinematoscope wasn't invented until 1893.

    • It's never adequately explained why Jim leaves without leaving Artie and Armstrong a message saying why he's going. Artie later says that Jim must be following a hot lead, but it doesn't seem hot enough that he couldn't either write down where he's going, or stick his head into the next room and tell the two men where's he going.

    • Count Manzeppi stated that the rays of the full moon were a requirement of the alchemical process. He also stated that he had changed several metal objects to gold just a few days previously. If that's the case, the moon would no longer be full, and nothing should have happened when Gerda walked into the moonlight. There's also the little matter of Gerda being an organic object, not metal.

  • QUOTES (7)

    • Jim: Now there's a coincidence. I have a dressing gown exactly like that.
      Gerda: Oh, please, Mr. West, I had to take a bath. All that plaster dust from the explosion was in my hair. I do hope you don't mind my borrowing this.
      Jim: Mind? I'm grateful. I never knew how delightfully it could be filled out.

    • Manzeppi: I'm afraid you've been very naughty.
      Gerda: Don't think I won't shoot, Count. I will.
      Manzeppi: Bless you, my child, of course you'll shoot me. Don't the ladies have unique ways of showing their affections? You're a connoisseur in these matters, Mr. West. How would you rate our Gerda on a scale of pulchritude?
      Jim: Very high.
      Manzeppi: And in the matter of morals?
      Jim: Very low.

    • Jim: Dodo. How well-named your colleague is.
      Manzeppi: Hmm? "Dodo: large flightless bird from the isle of Mauritius. Distinguished by its clumsiness."
      Jim: Which eventually became extinct.
      Dodo: I do not become extinct, monsieur. I make others extinct.

    • Artie: Are we getting a little too complicated for you, Count?
      Manzeppi: Oh, no. I adore complicated devices. Witness my affection for Gerda.

    • Jim: Count, I never tire of your entrances.
      Manzeppi: They're very important, aren't they? After all, what is life but an entrance, a brief performance, and then an exit. To coin a phrase.

    • Jim: How you acquired this Stone might make interesting telling.
      Manzeppi: That story would weave a tangled thread down into the misty stench of ancient crypts. Through the brooding bazaars of Damascus, up to the high wastes of Tibet, watered by a small ocean of blood. How time flies when you're having fun.

    • Manzeppi: You're threatening me with a golden gun. I don't think I've ever been threatened with a golden gun before. It's charming.

  • NOTES (4)