The Wild Wild West (1969)

Season 3 Episode 2

The Night of the Firebrand

Aired Friday 7:30 PM Sep 15, 1967 on CBS
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The Night of the Firebrand

On a mission for President Grant, agent West travels to Fort Savage to meet with a Major Jason and help prevent a revolution in Canada that outlaw Sean O'Reilley has plans to incite. At the fort, West reads a description of O'Reilley and realizes too late his striking resemblance to Major Jason. O'Reilley announces that he now controls the fort and is holding the real major and his men captive. Meanwhile, Gordon has gone under cover to learn the details of the revolution. He arrives at West's side just as his partner is trapped on the wrong side of O'Reilley's gun.


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    Lana Wood

    Lana Wood

    Sheila "Vixen" O' Shaugnessy

    Guest Star

    Len Wayland

    Len Wayland

    Major Jason

    Guest Star

    Paul Prokop

    Paul Prokop

    Clint Hoxie

    Guest Star

    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (5)

      • Disguises: mountain man Bluebeard, Canadian conspirator Jacques Beaumont

      • Gadgets: Boot-tip knife, smoke powder hidden in boot-heel compartment, silver snuffbox with a hidden blade

      • As O'Reilley leaves with the stolen munitions and the wagon goes through the gate, a white car can be seen in the background, beyond the pond, driving past.

      • When Jim knocks Vixen out and puts her in the wagon for the second time, they used the same footage of her lying inside the wagon as before. This made it seem as though Vixen put her scarf and jacket back on while unconscious.

      • At the end of the episode, O'Reilley's dead, his men have surrendered, and Vixen is being packed off back to school. All is well with the world...or is it? There's not a word mentioned about Andre Durain, who is equally fanatical about taking over Canada. Even if his weapons supply has been cut, he still has 2,000 men standing by.

    • QUOTES (6)

      • O'Reilley: It was Vixen here who, uh, reasoned out this ingenious use of the dynamite.
        Jim: Well, what's life without woman's touch?
        O'Reilley: What's death without a woman's touch?

      • Vixen: You are troubled, milord?
        O'Reilley: "My mind is troubled like a fountain stirred, and I myself see not the bottom of it."

      • Vixen: Mr. West, is there no end to your persistence?
        Jim: Well, when you're a man of Homeric destiny...
        Vixen: Well, I do hope this is the last time I'll have to live through your destruction. I find it very unnerving.

      • O'Reilley: Would you like a blindfold, Mr. West?
        Jim: A blindfold?
        O'Reilley: It's customary at executions.
        Jim: Execution? Has fortitude no reward, O'Reilley?
        O'Reilley: Alas. The right time, the right place.

      • Artie: (seeing Jim tied to a tree) Oh James, James, James. You're always hanging around.
        Jim: It's an occupational hazard. Lately I seem to get tied up in my work.
        Artie: You really should try to get away from it all.

      • Jim: Artie, I've had some experience in situations like this. And I've come to the conclusion that they always catch up with us, when we're in a heavily-loaded wagon.
        Artie: Yeah, why yes it has.
        Jim: Yeah, why yes it has.
        Artie: What's that?
        Jim: Well, if one of us were to stay back heroically with a few sticks of dynamite, the other might just make it to the fort.
        Artie: That's an admirable suggestion. You, you.
        Jim: Me.

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