The Wild Wild West (1969)

Season 2 Episode 6

The Night of the Flying Pie Plate

Aired Friday 7:30 PM Oct 21, 1966 on CBS
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The Night of the Flying Pie Plate
West gets involved in a bizarre scheme: a green girl emerges from a fallen spaceship claiming she needs gold for fuel.

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  • review

    Again a rather silly epsiode-as if the miners are dumb enough to fall for this outer space story. Likewise it has a share of goofs-such as Simon trapped in the soon to exploded "Pie plate" {how did he get stuck in there in the first place? Likewise why would the thieves spend time putting makeup on Gordie's face?
  • I thought this was Wild Wild West, not Star Trek?!??

    I can't help laughing that this show was on Wild, Wild West! It didn't really belong there any more than the O.K. Corrall belonged in Star Trek--even less so, as there are other Star Trek "time travel" shows. Jim kissing a green chick doesn't really do much for the romance, either, and I'd bet it was a pain having to wipe green makeup off of him after every kiss scene before they could do his next closeup shot! And it doesn't seem to flow--as I just entered elsewhere, at least on the season release DVD, Victor is never seen leaving the "pie plate" during the fight scene, and yet Jim relays his "sentence" to Artie in the last scene on the train. Confusing!moreless
  • The show veers far into sci-fi territory...

    Jim delivers a shipment of gold to be kept in a vault in the town of Morning Glory. Coincidentally, a flying saucer full of Venusian women crashes and they need gold to fuel their craft. Jim and Artie (posing as a dapper jewelry expert) deduce the plot is a way to abscond with the government's gold.

    This episode suffers not because of the heavy sci-fi plot, but because Jim and Artie are almost superheroes. They are five or six steps ahead of the villains the whole time, almost (it seems) before the villains have even formulated their plan! (Example: why does Artie have a gas mask at the ready when the Venusians arrive at the bank? How does he know they will use knock-out gas?) Otherwise, there are some good fight scenes, but the whole thing seems uninspired, especially coming off of "TNOT Returning Dead."

    Props to Ross Martin for a good disguise and being doused green, but points taken away for an unthreatening villain and a plot that lacks fizzle.moreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • Simon locks Jim and Artie up in the spaceship and says it'll blow up in 20 minutes. A few minutes of monologuing later, he leaves and Artie says they have 17 minutes left. Jim then cuts them free, they go outside and have a two-minute fight, and the "flying pie plate" explodes... apparently about 14 minutes early for no reason.

    • Disguises: Dirk DuJohn, precious gem appraiser

    • Gadgets: Stirrup with concealed knife, boot tip knife

    • As explained later, Brother Simon is pulled back by an invisible wire. However, when it actually occurs early in the episode, the wire isn't invisible.

  • QUOTES (5)

    • Ben Victor: Well, you're James West, of course.
      Jim: I--I didn't know it showed.
      Ben Victor: But it does. The incorruptible eyes, the Federal jut of the jaw.

    • Ben Victor: Well, Mr. West, got any answers?
      Jim: No, but I have some questions.

    • Morn: I am glad you talked me into coming on a... what are we on?
      Jim: "Pic-nic."
      Morn: Yes, a "picnic." And I like your Earth food. What is it?
      Jim: What you're eating came from a bird.
      Morn: A bird? A singing bird?
      Jim: It's a chicken, and chickens don't exactly sing.

    • Jim: Artie, you got the girls?
      Artie: (struggling with three girls) They're right here. All thirteen of them!

    • Jim: Well, Maggie got a year, the other two 5 to 10, and Victor got 10 to 20.
      Artie: Well, it's not enough. Hanging's too good for anyone who'd turn another man green.
      Jim: Oh, Artie, you're going to be the sensation of all the dinner parties in Washington. Nothing but invitations.

  • NOTES (3)