The Wild Wild West (1969)

Season 1 Episode 7

The Night of the Glowing Corpse

Aired Friday 7:30 PM Oct 29, 1965 on CBS
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The Night of the Glowing Corpse
Jim and Artemus try to recover stolen radioactive materials and have only one clue - a set of fingerprints found on the ankle of a pretty secretary.

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  • With the recent theif of Franconium, our two heros must find the stolen goods before it falls into the hands of Prussia resulting in the destruction of France.

    In this episode, Artemus shows his gift for inventing by inventing a chemical leech that can hold a man's weight for ten seconds and an artifical lung that holds five minutes of oxygen. I thought it was quite funny how Artemus was getting mad at Jim for ruining his experiments when Jim thought he was helping. The one thing I did not get in this episode was how the secretary got Jim's fingerprints on her ankle. I know that Jim grabbed onto her ankle when her and "iron legs" were stealing the Franconium, but the fingerprints on her leg were they ink or bruises? It is kind of hard to tell since the episode is black and white.moreless
Louise Lawson

Louise Lawson

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Frank Delfino

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Jayne Massey

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (9)

    • Trivia: Artemus attributes good advice to his Great-Aunt Maude for the first time.

    • Disguise: Irish freight man

    • When Jim is about to enter the meeting room in the French Embassy in the very last scene, he is wearing one coat, but when he enters through the door into the room he is wearing a different coat.

    • The iron-legged man is suppose to have iron rods as legs, instead of real legs. When he is using his foot to close up the crate, his pant leg rises and his real leg is shown...not a iron rod.

    • According to the reports, Lt. Renard is missing his ring finger. However, when Jim finds him his index finger is glowing not his ring finger.

    • When Jim pulls Artemus out of the bathtub Artemus' hair is completely wet. Jim goes out to the bedroom a few seconds later to look over the reports and Artemus comes out in a robe with his hair completely dry.

    • When Jim escapes from the lead box, the panel of the box that blows up is different from the other panels that make up the lead box.

    • When Ironfoot kicks open the door to the security room the door lands on the desk and stays there. On the next shot, the door is laying flat on the floor.

    • When West meets with officials in the secured room from which the Franconium was stolen, there was no evidence of the break-in. Specifically, the metal cage surrounding the safe to which Ironfoot did major damage the night before appears completely intact.

  • QUOTES (8)

    • Jim: (looking around the hotel room after the explosion) What do we do now?
      Artemus: I think we better call the housekeeper. This place is a mess.

    • Artemus: (talking about the artificial lung) Think of that. Five minutes, underwater, submerged, and you'd still survive. That is, if somebody was trying to drown you.
      Jim: What if it doesn't work?
      Artemus: Bring it back. I'll make you a new one.

    • Artemus: ever wonder what might of happened if Amelie had pointed that gun a little higher when she shot you?
      Jim: (casually) I think the box office would have refunded the money.

    • Jim: Did she get away?
      Artemus: Free and clear.
      Lt. Renard: Monsieur, I am appalled. How could you let such a thing happen? And with your own revolver?
      Jim: (taking the revolver back) She didn't have one of her own. Thank you.

    • Jim: Now what about the security check I ordered?
      Artemus: Nobody leaves here without being put under surveillance.
      Jim: Keep it around the clock.
      Artemus: Does that include the, uh, lady of the orchid or will you be cultivating that one personally?
      Jim: Everybody knows that a young orchid has to be kept at a carefully controlled temperature as long as...
      Artemus: You have a suspicious mind, Jim. A very suspicious mind.

    • Artemus: As a matter of fact, I've always been interested in nature since I was a little boy.
      Jim: Artemus, you did want to see me, didn't you?
      Artemus: Oh, yes. My Great-Aunt Maude always use to say, "Every man should have a hobby." Or were you just, uh, contemplating that bit of orchid as a potential corsage for the young lady you're taking to the theater tonight?
      Jim: You have been a very busy Secret Service man, haven't you?

    • Man at Conference: Oh, yes, I've got it. I met you at the Geneva Conference of weights and measures.
      Artemus: No, I'm afraid...
      Man at Conference: Ah, then it must have been at the Greenwich Seminar.
      Artemus: No, I'm sorry, I...
      Man at Conference: Uh-uh, I never make a mistake.
      Artemus: Of course, the Greenwich Seminar. How are you?

    • Jim: May I?
      (Jim looks in a vase of flowers)
      Cluny: I brought the flowers and the vase myself, Monsieur West. Are you interested in flowers? Or are you looking for a bomb?
      Jim: Ah, just habit, I'm afraid. But, when my assignment is over would you celebrate the occasion by going to the theatre with me?
      Cluny: I would love to.

  • NOTES (4)

    • Corner Slides
      Lower Right: West collapsed on the floor after Emily shoots him.
      Upper Right: A bomb timer ticks down the last second.
      Upper Left: Deadly prussic acid fumes enter Jim's steel prison
      Lower Left: Jim and Artemus escort two lovely ladies to the show.

    • The first episode directed by Irving J. Moore, who would go on to helm twenty-five episodes, as well as turns on Dallas and Dynasty. It was Robert Conrad that secured Moore's services. The two worked together on his previous series, Hawaiian Eye.

    • Phillip Pine is billed as Phillip E. Pine, which is unusual for this actor; Oscar Beregi Jr. billed sans "Jr."

    • One of the few glimpses of the Wanderer's interior roof, as Artie tests his new chemical leech.