The Wild Wild West (1969)

Season 1 Episode 7

The Night of the Glowing Corpse

Aired Friday 7:30 PM Oct 29, 1965 on CBS

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  • With the recent theif of Franconium, our two heros must find the stolen goods before it falls into the hands of Prussia resulting in the destruction of France.

    In this episode, Artemus shows his gift for inventing by inventing a chemical leech that can hold a man's weight for ten seconds and an artifical lung that holds five minutes of oxygen. I thought it was quite funny how Artemus was getting mad at Jim for ruining his experiments when Jim thought he was helping. The one thing I did not get in this episode was how the secretary got Jim's fingerprints on her ankle. I know that Jim grabbed onto her ankle when her and "iron legs" were stealing the Franconium, but the fingerprints on her leg were they ink or bruises? It is kind of hard to tell since the episode is black and white.