The Wild Wild West (1969)

Season 2 Episode 10

The Night of the Green Terror

Aired Friday 7:30 PM Nov 18, 1966 on CBS
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The Night of the Green Terror
Dr. Loveless' new scheme involves a suit of medieval armor and a chemical that kills plant life.

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  • Is this the same Dr. Loveless?

    In what appears to be a trend in Season 2, Michael Dunn returns in an episode designed to get Dr. Loveless into colorful costumes. First, he was a sheriff, now he's Robin Hood. The plan is a neat one (an alliance with Indians to release a biotoxin over Washington), but we're so bogged down in "Sherwood Forest" antics that we never get an impending sense of danger. Of course, Dunn is immensely watchable, even when he is forced to parade around in tights and claim to be the messenger of the forest god. The portrayal of the Indians isn't gonna win any PC awards, but who cares? Artie gets to go in drag, we get a duet from Phoebe Dorin and Michael Dunn and Conrad gets some fight scenes in. It's not awful, but given how good the previous Loveless shows are, "Green Terror" is a disappointment.moreless
Paul Fix

Paul Fix

Old Chief

Guest Star

Peggy Rea

Peggy Rea

Wife of Bright Star Chief

Guest Star

Anthony Caruso

Anthony Caruso

Bright Star Chief

Guest Star

Phoebe Dorin

Phoebe Dorin


Recurring Role

Michael Dunn

Michael Dunn

Dr. Miguelito Loveless

Recurring Role

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    • Antoinette: Well, maybe you've misjudged him.
      Dr. Loveless: I? Misjudge people? That's unthinkable. I know human nature.
      Antoinette: Yes, Miguelito.
      Dr. Loveless: All you have to do is keep giving people something they want badly enough, give it to them for nothing, and you reduce them to passive, obedient children.
      Antoinette: Shh.
      Dr. Loveless: You can make them do anything you want to. Anything in the world, they become so dependent on you.
      Antoinette: Yes, Miguelito.
      Dr. Loveless: I can have them eating out of my hand.
      Antoinette: Of course, Miguelito. (feeds him)

    • Artie: How long do you think it'll be before Loveless turns his twisted little mind to us?
      Dr. Loveless: Right now, Mr. Gordon. In fact, you and Mr. West are never out of my mind.

    • Artie: You ever fought with a mace before?
      Jim: Fought with one? Never even seen one.

    • Artie: Merry Men, huh? I hate to see what they look like when they're not merry.

    • Dr. Loveless: Squab, gentlemen? Or would you rather eat crow?

    • Jim: (about Loveless) Don't show any interest. You know he'll tell us everything. He can't stand being ignored.

    • Dr. Loveless: I just thought you might be interested in how I ended all life in this forest. I did it with this. It kills all insects. And without insects, fruit-bearing trees cannot pollinate, there can be no fruit. Don't worry, Mr. West, at the moment the solution isn't strong enough. But add just a little bit more of my secret formula, and ha! A film forms on water and all the fish die. A bit more and birds fly, only to die in a feathered falling. Just a little bit stronger… the largest elk feels faint, flees, and fading, dies. And finally, if needs I must… add just a little bit more of my secret formula. Man.
      Jim: And children too? Children who cry out in the night from the hunger you've caused?
      Dr. Loveless: What could children know of crying in the night? What can children know of a whole lifetime of crying?

    • Dr. Loveless: Well what can one say at a time like this, Mr. West?
      Jim: Au revoir?
      Dr. Loveless: No. Just goodbye. Once and forever… goodbye, Mr. West.

    • Dr. Loveless: Ow! Darn these pine needles. Why can't a forest be decently carpeted?

    • Old Chief: Let there be a duel!
      Dr. Loveless: Believe me, this is more merciful.
      Old Chief: Stop talking back to me, you funny little man!

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