The Wild Wild West (1969)

Season 3 Episode 17

The Night of the Headless Woman

Aired Friday 7:30 PM Jan 05, 1968 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Artie has photographs of three of his former disguises. The problem is, they are all photos of him "in the field," when he was in court, at a bar, and winking at a sergeant, respectively. There were no photographers present at any of those times in the previous episodes... so where did the photos come from?

    • Gadgets: sleeve derringer and line on a belt reel attached to pulley, windup lockpick, trick pipe with knockout gas, boot knife

    • Disguises: elderly fisherman

    • Artie rather casually and uncharacteristically lets a man drown to death in the third act, gassing him unconscious then letting him fall into the water.

    • Artie reviews his list of disguises from previous episodes in a rare moment of inter-episode continuity: Aaron Addison, businessman, age 68 (from "TNOT Legion of Death"); Paulo Martinez, Portuguese fisherman, age 33 (from "TNOT Samurai"); Lt. Jonathan Greeley, 7th Cavalry (from "TNOT Arrow"); Jake the Piano Player in Deadwood (from "TNOT Cut-throats").

  • Quotes

    • Marshal: If those two on top start any trouble, we'll have to be careful of the ladies.
      Artie: Oh ho, I'd be delighted to look after the lady.
      Jim: Always the gallant.

    • Artie: It's not that I'm complaining, you understand, Jim, but why is it I'm always the one who ends these long-winded wordy messages to Washington?
      Jim: Because, Artie, you have such a marvelous command of the English language.
      Artie: Oh, that's good. That's very kind.
      Jim: I thought you'd like that.

    • Tucker: (setting a fire) When you're done on one side, be sure and turn over. You'll making better looking corpses.
      Artie: Boy, he really burns me up.

    • Artie: Joanne, the wine is getting warm, dear...
      Jim: Artie, have you no romance in your soul?
      Artie: Yes, I do. That's why I only have enough pheasant for two.

  • Notes

    • This episode shows us how Artie's disguises were conceived in reality. Ross Martin, after reading the script, made drawings and gave them to the make up and wardrobe departments. Then they worked together until Martin looked like his drawings. In this episode we see him make the drawing on screen.

    • Commercial breaks: ul: Hassan and Fatima, ll: Jeffers, lr: Jim and a gagged Artie, ur: the Wanderer

    • Sadly, guest star Theodore Marcuse never lived to see this episode air. He was killed in an automobile accident on November 29, 1967.

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